Puzzle people-salamanders

December 5, 2011 17:14

Mythological Encyclopedia gives the following description of a being who is not afraid of fire, "Salamanders in medieval superstitions and magic — spirits, guardians of fire and its personification. Live in any open flames. Often appear as small lizards. Quite often, the salamander can be found on the side of a volcano during an eruption. She also appears in the flame fire, if she so wished. "

But do not burn in the flames of creation exist not only in mythological folklore. Sometimes people are completely insensitive to the fire or boiling water, also called salamanders.

Recently, the Ukrainian ICTV channel broadcast hosted the show "Wonder People", which was attended by a resident of Mariupol Igor Semenenko. A few years ago, he found that is able to "conquer" the fire. For a long time no one said that this is his ability and just recently opened.

To check how true the statement male television crew went to Mariupol 'plant them. Ilyich ", where in one of the shops and tested.

"To survive in the fire helps me a good knowledge of the structure of the plasma and fire — said Igor Semenenko. — I've learned to tame it. "

Prove his unusual abilities of human-salamander decided front of the camera, with his hands over burning torches. Mariupol both hands were on fire, but no trace of fire on them left.
"I keep a hand in the fire of a maximum of 20 seconds — admitted Semenenko. — Fire, I can not tame, but the infrared radiation from the fire has not yet learned to tame. "

In this test for a miracle-man is not over. In order to prove that he really did not like everything, the man showed the most difficult trick — nesgoranie in fiery cab.

Igor Semenenko locked in a metal cabin and burned. Cab literally glowed in front of the crew. As noted on the channel, the metal of the cab is made in a matter of seconds is heated to 200 degrees Celsius. However, after 20 seconds, a man came out of the car in one piece, only slightly sweaty. Even his hair falling to his shoulders were not burned!

Similar examples of such abilities, amazing in terms of the laws of physics, medicine, and even common sense, in the past aroused horror alone its existence.

Incredible possibilities of the human body were considered to be due to the manifestation of the devil, and therefore could not be overlooked in the Church. The medieval Inquisition to the carriers of unusual genetic properties include an extremely negative and at any opportunity without hesitation sent them on the block.


Centuries later, fortunately, things have changed and people-salamanders without the fear of the public showed their abilities. Thus, in one of the old archives of the Russian researcher V. Ponomarev found the following: "In the summer of 1828 in the Tivoli Spaniard named Martinez was part of the furnace, tense to the point that one of those present thermometer showing 140 degrees of heat, shattered. It was carefully dressed in warm pants, two jackets and top in a cloth coat lined with fur, as if he were on the heat in the heat would find protection. When Martinez got into the furnace, he took with him a cock, which after a while gave out poluizzharennogo and burnt. In the second presentation Martinez told to tie him to the board, the side walls of which were equipped with eight candles, and in this position to put in the oven. After a few minutes he had to pull back, and when it was taken out of the oven, the melted candles, and Martinez has not undergone any harm. "

Was it magic tricks magicians or another demonstration of latent in man fantastic opportunity? Among scholars on the matter — "complete confusion and vacillation." Some simply reject these facts. Others try to explain nesgoranie (or indigestion), the special structure of the skin. Still others are looking for reasons to self-suggestion and hypnosis. Is unambiguous explanation for this phenomenon yet.

Meanwhile, in the Indian state of Rajasthan to the front of the assembled audience and shocked by what they saw journalists parents dipped into a vessel of boiling water, its three-month daughter! During the procedure, they looked terrible and decisive … happy.

Surprisingly, while bathing in hot water girl did not even cry, let out a slight squeak, and when it was taken out of the vessel, the doctors did not find her body no burns!

As a local news broadcast, the couple could not conceive a child, and eventually turned to the high-priest of the temple Bhima. He predicted that all is not lost, and the couple will have two children, one of them will die, and the second can be stored using the cleansing ritual. The couple had a child really, some time later, he died. A year later the girl was born, and his parents, no doubt more in the predictions of the priest, decided to follow his advice.

As recognized since ancient rite stunned doctors, the child's condition is not caused them any concern for his future health. But Indian media asked the question: Do not throw the incident a challenge to modern science?

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