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From a life gone official witness the phenomenon of the Virgin — the miracle of the XX century

Nun Lucia.
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February 13 in Portugal nun died Lucia de Jesus dos Santos, better known as "Fatima prophetess." It has not lived up to his 98th birthday just over a month. However, the major events of her life took place almost 88 years ago. May 13, 1917 near the town of Fatima in Portugal's 10-year-old Lucia and her cousins, Francisco (7 years old) and his sister Jacinta (9 years) was the Virgin Mary. Our Lady promised kids a that a few months in a row on the 13th and will be saying what she wants to tell the world. Such "meetings" were six. Unusual events were investigating the Vatican emissaries. Were collected volumes of testimony. And everything that happened acknowledged "a wonderful reality."

In 1919 he became ill and died cousin Lucia — Jacinta, in 1920 — the brother of Francisco and Lucia decided to devote himself to God. And she went to the monastery. In 1927, Sister Lucia opened his confessor two prophecies of God. One of them is directly concerned Russia. The latter prophecy opened five years ago, Pope John Paul II.

All of which occurred in 1917 in the suburb of Fatima Koi d'Orvo.
Francisco only saw but did not hear the word of God.
Jacinta saw and heard. Lucia saw, heard, and could answer.

The first
May 13, around noon

Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco herding sheep. The children's attention was attracted by two flashes of light like lightning. And on top of Young oaks they saw a glowing woman.

From the memoirs of Lucia, written by his own hand:

"Mistress in all white, shining like the sun … Expression of a beautiful face was not sad or joyful, but serious, with a look of mild reproach. Hands facing up. On the right — the rosary. "

Later on the leading questions of the priests Lucia stated that no hair, no facial features she could not see because of the bright light.

Mary: "Do not be afraid, I do not wish you no harm."

Lucia: "Where are you, Madam?"

DM: "I — from heaven. (I held up a finger.)

AL: "What do you want?"

DM: "I have come to ask you to come here six consecutive months, the 13th in this very hour."

AL: "I'll go to Heaven?"

DM: "Yes, you go."

L.: "And Jacinta?"

DM: "The same."

L.: "And Francisco?"

DM: "The same. But he has to pray the rosary … "

Then, according to Lucia, the Virgin Mary began to rise gradually and disappeared in the eastern side of the sky.

The second
June 13

Children again saw something that looked like a zipper. Along with them came about fifty people who watched no lightning, but rather a kind of haze of the atmosphere. A tip of the oak bent as if under the weight. Virgin saw only children. The rest had only heard a strange sound, like the hum of bees.

Lucia asked for healing women in their village.

DM: "If she will return, he will recover within a year"

AL: "I would like to ask you to take us to Heaven."

DM: "Yes, Jacinto and Francisco I will go there very soon. You'll stay. Jesus wants you to help others learn to love me … "

Witnesses claimed that the oak branches turned toward the east a few hours after the children claimed that the Virgin Mary was gone.

The third
July 13

Father of Jacinta and Francisco argued that distinctly heard a sound like the buzzing of bees in an empty hive, and then fell on the young oak bright beam of light.

AL: "I would like to ask a miracle so that all may believe."

DM: "Continue to come every month. In October, I have created a miracle. "

Then Our Lady showed the picture of hell, and told how to avoid getting into. It was at that time, she, according to Lucia, made her prophecy.

If the Portuguese kids Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia (left to right) invented his story, it is necessary to recognize the greatest hoax of the twentieth century.

13 — 19 August

The news of the Virgin Mary spread, and thousands flocked to Fatima pilgrims. To avoid confusion, the authorities took children clairvoyants in another city, to their relatives.

But at the appointed hour, numerous witnesses, gathered under Fatima, heard the thunder and saw the lightning, and a cloud hung over the tree.

And Lucia and Jacinta then claimed that the Virgin Mary came to him in about a week. The exact date they have not been able to remember.

This time Our Lady said that the money which the pilgrims left for a memorable oak, it is necessary to build a chapel.

The fifth
September 13

On the field, there were about 20,000 people. Witnesses noted a sharp cooling, fading sunlight is so strong that for a moment you can see the stars, and then, on the contrary, a strong flash and a ball of light, moving from east to west.

AL: "I gave a lot of things that you should ask. And yet — people say I'm a liar and deserve the gallows or a fire. Bring a miracle … "

DM: "Yes, I will heal some, but others — not. In October, I work a miracle so that everyone will believe. "

L.: "People gave me two letters for you and a bottle of cologne."

DM: "For Heaven is totally useless."

October 13

Waiting for a miracle announced gathered from 50 to 70,000 pilgrims. At the appointed hour above the tree appeared luminous cloud.

Virgin advised to pray daily and called herself. And then the miracles began.

Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta claimed that they saw in the sky of the Holy Family. The Virgin was dressed in white with a blue blanket. Saint Joseph was also in white, and the baby Jesus — in a bright red. Joseph and Jesus blessed the crowd, drew a triple cross in the sky.

The others had a different vision. It was the rain and the clouds surrounded the sky. Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun came out. An unusually bright, but the eyes are not blind. The light began to move quickly across the sky, describing a circle. Then he turned red, so that the earth and all colors in the color purple. Phenomenon lasted about 10 minutes, during which time many dry wet clothes.



"The war (World. — Ed.) Is over, but do not cease offending God, and Pius XI will start another war, much worse. When you see a night illuminated by an unknown radiance, know that this is the great sign that God sends, to declare that this war, famine, persecution He will punish the world for the crime. "

The Miracle of Fatima has inspired many artists as well as the classic biblical themes.

The interpretation of the prophecy made by the historian of Catholicism writer Antonio Borelli:

— Pope Pius XI was the head of the Catholic Church from 1922 to 1939. Officially, the war began on September 1, 1939, after his death. But the first "spark" broke out earlier — in 1938, Hitler annexed Austria to Germany in 1935 — 1936, Mussolini conquered Ethiopia, the Spanish civil war and Soviet troops clashed with the Japanese on Halkin-Gol. Under the "unknown radiance" Catholics imply a strong aurora visible throughout Europe on the night of January 26, 1938.

The fate of Russia

"… Will start another war … To prevent this, I will ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart … If you respond to my requests, Russia will turn and there will be peace — if not, then she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing him to wars and persecutions against the Church, saints will be martyred … Many nations will be annihilated. But at the end of My Heart will triumph. Holy Father, I dedicate Russia that will appeal, and for some time will be granted to the world. "

— Dedication to the "heart of the Virgin Mary" — a special ceremony, performed in person the head of the Catholic Church. The people, the family or a group of people who are "dedicated" to a particular saint, especially obliged to honor it — interprets Antonio Borelli. — "Delusions of Russia" to the beginning of the 90s coupled with the spread of communism on the planet, which entailed harassment of priests. Therefore, after the nun Lucia appealed to Pope Pius XII, he is a special apostolic letter in 1952 dedicated to the people of Russia Immaculate Heart of Mary.

After another 12 years, at the request of 510 bishops and archbishops from 78 countries next pope, Paul VI, a second dedicated people of Russia and other countries of the "socialist bloc" but "also the whole human race" Heart of Mary.

The attempt on the Pope

The third prediction of the Virgin long remained known only to the chosen church hierarchy. It was only in 2000, Pope

John Paul II said that "the prophecy of Fatima" warned the top hierarchy of the Catholic Church of the impending assassination. It actually occurred in 1981, when Pope fired a Turkish terrorist. It happened just on May 13, the anniversary of the first appearance of the Virgin of Fatima. And exactly one year later recovered the Pope went to Fatima and placed the bullet extracted from his body on the altar of the temple, built in the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the distant 1917.


The head of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia, apostolic administrator Kondrusiewicz:

— Events of this magnitude in the XX century was no more. Catholics recognize that sister Lucia in 1917 really was the Blessed Virgin Mary, to the mouth of the girl to warn the world. Virgin was the children six times. Witnesses were then tens of thousands of people. Assume that they are a victim of fraud or hallucinations, serious.

— The third prediction of the Mother of God for a long time remained a secret known only to the most Lucia and Pa. Why is it so long kept, and only in 2000, John Paul II decided to publish it?

— If so it happened, that this was the cause. And we do not discuss it.


Fr Michael (tune), secretary of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate:

— The Orthodox Church has never expressed an official position on the events at Fatima. After all, no one engages in serious study of the phenomenon. Catholics believe a miracle happened … That's their business.

— Can Orthodox nun Luchiyu read as a saint? It, for sure, canonized as has already happened with Francisco and Jacinta?

— The question of the canonization of Sister Lucia, we do not. I am willing to believe that she was a pious man, all of her life's deeds deserve respect. But her life was not the main thing — it is not professed Orthodoxy.


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