Prosecutor General's Office has identified numerous violations of detention of prisoners in custody

The General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus has revealed numerous violations of the law governing the material and social and health provision convicts in prisons and persons detained in detention centers. This was April 20 journalists Deputy Prosecutor General Alexei Stuk before the main board of the supervisory authority on the subject.

According to him, in correctional facilities, prison regulations are not respected residential area on one person. Limit the number of some prisons, set the Interior Ministry, is overvalued and does not correspond to the actual capacity of the premises. This problem is particularly serious in the colonies, number 8 (Orsha), № 9 (slides) and number 11 (Volkovisk). According to the standards, one person in prison be at least 2 m. m living space, in jail — 2,5 m. m: in juvenile detention — 3,5 m. m, for pregnant women and women with children — not less than 4.5 square meters. m

However, as noted by knocking in the above three colonies at the specification of 2 square meters. m ratios were 1.2-1.9 m. m in the colony number 8 exceeding the number of prisoners reached 485 people. In violation of the regulations in prison beds were set in three tiers.

In this case, Deputy Attorney General emphasized that the problem peranaselennya applies only to certain correctional facilities rather than the entire prison system. As of April 1, the prison in Belarus were 31,750 prisoners.

Alexei Stuk also noted the shortage in the number of colonies of places for short-term and long meetings. On He said, according to the specifications on the 1,000 inmates must have 24 meeting rooms. And in the prison system in Belarus is a fact, when in prison, which contain 2,5 thousand people, only 14 such rooms.

Deputy Attorney General said that in almost all prisons and detention centers identified violations of fire safety rules, facts untimely ensure convicted necessary things. In some colonies are set too high trade margins in the stores of essential commodities. Failure to comply with established sanitary standards. According to him, in the colonies lack of medical equipment and medical personnel.

Knocking said that, according to the adopted last year to improve the Concept of criminal liability, the country must ensure that standards of detention in accordance with international standards.

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