Psychic predicts two more explosions in Voronezh




A resident of Voronezh Yuri Morozov argues that intelligence agencies had warned of impending terror attacks in the city, but no one believed him. Two more explosions, according to a psychic, thunder in Voronezh in late February and mid-March.

Special services are not there looking for?
Yuri F. ranked edition of "Mine!" Straight out of the Soviet district police department. There he was, from 2 to 11 February on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack at the bus stop at DK Mechanical Engineers, after the night of 25th to 26th of January, in his own words, he tried to warn of an impending explosion of duty FSB.
Clairvoyant or crazy?
Yuri F. MOEshnikam told that psychic ability he discovered in himself twenty years ago when he was a handyman at a construction site with ten classes of high school behind him, suddenly became interested in the occult, and other mysticism.
— I then began to treat people who predict the future — it was still in Chita. Through an acquaintance in Chita law enforcement agencies helped search for missing persons, stolen cars. For all this, I'm using the same method — I come to the place where the missing person or a machine, and before going to bed looking at the picture. Then I fall asleep and wake up wondering in the wax. So I figured about 80 of the 100 disappearances. Money no one is taking and not taking — I'm not a quack!
Three years ago, Yuri Morozov moved to Voronezh. As he says, had quarreled with relatives, predicting the future husband of his sister. The prediction turned out joyless — he saw a relative soon shoot. What is even more unfortunate, the prediction has come true. Once in our hectic city, Yuri change my specialization. Leaving the stolen cars and other "small things", he focused on the terrorist attacks and explosions.
— In September 2002 I was in a dream I saw the word "Nord-Ost" and wondered what it would mean? The wax figure resulted 23rd realized that an event is coming. It was only towards the middle of October, I tied it all together. October 18, I went to Moscow to warn of the danger. There I was taken to the police department of the Federal Security Service, and from there straight to a mental institution name Kashchenko. The doctor who examined me, said, "Well, I do not see you have signs of insanity. Let's agree: if your prediction comes true, I'll let you go. " So it subsequently turned out …
Yury Fedorovich said he foresaw almost all the attacks that occurred in Russia in recent years, but it is not always understands exactly what he dreamed of terrain. For example, on August 28 last year, he told one of pasportistok Leninsky district police department that had a dream school, screaming children and armed people. School of mind so-so, the usual — would not define what it costs in the town of Beslan.
But he Voronezh relief for three years, staying well studied, and to predict the time and place of attack learned quite accurately — for which he paid …
"After the explosion, they came for me …"

When Morozov tried to warn authorities about the explosions at the end of June, just laughed at him
— The first time I called the FSB in the summer, in June — then I saw that at the end of next month will be two terrorist attacks — says Yuri. — I was made just laughed. But when I was four o'clock in the morning on January 26 woke up after I saw that same morning, an explosion in the area of the brewery — Gas streets, I finally decided to call the FSB again. At 4.54 am, I dialed the duty of the Federal Security Service, but a sleepy voice told me to call back later. I did not call back and went to bed, and at 9 am I was awakened by a knock at the door — I was sent for employees of the Soviet police department. At the police station I was kept until the evening, and the 30th was invited for a talk. I was met by the head of the criminal police Pustovalov Sergei, who offered sincere tone: "Well, he tell me how you blew a stop? '. I was called in for questioning every day, and on February 2 at all taken up to the 11th. At this time, coats of all my acquaintances, friends, and my girlfriend. They confirmed that I really can not predict some things. Then they let me go, it seems, never believing. But in fact up to the point where in our city will be all quiet, still a long way!
Two terrorist attacks and a hurricane
— I can say with absolute assurance tell you that at the end of February and mid-March, we "fly" two more stops — says our source. — In the first case, it will be a street or gas, or one of the stops in the Northern area — an explosion to occur between 8 and 9 am. A March 15 attack will be accomplished either with the Central or in the Southwest market. This will happen later — between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning. Victims, in my opinion, will not. I can confirm that the organizer of the bombings in Voronezh is a group of Paul Kosolapova and the fact that they are now in our city — go on the red "Lada" 99th model. February 15 I even saw the place where they were to appear — the cafe at the bus stop "Monument of Glory", but Sergey Pustovalov to which I have come to tell about it, I did not accept.
After speaking with our correspondents hero "E!" Contacted one of his friends, a former taxi driver Konstantin Lebedev.
— Yes, Morozov spoke about the fact that the stop will blow up, although I do not really listen so — I do not believe in the supernatural. But, you know, there was one case — shared with Constantine MOEshnikami. — I once bought a used car. Became the mend, and Yuri says to me: "Why do you do with it vozishsya, it is still the first day of break it!". And sure enough, I went on it — and nearly vzdrebezgi!
For comments, we turned to the head of public relations of the FSB in the Voronezh region Pavel Bolshunova.
— On the night before the explosion, no phone calls warning of impending terrorist attack in the duty of the Federal Security Service did not arrive — he assured MOEshnikov — Yuri Morozov did say during questioning that he had called the FSB before the explosion, but the call is not registered with us.
However, to the natural question, then, for whatever reason, for Morozov came immediately after the attack and was questioned for so long, we have not responded to the FSB, nor in the Soviet police department — the chief of the criminal police Sergei Pustovalov declined to comment.
And in an interview with "E!" Forecaster finally added that he expects, at the end of March in Voronezh expected strong hurricane. But then everything will calm down — and the weather, and the terrorists. In general, most importantly, to stand in February, but in March to hold out!

Vladimir Lavrov


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