Queue. Currency dealers. Expectation of devaluation

Our correspondents in various regions visited today currency exchange offices. Dollar and the euro in the free market does not exist anywhere. People wait in line in the hope that someone will hand over the currency to buy it immediately. But there is very little. And I basically small amounts. In many places there were money changers, ready to change Belarusian rubles for dollars and euros at the exchange rate that is significantly higher for the official.

Gomel Oblast

"Impinging on the exchanger as a hawk '

In Gomel in stationary and mobile exchange offices constantly on duty citizens, hoping to chance: maybe someone will hand over dollars or euros.

Outside, the two Soviet exchangers "Belpromstroibank" are waiting for pavdyasyatka people. The last one of them — a young man who says that no currency can not get spare parts for foreign cars made:

"Passed someone — that you take currency. We need dollars now, so I stand. It is necessary to purchase spare parts, and they are sold only for dollars. "

A woman who spends time in the exchanger in the morning, its need:

I can not buy the currency to buy goods.

"Yesterday I was working. Today — day off, I stand here on the currency. I need to work. I am a self — employed. I can not buy the currency to buy the product. "

The woman says that she fit the Russian ruble as the item it goes to Russia. But even so-called "Russian" in exchange either. The woman says with confidence that the state itself is gradually devalue the ruble

"This is — devaluation, no more and no less. The country does not have enough currency. Most probably import than abroad sell. "

Middle-aged man also concerned with finding currency. Says he is ready to daughter's wedding, which will be in the summer. Took out a loan in rubles, but they quickly depreciate:

"I'm not here, mostly — at the train station. By two hours to three. Sometimes, people stand all day and did not buy it. I took out a loan for a wedding, and this money translate into currency that is not lost. In general, I do not know what is being done. Without warning is formed. It is in bad faith in relation to the Belarusian people. "

Near the train station — three exchangers: Fransbanku, Technobank and Belpromstroibank. Throughout the queue chakalnikav — where more and where less.

Russians, who arrived in Gomel, diva is given, "flew to the exchanger as a hawk."

People from a long wait really shocked. And throw line also is not necessary. Businessman says Oksana:

"We will walk until the situation changes. Purchases can not do. The work is worth it! . "

Grodno region

"Buy 3200 rubles per dollar, sell — for 4000"

The Grodno region can not be free to continue to buy the currency at exchange offices. In operations with the purchase of foreign currency increasing role played by the so-called currency dealers, all of which have long been forgotten. But now they offer the only real way to buy dollars.

If in the regional center of quite a few people on duty near exchangers to just buy a currency that someone will pass, the district towns of these people are much less as currency exchangers almost no one passes.

Entrepreneur of the Bridges says that now, who wants to pass the currency, currency dealers or go to the market to entrepreneurs, since there for it will give more. And this situation is everywhere.

In currency exchanger no, currency speculators — have

Mr."Revived currency dealers, who used to work. To date, they can buy a dollar for 4,000 rubles, and they buy for 3200 — quite a large margin. "

In the district centers of gray exchange rate, though not by much, but different. Experts attribute this to the amount of currency that goes to a particular city in a gray back. Here, for example, how much currency is currently in Lida.

Mr."Take away with 3300, and sells for 3800 …".

In Grodno currency dealers can deliver dollars for 3500 rubles, and to buy — for 3800. Specialist in this matter explains.

Mr."It is clear that in Grodno margin is smaller because there is turnover of currency much more than a neighborhood. Therefore, in areas of money changers and raise her to be his earnings. "

Today the dollar is at 5000 … Another week, and the whole business will fall.

The most noticeable flaw currency impact on entrepreneurs who acquire it in order to buy goods abroad. Especially, with the words of one of Vaukavysk, impressive, as currency dealers can adjust exchange rates.

Mr."Today, the dollar is at 5000. Yesterday I was still talking 3300-3400, and this morning announced — 5000. Another week, and the whole business will fall … . "

Mister says that those entrepreneurs who are engaged in the sale of imported goods can not sell them, because the dollar is growing every day.


In banks, no currency, demand money changers also do not satisfy

Buy currency at banks in the region is virtually impossible. In line at the exchangers in the Brest region are mostly private traders who are looking to buy currency for the purchase of goods. Money changers are also unable to meet the demand, the courses they are extremely high.

Around exchangers in Brest practically no queues. Buy here currency is virtually impossible. From time to time there are small amounts in the range of 20-50 dollars. A resident of Brest Natalia almost a whole day spent on trying to find a $ 100 exchange offices:

"Now is not possible to buy the currency. I was in the bank for Masherova walked through the exchange offices, which are located on the boulevard of Cosmonauts in a bank near the University — BrSU. There is nowhere dollars or euros. I do not understand why this is happening — perhaps because of the excitement. We should expect the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. Especially as it was said that the dollar will rise. But as far as — is unknown. "

Even I do not know that now advise the person who needs dollars.

In such circumstances, the common man, if urgent need dollars, virtually no escape. Former currency dealers Constantine, who is now a private carriers, said currency dealers are practically no, yes and currencies they will not be enough at all. So the only way — to stand in line outside of the exchanger:

"Even I do not know that now advise the person who needs dollars. Take a turn at the exchanger in the bank. But now there is practically no currency rents. A queue is occupied mostly traders from the markets. Someone will hand over a certain amount, and they immediately acquire. They stared need foreign money to buy the goods for sale. "

Self employed from Brest Dmitry says that now many really hoping for currency speculators. But the least in their course — 3500 rubles per dollar:

"In no way this is not vratuessya. The only hope — look for currency speculators. Demand creates supply. On currency speculators almost forgotten. And now, because there is no currency in the banks, the people rushed to those who, in their opinion, may be dollars. But it is often in vain. Courses in currency speculators are quite high. The least they sold dollars for 3500 rubles. But that's if you're lucky. "


The queue for the curr
ency — the morning of the fourth

In Mogilev currency — the most scarce commodity. The question is where to buy it — the most relevant.

Mogilev to buy the currency, we have to stand for hours in exchange offices. As mined currency, says the businessman Igor:

"In the department store people take place at four o'clock in the morning. And standing while department store opens. Then run to the exchanger. Hustle — who is the first to the second. Cry, noise, swearing. Someone has to carry in Russia to abnayavlivats at ATMs. But there are very small amounts are given. You need to have a lot of cards. There is a kind of utopia. You think you do not like to sell and make money, and how to recover their money without losses. "

In interlocutor ask: what about the money changers? There they?

Currency dealers now have more work than ever before.

"So they are nowhere and disappeared. They have been fifteen years ago, and today is. Now they have a lot of work. Currently, four thousand is worth one dollar. Already people money to the exchangers, and do not want to bear."

The situation is similar in Bobruisk. On the situation with the currency tells there the businesswoman Elena:

"People took turns and 6 am and to be the first at the box office. And sitting day. The people there bring twenty, fifty dollars, so if you need a large sum, people these days are near exchangers. My sister the day seventy dollars bought. She spat and currency speculators bought, although overpaid. "

Reporter"And currency dealers or expensive currency? '.

A businesswoman"Very expensive. If the exchanger, for a hundred dollars 311,000, while the currency speculators — 350000. "

Reporter"And there is the fight against money changers? Maybe the police appeared at the exchangers? . "

A businesswoman"Not yet. We've always had money changers closed topic. They periodically "clapping" that was a "stick", but I think they all work in the same direction. Just in the same currency dealers will not stand. Everyone probably has a so-called "roof" of protection — or officials of the police. "

Leonid Zaika

Economist Leonid Zaika"It is natural that in a situation where the banks can not devalue the exchange rate, which is why there is a difference in rates and manifests the inability of state of the banking system to regulate this process, then, of course, there is a secondary market. And now in Belarus exchange for non-cash exchange rate is more than four thousand for one dollar, and I was hoping that the government will not again step on the same rake. This is — currency rake. "

Reporter: "Great to have a so-called income money changers?"

Stutterer"I also talked to them and do not believe they have profits. Mostly it is women over 50. They stand near exchangers to "take aback" their miserable half dollar … Another thing is that the presence of "black currency speculators" — is the result of the poor performance of state-owned banking system. "



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