Prove you're not a fifth column

In connection with the terrorist attack Minsk Belarusian authorities launched a massive propaganda campaign against the opposition, calling its leaders enemies and fifth column. While the rhetoric has not found confirmation of mass in practical actions of the authorities.

The political implications of the Minsk bombing in Belarus, we were asked to assess the human rights activist, politician and political scientist.

Behalf of Ales Bialiatski for the past days is often heard in the state media in a negative context where government advocates denounced the opposition. To respond to these attacks, Mr. Bialiatski not consider it necessary. But in general, the aggressive rhetoric against dissidents, who allows himself to Alexander Lukashenko and state media — a dangerous, says Ales Bialiatski:

Ales Bialiatski

"In fact, we are back in the days of Stalinist rhetoric when it comes to the fifth column, about the spread of gossip to be" presyakats severe image "of the strict punishment of all who neglects his duties … We've all read the books. This rhetoric creates an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion in the community and contributes to its split. This is very dangerous things that Europe has forgotten. "

Ales Bialiatski said that in many European countries in recent years, the attacks have occurred, but they have not led to the division of society there and witch-hunt, which begins in Belarus:

"This is a psychological situation is very dangerous injection. Because it is absolutely unlawful and illegal actions by the security forces. They actually solved hands on different things that they could not afford before. Incidentally, I'm worried, as these will go courts against the participants of the events on December 19, because this atmosphere of pre-war nervoznastsi sent to all sectors of society, including may also affect the sentences for those who were detained on December 19. "

Ales Bialiatski recommends opposition to pay less attention to the statements of propagandists, not to give in to emotions.

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko One of those waiting for his trial size, does not consider it necessary to respond to the attacks of Lukashenko in his address. Lebedko said that tragedies such as the Minsk, usually combined nations, and did not share them. For instance, Kaczynski's plane crash in Smolensk promoted understanding between Poland and Russia. In Belarus, the opposite is true, says Lebedko

Anatoly Lebedko

"If you listen to the official radio and television, the impression is that this tragedy divides the country into their own and others.'s A big problem. So I think that the number of casualties and injuries were limited to a list of Ministry of Health. Their number would be much greater if that which referred to, that is promised by representatives of the authorities, will be implemented in practice. "

Anatoly Lebedko believes that the government is now specifically looking for enemies, "the fifth column" to lay the blame on them for all the current problems. He did not rule out that the intelligence agencies on the ground have begun to pressure on activists.

Political scientist and historian Alex King said that the current application of Alexander Lukashenko and the state media the opposition rhetoric remind him late 20's in Byelorussia — the beginning of the struggle against "enemies of the people." This parallel does not add optimism — says Mr. King:

Aleksei Korol

"The injection of the situation in Belarus does not benefit anyone, including the very regime. And the fact that it removes us from the change, then it is absolutely accurate. This is, in fact, a manifestation of the reaction, the movement in the opposite direction of democracy."

Alexei King predicts that the bellicose rhetoric against the opposition in part will be implemented in practice. An example of this — the pressure on the independent press in connection with the lighting attack — "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya" has already received a formal warning.

The official story about the terrorist attack until maladokaznaya, says Mr. King. He believes that the government, wanting zastseragchysya of new terrorist attacks, moving in the wrong direction:

"The policy of democratization, I think, would exclude this case. Because in a society that lives in an atmosphere of fear mongering, on the one hand, and on the other — the social standard of living is very low, the degradation, the growth of alcoholism and more. And in these conditions can actually increase the motives for aggression certain part of society. "

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