Radiant humanity Tsiolkovsky

November 22, 2012 3:01

"Radiant humanity" Tsiolkovsky

"Radiant humanity" Tsiolkovsky

Ingenious foresight of the great Russian scientist Tsiolkovsky is the idea of going back in the future of mankind in the phase of the existence of pure energy, which he called "radiant humanity."

In particular, this is fully consistent with the ancient esoteric teachings, claiming that humanity in its evolution is the gradual realization of phase pure spirit into matter, and then to the development of intelligence and the ability to actively influence the world of gross matter begins a new round of development of spirituality, and the transition to the energy level of life .
N.Petrov, in particular, relates a similar cyclical development with the presence of the two half-cycles in the same wave of evolution: the forward and backward waves, waves and waves of physical development spiritual development. He writes: "Nature loves backward waves, as they normalize in its motion, improve, correct, improve and complete everything that was done at halftime of the direct wave. This is why the spiritual perfection is always followed by a wave of knowledge of the physical world.

It is only important to understand that the existence of two principles does not mean their struggle as a struggle of opposites in a single entity, as it always sounds in modern materialistic version. The presence of two non-equilibrium to start, or asymmetry in a single whole — this is the first sign of life of the object. The difference is? period of development between the halves in a single whole has a chance to improve the alternating over the same period of development. "

Esoteric knowledge of antiquity also say that humanity has reached the peak of his physical development, and will now develop spiritually, awakening their dormant faculties and, in particular, the ability to see clearly the future. Some of this knowledge came to us through the works E.Blavatskoy, A. Besant, A.Beyli, E.Rerih, Roerich, Berdyaev, Tsiolkovsky, V.Vernadsky, T.Globa, L.Rampy, P . Assumption and many other researchers of esoteric knowledge.

These esoteric knowledge contains a wealth of information about the origin of the universe, Earth, humanity, the laws by which they evolve. Reliable knowledge about the past of mankind reveals key trends of its evolution and to predict its future.
Thus, the study of the evolution of the human race shows us that the first human race existed in subtle (ethereal) bodies. Then began a period of evolution of the physical body, and there was the seal of physical form of man, which led to the formation of physical bodies. Further there is the evolution of intelligence, which has encouraged the development of technical progress.
Esoteric sources claim that our present civilization belongs to the fifth race of mankind. Appearance of all previous races was renovated professor E.Muldashevym a special procedure using computer programs. The validity of this method was confirmed during a Himalayan expedition, during which the scientist had access to esoteric knowledge of the East.
That's what the image of these races give esoteric sources.
The first race was called "self-born" and appeared on Earth as efiroobraznyh beings by sealing material world of subtle energies. These people could pass through the barrier material and looked like glowing disembodied form of lunar color. Their growth reached 40 — 50 meters, and communication takes place at an energy level (telepathy).
The second race was called "potomrozhdennoy" and had a more dense, but still ethereal body. Along with the seal body and decrease the growth occurred almost doubled.
The third race was already dense physical body, and growth — 7-8 meters. In this race, there was separation of the sexes and breeding began to happen not by budding, and a combination of male and female. This race was the first race that affects the material world. They created a civilization which had developed architecture, astrology, built the first cities. And, according to information received E.Muldashevym, they had the technical devices and including — aircraft. However, the principle of their action differed from the technology of our civilization, and was based on the use of torsion fields of the 1st and 2nd kind. Their supernatural powers were enormous. However, in this civilization began the evolution of intelligence. This (Lemurian) civilization died in the natural disaster that destroyed the giant continent due to the violation of natural balance of the elements.
Fourth race associated with the civilization of Atlantis, which was more developed intellect, but a much more modest paranormal abilities. Growth of people reached approximately 3-4 meters, while gradually decreasing. Equipment of this civilization more resembled our own. Was appropriate and expansive attitude toward the world. It is this civilization invented lasers and nuclear weapons (as evidenced by the ancient Indian epics and some archaeological excavations). Along with the development of arts and sciences Atlantean civilization became more and more one-sided and gradually lost the state of inner harmony, which led to a spiral of technocratic development, spurred an "arms race", degradation of culture, decay and corruption of public cult of force, perverted sex and the "golden calf." Most of this civilization also died after a chain of global catastrophes provoked by technological and psychoenergetic interference in the environment.
Fifth race — is the modern society, which has, over the previous race, less growth, more developed intelligence, the almost complete lack of spiritual development and supernatural abilities, as well as a more aggressive attitude towards the environment and almost totally dependent on their technical devices.
N.Hodakovsky notes the similarity of our civilization to the previous. Do we repeat it fate, or still be able to find a new path of development? In particular, he writes: "The question arises: Why did the pratsivilizatsiya? The answers to this question, in most cases, the following: the various calamities of nature, the earth's axis of rotation, a sudden glaciation, etc.
Such explanations are valid, but the main reason, in our view, lies elsewhere.
Reaching the highest level of technological development, pratsivilizatsiya ruined nature and morally degenerated … began to appear a bit of electronic data collection, storage and exchange. Developed network like a modern network Internet. People have learned to build robots from the "flesh and blood", that is to clone living creatures … to develop what we call today a secular way of life — idleness, lack of spirituality and debauchery. Having mastered time and space, creating a time machine, people began to exercise intergalactic flights … "
Here's what he wrote about our civilization: "Russia scientific and technical progress, there are more advanced technologies. The Company took possession of nuclear energy began to build spaceships. This is our modern society. With great speed to develop information technology. Print, radio, TV, modern communications, computer networks generate vast information flows …
Now humanity, in our opinion, is in a new stage of civilization — information. The distinguishing feature of this period is that people have lost contact with nature, stop and direct contacts between people … Real life is replaced by a ghostly mist information. We become no less elusive than ghosts by modern information technology … "
In essence, humanity is gradually turning into robots information, divorced from the natural conditions of the environment and to join the reality of the technocratic world as attendants ("appendage") of technical devices. It is unlikely that this will lead to further development of the evolution of mankind. Rather, such a path — a path of degradation of human qualities and transformation of man into a human-machine. This path of violating the natural balance and repeat the sad experience of the previous civilization.
The next stage of human development, according to esoteric teachings, will be linked to the evolution of spirituality and transformation of people from odnobokorazvityh individuals in a free and harmonious personality. Similar trends can be found in the number of M. Nostradamus predictions, T.Globa, Tsiolkovsky and other soothsayers and futurists. Bulgarian prophetess V.Kochovskaya also thinks that in XXI century will be the century of bioenergy.
During this spiritual evolution will be more people to be born with a free perception and "Awakening" psychic abilities. The evolution of internal abilities of mankind, over time, will make technical progress meaningless if a person learns to own and instantly move to any point in space and time, there will be no need for the vehicles, and communication at the level of telepathy and clairvoyance will lead to the demise of communications equipment and tools media.
A similar opinion is shared by academician Yu.A.Fomin: "So, mankind has entered the XXI century. It is likely that he will be the last century of the existence of the species on the planet. But mankind will not disappear without a trace, it is converted into a new species. As a result of evolution, individuals may change related to the perceived rise of the dimension, and they will get the quality and properties, greatly extending their capabilities. Something similar occurs with brain injuries, experienced clinical death and other shocks. It is possible that the same can be acquired without any tragic accidents. To some extent, this can be achieved through appropriate education and training. And mankind is gradually mastering the path to perfection and rebirth. "
The first steps of this degeneration are already visible. It may be noted that after the rabid materialism humanity starts addressing the esoteric knowledge. Perhaps this is partly due to the increase in the number of people with psychic powers (both congenital and development).
Swedenborg, Nostradamus, Casey, Wang, Ivanka, Dixon, Croise Messing, Haire — these are just a few examples of the vast number of seers, soothsayers, prophets, known to us in the last century. And apparently, the number of talented individuals from every age will increase.
Links the near future with the development of human psychic abilities, the study of psychic energy and the creation of its new technology based devices Ph.D. V.Pravdintsev that emphasizes: "Yes, humanity waiting for a truly amazing discovery. According to some estimates, in the next decade is expected to open some intermediate space — between our three-dimensional and other measurements, which are full of intelligent life to a greater extent than our world. That's when there is an urgent need for a fundamentally new communication channels. And it is possible that the best means to do so would be special mirrors and crystals.
All mankind is approaching closer to another important point — the scientific evidence of psychic energy. I am convinced that much of what is now enjoyed a dubious reputation in the near future will move from the category of "mystery" in the sphere of interests of science and technology. So it was more than once. The fact that yesterday (by historical standards), it was considered magic — magnetism, electricity, hypnosis, many treatments — today science.
Opening the properties of psychic energy, directly and indirectly lead to the theoretical basis and practical use of the "magic" mirrors and crystals. On the one hand, they allow scientists to connect to the treasures of the Universal Library and draw information from it. On the other hand, understanding the nature of psychic energy will based on the "magic" mirrors and crystals to create a fundamentally new means of communication: through the exchange of mental images. For future generations, these funds — mgnovennodeystvuyuschie independent of distance, not shielded, with giant capacity — will be as common as for the present inhabitant of the earth telephone, radio, TV … "
However, along with the development of technical devices and systems based on the principles of psychic, psychic abilities yourself people will grow faster than the technical devices and, in the end, make them, these devices are unnecessary.
This conclusion is confirmed by the full member of the International Academy of Forecasting L.Konstantinovskaya, which states: "In the XXI century, people will focus on developing new properties for himself. They wake up previously lost supernatural magical powers: telekinesis (moving in space), telepathy (thought-transference), healing. And these "outrageous" knowledge does not allow people with dark forces brainwash people. "
A similar view on the near and distant future, mankind has also A.Priyma, who said: "Mankind, without noticing it," mentally "evolyutsiniruyuschee, slow steps moving towards rampant" telepatizatsii "and" yasnovidezatsii "society. Somewhere in the distant, and perhaps not too distant future, all the affairs of the planet will manage continuous civilization telepaths, psychics, clairvoyants. "
The inevitability of this evolution A.Gerasimov, based on the ancient Indian doctrine of kalpas and yugas, connects with the solar system around the galactic center, which in Hinduism is called the Great Vishnu Nabhi center and is also a source of creative spiritual energy. When you remove the solar system from the center, also decreases the impact of cosmic spiritual energy in human life, and the period of the greatest distance is called the Kali Yuga. But now the point of the solar orbit is already done so with each year of spiritual influence of cosmic energies that awaken our "dormant" abilities, make us susceptible to the esoteric knowledge.
According to a famous Russian astrologist T.Globa, people will have a new type of psychic ability, not confined space-time, which will be given to him at birth. This race will arise from an intermediate high spiritual community of people, which is now consolidated in the territory of Russia. Similar predictions about the future of Russia can be found in books Megre.
And these conclusions are without strong evidence. For example, scientists who study the DNA found on Earth that have produced about 60 million people with an increased immunity to diseases, including AIDS. In addition, many children, especially in the West, there is a very high IQ and a well developed intuition. In the East, marked by the growth of children born with innate psychic abilities. Obviously, it is at the crossroads of East and West is the birth of a new race, which will be developed in harmony, both hemispheres of the brain (intellect and spiritual power).
The fact that the formation of a new race — race psychics — has already begun, is mentioned by many scholars. Thus, the researcher G.Dobrovolskaya notes: "… in recent years some unusual children are born. They have a special magnetic radiation of the body, the other the structure of DNA, and other functions of the internal organs. These children are able to do extraordinary things. May, for example, to draw eyes favorite toy from the far corner of the room, and to play, to the scene. This is a five — six months!
At the age of three — four years, many children begin to talk about their past lives, communicating with angels. Some are able to see through walls, read minds, eyes bent aluminum spoons. "
Representatives of religion is not by chance called these children "messengers of God." Renowned psychologist and bioenergetic Nancy Ann Tappe noticed that the aura of these children of the dominant color indigo. Therefore the children of phenomena were called "indigo children".
Scientists have found that the range of electromagnetic radiation at "indigo children" three times more than ordinary people. The high frequency of the energy bodies, as the spirituality, clearly shows belonging to the higher worlds. They have equally developed both hemispheres of the brain.
Characteristically, human DNA contains 64 codons, which are reflected in the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes. Normal people only 20 codons are always on, and the rest — are inert and do not work. The "indigo children" number of employees is 32 codons and more. Coefficient of intellectual development in their average is 130, and resistance to disease is 25 times higher. All this has enabled scientists to talk about the emergence of a new race of people.
The phenomenon appears indigo children S.Pavlovoy marked and which, in respect of his writes: "Already tendency towards the transition from abstract logic, discrete left hemisphere to a holistic perception of the world, imaginative perception, ie to the right hemisphere. Umopostizhenie and chuvstvopostizhenie should merge. Wider and wider begin to show extraordinary ability of people: the ability to work directly with the information field, high sensitivity (psychic), clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. And what unusual children are born in the last time! They have in the eyes of such depth and wisdom that it is impossible not to think about what they are — children of the future that they — the creators of the future itself. Apparently, the time has come when the Earth called on the developed experimental soul. "
Thus, an increasing manifestation of paranormal abilities — it is a natural step in the evolution of mankind. And one of the most important features of this stage is the emergence of a growing number of "indigo children". Professor of Natural Sciences O.Pavlovskaya-Khokhlov said on this occasion: "Today replace degenerate" logic "comes a new, intellectually higher formation of people? "Obrazniki" or so-called "Indigo". Typically, these "Primrose" have a brief program and are just the foundation for the development of a more stable genetic inheritance. " Which clearly points us to actively start the process of nucleation and formation of a new race of people with a more developed right brain and creative thinking as opposed to our "left-hemispheric" technocratic civilization.
Ph.D. K.Kedrov based on an analysis of the historical development of humanity expects in the near future is the increased flow of information, which will only be able to handle it with people harmoniously developed cerebral hemispheres. According to scientists, it will bring humanity to a higher level of development, "the speed of information processing will reach superluminal parameters, and the explosion of thought will make mankind completely different … This will be the acquisition of spiritual immortality …". The beginning of this "other era of cosmic life of the world", according to the findings K.Kedrova to occur due to the "growth of information and speed up the course of events" in human history. Each successive epoch — the primitive communal system, feudalism, capitalism — characterized by a certain "time-lapse", ie increase the number and speed of information processing, as well as reduced length of the historical period. This is — characteristic spiral of human evolution, reflecting the transition of quantitative to qualitative characteristics.
And here is how the nascent signs of the sixth race leading expert of the Association "Ecology of the unknown", academician Yu.Fomin. According to him, the man of the future, "refuses to part or all of the speech as a means of communication and exchange of video images will replace it (telepathy — auth.). This will lead to the demise of the national and ethnic differences, and would eliminate many of the technical resources necessary to us now. There will be no need for all kinds of publishing: newspapers, magazines, books. Will not need the telephone, radio, television and other means of communication. Since the birth of Superman would be able to without the help of teachers and textbooks, get any information (connection to the energy fields of the universe — auth.). From bad to worse — disappear State changed the relationship between the members of society … almost on the planet a brand new civilization sharply from the account current. "
The hypothesis of the existence of this common information field (of a universal "biocomputer") was made E.Blavatskoy in XIX century on the basis of the analysis of ancient esoteric knowledge ("Akash") and later confirmed by studies V.Vernadsky, Tsiolkovsky, V.Kaznacheeva , V.Safonova, A.Gorbovskogo, A.Berezina, N.Kozyrev, Carl Jung, A.Spirkina, A.Ohatrina, A.Trofimova, A.Timasheva, D.Boma, K.Pribrama, Ch.Tarta, C . Grof and many other scholars.
Thus, Professor E.Muldashev notes: "… some people, like the great clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, know that it has the capacity to enter into the" heavenly computer "called the Akashic Records, which retains all the thoughts of all the people who lived and are living on Earth, and reading this information. Do not be surprised of information unimaginable power of this "heavenly computer," God did it, mental strength is not comparable to him even in the distant approach, and we must know that our thoughts are not lost, they are stored and analyzed. "
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences A.Berezin on the theory of solitons (wave structures whose foreign internal resistance caused by mobility) came to the conclusion that there is tremendous energy and information in the physical vacuum (vacuum solitonovaya cell). And it is close enough to the theory of torsion fields and the physical vacuum and A.Akimova G.Shipova.
Similar conclusions to the American scientists D.Bom and K. Pribram, a streamlined model of holographic universe hypothesis, according to which we, as individual human beings is not an isolated marginal personalities. Each of us, as a combined field holodvizheniya, is like a particle of the hologram, microcosm, reflecting and containing the macrocosm. It is characteristic of holograms allow our mind to keep in touch with the whole universe and make all those mysterious and paradoxical in terms of outdated scientific paradigm phenomena. Parts of the hologram are any objects located within it, including a man whose essence bioenergy in an altered state of consciousness can interact not only with the substance, but also the fields, which are manifestations of a single holographic universe.
RAMS V.Kaznacheev, managed to confirm experimentally the holographic concept of Bohm and Pribram, writes: "In our laboratories accumulated experimental data largely confirm the hypothesis known D.Boma K.Pribrama and that the Earth exists holographic space, and all atomic -molecular and intellectually mental processes are only fragments of a giant cosmic hologram. "
Wave-particle duality of elementary particles as well as the dual nature of man (the presence of more than a physical body and "soul" or energy body) confirms the duality dimensional holographic universe consisting of many worlds, differing in energy frequency characteristics.
So, doctor of technical sciences, professor E.Kryuk notes that the human body, like any other body of the material world, it should be considered from the point of view of quantum concepts, and human energy field? as holographic education. The structure of the fields of Energy and unsubstantiated modern works on the theory of physical vacuum, and the bioenergetic field due to the presence fifth fundamental interaction in the form of vortex field (torsion fields).
Interesting studies in this respect were held V.Hant Professor, University of California, which states that the talent and abilities of the person associated with the presence of specific frequencies in their energy field. So, she found that if the basic human ability to relate to the material world, the frequency of its energy field does not exceed 250 Hz, biological boundary between active body. Healers, these frequencies are in the range from 400 to 800 Hz, the people reading the information in the trance of the other realities? in the range of 800-900 Hz. Mystically gifted individuals Hunt calls people who have frequencies above 900 Hz. But the most amazing thing is that people have been found, the frequency of the energy field which is 200 000 Hz! Similar results were obtained and academic research L.Prischepy.
With readings electromyograph also confirmed the presence of the chakras and auras of different shades in the energy body, as long ago people said, are able to see the energy of the body and to read them with some information about the physical and mental state of the people.
It should be noted that the occult esoteric mystical tradition called for over many centuries, indicate the presence of "high vibrations" from the spiritually advanced people, as well as the presence of the realities of the higher and lower vibrations, compared to the frequencies of our physical world. The concept of "chakras" and "aura" is also known from the occult. This is fully consistent with current models of reality put forward by theoretical physicists in the late twentieth century.

The Universal Library — Energy-field of the universe.

Telekinesis — the movement of various objects with mental exposed to the operator without the direct involvement with the muscular effort.

Telepathy — The transfer of thoughts, images and feelings at a distance from one person (the inductor, the operator) to another (the percipient) without the help of the known senses.

Connecting to the "information field" holographic universe can read information about the world, including the past and future. Along with the usual methods of predicting the future, the method of connecting to the information field can anticipate a variety of alternative options for the future. In particular, A.Berezin about it says, "Do vacuum is something like an invisible giant brain? Idea a little scary, but … why not? If this is the case, then things become clear. For example, preduznavanie random numbers.
What a coincidence for us, for this "brain space" — a calculated event, all of which gives the random number generator, is, in the end, the result of physical processes in electronic circuits. Vacuum the "brain" of these processes can fully embrace and in all cases to model their course long before they did in reality (clear: in our physical reality). In preparation for the operator (if it is not a natural born talent), in fact, learn to get in touch with the world "brain" and then read from it predict outcome. It can be assumed that such preduznavaniya possible not only to random numbers … Recall Nostradamus and other great predictors!
Interesting fact: even the most successful predictions are always a few vague and ambiguous. But according solitonovoy concept is how it should be. "
Many studies in this area can safely say that man has the ability to concentrate and store the information in some "multidimensional information and administrative structures", as well as, if necessary — to read it. One way of reading information from these data structures, which has been used successfully by many clairvoyants, is a method of mental visualization of events, phenomena or subject (creating ethereal phantom) for its future. Used this method in predicting accidents, fires and disasters, such as fuel and energy routes. In particular, it has been successfully tested A.S.Vulem and many other researchers.
According to the academician Yu.Fomina, the same principles (forming video images) are the basis of telepathic exchange. Most people use this ability to transfer video images spontaneously in extreme conditions where significant changes in their state of mind under the influence of danger, stress, fear, shock, pain, and other factors. But now comes more and more people able to consciously use energy-dimensional structure.
Thus, the ability to predict the future — this is one of the characteristics of the emerging new race and the future of humanity itself. E.Anopova emphasizes: "… priorities are not for the information technology, not the artificial methods of preparation and synthesis of information, and for the natural, ie for clairvoyance and clairaudience. The more success in this field will achieve the state or egregore, the more powerful it will be. In this sense, Russia is currently in the most advantageous position, even, one might say, the privileged. "
Most likely, the displacement of the old (one-sided development) race will occur as a result of its natural extinction from new diseases and natural disasters, as well as from a change in the magnetic poles and the magnetic field of the Earth, which will be able to withstand the only people with a harmoniously developed cerebral hemispheres and a wide view of the surrounding reality. Analysis of multiple predictions and esoteric sources suggests that the majority of this new race will focus on Russia.
V.Oblakov astrologer on a background of technology, global computerization, cloning, bio-robots to the 2036 — 2043 years predicts an increase in the number of people with advanced psionic abilities that will seriously compete with any technique. It? turning point in the development of civilization. Since, as noted V.Oblakov, by the 2059 — 2068 year will be the rise and the priority of human mental capabilities and the ability to consciously control them. And after 2068 will rise a new civilization that will develop along the path of achieving harmony with the environment, increase the perception of reality, the development of paranormal abilities the increasing spirituality. It is possible that this is the same "sixth race ', mentioned esoteric sources.
However, our race is not completely lost. According to many psychics, and now, under the influence of cosmic energies, in more and more people will "wake up" paranormal abilities that previously atrophied in a technocratic development.
Evidence in favor of this and predictions of Albert the Great, in which, among other things, he says: "People will get involved in cars, machines, but over time they will throw them as unnecessary toys."
No coincidence A.Kuzmin notes that human civilization in its development should go six stages:
1. Technological (Peak and the beginning of the collapse of the accounts for the death of "Titanic," airship "Hindenburg" and World War I), which is characterized by the development and the growth of industrial production;
2. Technological-process (beginning of the 3rd millennium), Which is characterized by a qualitative development of existing technical devices;
3. Technological and energy, which is characterized by the widespread introduction of cheap and environmentally friendly alternative energy sources;
4. -Energy Technology, which is characterized by the transition from the technical "crutches" to clean energy technologies;
5. Energy-Energy, which is characterized by a complete failure of the technical "crutches" and the further development of clean energy technologies;
6. Energy — "Radiant humanity" Tsiolkovsky, the transition to the energy level of existence.
The last stage — this is the level of the gods, from achieving their "supernatural" or "paranormal" abilities, for which even space and time become purely conventional terms.
This is the main trend of the future development of humanity. And the country that first reoriented the way for the evolution of technology evolution path of the man himself, will receive top priorities. Great potential in this respect Russia. This is in line with the predictions of Nostradamus, Vanga, Casey and many other seers and prophets. And, apparently, this is not accidental.
No doubt the choice of Russia, the fulfillment of its historic mission as the driver of the peoples in the coming age of Aquarius depends the future of all mankind. Will it be able to go to a new stage of its evolution, or choose an alternative to the death of a man-made and natural disasters? Whether it can "jump over the bar" set by external forces to move to a new stage of evolution, or repeat the sad experience of the oldest civilizations of the earth, died in the global cataclysms? It depends on the choice of the individual in transition changing course of evolution. And first of all, it will depend on the outcome of the struggle of the old and the new outlook in Russia and neighboring Slavic states.
A look at the outcome of this struggle of modern progressive scholars quite unique. Thus, Academician V.Kaznacheev said: "The current stage of development of scientific knowledge urgently requires expanding the horizons of thought, her appeal to the processes and phenomena, previously interpreted as" abnormal "and" irrelevant. "
Must overcome authoritarianism, dogmatism, priestly omniscience. "
Now is the time to decide: do we really want these changes? Do we want to get away from a society based on the principles of religious-mystical "zombie" or technocratic "bio-robots" to a new formation of harmonious free individuals? Do we want to continue to be ruled by alien forces beyond humanity, or to determine their own destiny in accordance with free will, not connected externally imposed stereotypes limited scope of perception? The choice is ours. But now everyone has to determine its choice in favor of the further evolution or degradation of humanity.
So A.Korennaya based on a new cosmogonic theory Khotkovo — Vinogradova, said: "Life dries human intellect, transforming it into bio-robots, incapable of natural reproduction. Therefore, in our time come Avatars declaring unconditional love only religion in the world. Life — is, above all, the harmonization of the relationship on the basis of the perception of a heart …
Particularly intense disengagement shower is happening in Russia, the country is in a state of crisis and spiritual search. Everyone in our country faced with the choice whether to follow the laws of the consumer civilization mechanistic understanding, or to realize the need for a life with heart and soul, directing mind heart … The Indians, Russians, the population of South America — the inhabitants of those countries where the life of the Heart and Soul of historically assigned key place to have a special opportunity in the current period to advance in the evolution of consciousness. A lot depends on how Russia and other nations will be able to resist the destructive ideology of consumer mechanistic civilization. XXI century — the century of decisive choice of humanity … In place of the consumer civilization has come a civilization based on higher values and based on the vision of a complete picture of the Universe …
Using modern scientific potential and ancient knowledge, preservation and growth in the way of intuitive insights, an open heart, a man of the XXI century has every opportunity to create a new system of beliefs about the world, to realize the unity of the laws of life and their place in the universe and its involvement in the divine perfection. "
Not by chance that Tolstoy proposed an alternative technocratic way of life. He argued that human nature is smarter, warned of the danger of environmental disaster and predicted that a technological civilization will deceive man empty his soul. A man with a ravaged soul is easily transformed into a zombie and biorobot. In this respect, the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 — it is very bitter but necessary medicine for the healing of humanity from the consumer lifestyle, cycling on the cult of wealth and the complete separation of spiritual values. Therefore, it seems to be a disaster, mainly for people oriented to purely material values. Parasitical stratum managers, bank clerks, brokers, image-makers, etc., in order to survive in the new environment will have to refocus the scope of their needs and interests, and to change the scale of values and priorities.
In this respect it should be noted that one of the causes of the financial crisis was a crisis in modern science, as demonstrated in the inability of traditional science to explain many physical paradoxes that have long been known to specialists, but for decades withheld from the public. Not accidentally, the vast majority of economic experts, concerned mainly that perfect image and other "gifts" the American way of life, the beginning of the global financial crisis simply "missed". And this is not surprising: the dedicated orthodox science and attempts to consider any part of the whole in isolation from the other parts you can not see "narrow" specialists on the tip of his nose.
That connection, but not the separation of the different branches of science, the expansion of the narrow confines of long ossified dogmas and stereotypes, the transition to a new scientific paradigm to explain, not denying strange phenomena and events that are able to pull out of the state of the modern science of systemic crisis, in which it continues to remain in recent decades.
You can find many historical examples to prove that blind worship of authority and thoughtless belief in dogmas and stereotypes, does not reflect the truth. As noted academician N.Behtereva, stereotypes easily win a place in human thought, but especially? in analogues of thinking in animals. They are designed to address both standard and repetitive tasks. This semi-automatic behavior in animals is characterized by instinct. Meanwhile distinguishes man from the animals in the first place the ability to non-standard solutions, sudden insight and inspiration underlying creativity.
N.Behtereva calls the creative process main treasure of the human brain that performs the task of development and prosperity of the world. It is the development of creative abilities allow to be in a non-stereotypical situation optimal solution, based on a minimum bred in mind factors ordinates. As for the gifted, talented and brilliant individuals, it is to their credit, as they note, is "progress in some areas, and in the community to new levels of life, in turn, creates new and better conditions for the harmonious development of human beings" .
Leaves no doubt about the fact that all the fundamental discoveries in science are also obliged by the manifestation of this process. One of the fundamental discoveries of modern-insight is quantum physics, revealing to us a new look at the structure of reality.
Academician F.Shipunov notes that quantum particles as regards the physical structure and at the same time as a wave and energy. Outside the particle can only their wave component, and familiar to us of the material world does not exist. Thus, it appears that the universe is composed of a certain substance, which can not be called the material. On the basis of this spiritual substance having a wave nature, and all the usual built for us the physical world.
A similar opinion is expressed and MD, American psychiatrist S.Grof, who claims that the Western materialistic science leaves no room for spirituality and regards it as incompatible with the scientific worldview. However, modern consciousness research shows that spirituality is original and the natural dimension of the human psyche and the world order.
It is the non-recognition of the spiritual principle of Western materialistic science has created the global economic crisis, which is essentially a "cure", sent by higher powers for the healing of humanity from a severe illness, to distort our perception of the universe and to direct people to meet the needs of the very tangible. Such a vicious way of life banished from it of the fundamental force that, according to a statement S.Grof, nourishes, strengthens, gives meaning and significance to the human existence: "At the individual level such payment for the loss of spirituality has become a way of life that makes emasculated, alienated , fruitless, futile life itself, which leads to an increase in the number of emotional and psychosomatic disorders. And at the level of the public lack of spiritual values leads to the existence of such strategies that threaten the preservation of life on our planet. "
It is no accident that the greatest losses from the global economic crisis suffered the most affluent segments of the population and economic development. This is — an attempt to save their souls from the absolute power of the cult of the golden calf and turn in the direction of the Supreme Spiritual Principles of the Universe — its Creator.
Long-term studies of progressive scientists allowed them to draw a conclusion about the infidelity of the Newtonian-Cartesian picture of describing the world, equating the universe to the soulless mechanism. The universe was a vast quantum energy field. Moreover, all living beings, including humans, are the bundles of such a quantum of energy, constantly exchanging information with this inexhaustible sea of energy.
Studies have also revealed a wave instantaneously anywhere in the universe. Due to these waves any events imprinted in every point of the universe (the fields), and the Supreme Intelligence is able to instantly and immediately comprehend the world. It is this wave function? Spirit? manages the world of matter, bringing in dead matter life and inspiring her. Similar ideas about the structure of the universe give us the ancient esoteric teachings, described in his works E.Blavatskaya.
All the secret sooner or later become known. Already, many take for granted the knowledge that another 10 — 20 years ago, makes a mockery and skepticism. Already, there was a whole "constellation" of scientists with an "open mind", which are engaged in the synthesis of scientific and esoteric knowledge, which allowed to be born bold hypotheses and discoveries. This is — one of the major trends coming age of Aquarius, and who would not be able to stay on the crest of this new "wave" of human development, risks becoming the "backyard" of the historical process, and in absolute oblivion in the memory of posterity.
Who remembers the names of the persecutors of Nicholas Copernicus, Giordano Bruno, and many other distinguished scholars and great men of the past? Who knows now who ridiculed and discredited scientific views and esoteric truths that were at odds with the established view of the world, but the truth of which was confirmed by subsequent generations of researchers? Many of the newly discovered truths (eg, sphericity of the Earth, the plurality of worlds, the spiral structure of galaxies) were known to ancient civilizations. And many of the knowledge we have yet to reopen.
Only a man with underdeveloped intelligence can claim that he knows everything about everything. Russian scientist G.Bichev explains it this way: "The more comprehensive (surround) the development of man, the more he is confronted with the unknown of the phenomena, and vice versa … the higher the development of man, the more he comes into contact with the unknown … The line of contact with the unknown in underdeveloped people short and almost does not set them any questions and sense of ignorance … "
Can I so skeptical of the ancient esoteric knowledge, if they were already proven to be correct? Is it possible to predict the future without knowing the past? On many of these issues have yet to be answered. In the words of one of the heroes of the movie "X-Files", "The truth — somewhere nearby," you can also add, it still will make its way to the surface, in spite of the obstacles erected by, just as there is no time try to deny views Bruno and Copernicus. And many in the resurgent Russia drops do not miss your chance to a successful combination of historical, geographical, philosophical and other factors that determine the next trend further evolution of mankind and of human knowledge about ourselves, the world and his true role in it, embedded in our Creator.
To do this, we destroy imposed dogmas and stereotypes of the technocratic world, designed to keep us at the "bio-robots" or "zombie", subordinate technical devices and to the forces that benefit from this state of humanity, the "closed" in the same spiral of history.
It is no accident N.Hodakovsky notes on this subject: "The unregulated growth of information, errors in the development of tools to collect, store, transfer information complicate the search for truth, strengthen people misunderstanding each other, leading to a distortion of understanding the essence of the world events … Print, radio, TV, unfortunately, often reflect the reality in a distorted mirror. Artificially formed perverted mind, that can be manipulated. Man is in the illusory, ghostly world of virtual reality. He ceases to be himself, to believe their own feelings. He sees the world through the eyes of other people, hearing other people's ears, echoing. Ghosts it takes for reality, but a reality — a ghost. Man ceases to believe himself, believing others. Lost faith, hope, love. Remains an illusion, which is destroying the world. Of lost our pratsivilizatsiya. And we stand on the brink of disaster information. We need to avoid this. You can not withdraw to the spiral of time. "
Various alternatives were given to the future of humanity in the predictions of the prophets, the visions of clairvoyants studied futurology. Many of these predictions and forecasts have warned us about the dangers of the old technocratic development course and give us a more favorable option when changing the course on the "middle path" to achieve a balance of internal world of man with the world, the balance between the physical and the spiritual essence of the person on the basis of the transcendental knowledge based on a synthesis of science and religion, achieving the capacity to love.
In this respect, the predictions are very characteristic of the medieval Franciscan monk R.Nero that for many of the predicted events expected and the second option is more optimistic. And it is very close to the modern futurology, where, as a rule, use a number of possible future scenarios from the most favorable to unfavorable. And this? a significant step forward compared to the "one-dimensional" pessimistic-one prophecies of Nostradamus.
Basically R.Nero, forecasters said the first of the possibility of changing, or rather, the correction of destiny, not only for the individual but also for entire nations and human civilization as a whole. Among the probable future of the existing fan is always a better alternative, but it is given to people for a reason, but only by the conscious collective effort, teamwork, humanity over itself. This is supported by research conducted by the Institute of Maharishi, who showed that the collective use of transcendental meditation allows for some time to reduce the crime rate in certain regions of the world, and even reduce the intensity of the fighting. I want to mention the more people used both collective meditation, the more impact it has on reality.
It also explains the power of collective prayers. For example, the Bible describes what collective prayers for the prevention of natural disasters, as well as to influence the result of the outcome of battles and battles.
Conscious work on spiritual development, along with the acquisition of knowledge of the surrounding world directly from the universe, energy-fields, not the reality of the various interpreters of applying for a higher truth can consciously choose options for the future for each individual and for humanity as a whole .
H.Argueles, R.Dolya and many others have argued that we have already come to some kind of "tipping point"? turn of the choice of the path of evolution or involution. Incremental changes in the environment are the hallmarks of this era. In this version of the future are in the form of programs and minimized subject correlation, and hence, our future depends on our own choice.
Therefore, Dmitri and Nadezhda Winter warned: "The truth is, we do not know which path our civilization and succeed if the powers that be to find real ways to reconcile, but I want to believe that the warnings of French prophet (Nostradamus — auth.) Will act on the rulers and those who now support the war as a way of resolving conflicts. But the only thing we know for sure, it's a pretty simple fact that all our troubles, evils and terrible turmoil will continue for ever since, until mankind is aware of the importance and value of laws, formulated not only Christ but also Mohammed, Buddha, Moses and other great figures. The world lives love and hold love. Not by force, not by the court, not greed, not political intrigue and war, namely, love. And as the body in which to disturb the harmony between the individual bodies starts to hurt and dying, and a world where there is no love among the people, is doomed to suffering, war, turmoil and disastrous final destruction.
And if humanity is to live on this planet, it is high time to learn to forgive instead of enmity for a place under the sun. The sun is large and space for them should be enough for everyone. And when all these simple and humane truth really will reign on earth, then, and come the promised prophet of a new era. Then, and go away for the cause of wars and strife. Well, if it does not, then humanity will have to leave this planet. "
Perhaps it is a bit of caution gloomy. But these predictions are meaningless. The future of humanity depends on humanity itself, and the faster it can be reconstructed in accordance with the laws of the universe, the faster it will get rid of bringing into this world of suffering and pain. Only then will humanity be able to become a society of free individuals.
According to many researchers, we are now just a point in its development where we can consciously influence the future, we choose the best version of it. Ph.D. H.Argueles, for example, on the basis of interpretation of the Sacred Calendar Mayay connects this "point of choice" in 2012 (calendar ends on December 21). This "point" is the most likely and favorable period for transition to vnetehnologicheskomu path of human development as an integral part of nature, to ensure a smooth start as painless and planetary transition from the biosphere into the noosphere. But the choice should be determined now.
So, Ph.D. V.Pravdintsev emphasizes: "We are witnessing the direct participants in the history of a unique phenomenon: the world will have to choose one of the options for the future.
They — like roads, stretching from the intersection. There are wide and narrow. There are more and less likely. There is almost incredible, but too. And the future fate (when and where we will get what achieve) most often solved at these intersections. These "fork" — mathematicians call their bifurcation points — have a very important property. They are the most insignificant event can be decisive for the choice of our future and will determine how quickly we fall (and fall if at all) to the destination. "The world is experiencing an era of transition … It is no exaggeration to say that our present planetary system approaches the bifurcation point." These words of the greatest scientist of our Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine as not accurately determine the current period.
We are going through a very painful past and vzdrogi bygone era, the eve of a new page of human history. Change of times — extremely tense and crucial moment. Without exaggeration, each of us depends on the fate of humanity. "
That all of us, including those who continue to live by "rolled carpet" world bio-robots, are responsible for their own future and that of our descendants. Therefore, a conscious choice. And when such a choice is not far off. It is no accident RAMS V.Kaznacheev notes that it is the first half of the XXI century must dot the «i», and decide on the possibility of the existence of mankind.
Meanwhile, the evolution of intelligence in the world is well-defined stages: first civilizations were "right-brain", people with well-developed intuition and extrasensory perception. Then came the evolution of the left hemisphere of the brain, resulting in a development of logical intelligence. There has already begun and is gaining momentum the formation of a new civilization to the harmonious development and simultaneously working with both hemispheres of the brain. Synchronous operation of the cerebral hemispheres can get a complete picture of the perception of objective reality as opposed to one-sided picture of previous civilizations.
It was to form the basis of a harmonious civilization every year on Earth is born more "indigo children". If 30 years ago, these children were born 1 in 1000 ordinary, now they are born to 10 times more. And this trend is noted by many scientists. First, these children have extraordinary abilities. Their rate of intellectual development in the average is 130, but a lot is 160 like geniuses. U.S. scientists believe that, since 2000, about 80% of all babies born in the U.S. are children of indigo. A similar situation is evident in other countries. This is the vanguard of a new civilization? sixth race, mentioned esoteric knowledge.
This race will take an intermediate position between the modern technocratic civilization and "radiant humanity" Tsiolkovsky, the corresponding phase of human existence in the energy form of "clean energy." But for such an evolution will require a lot of effort and time. This is the will of the Supreme Mind, directing the evolution of humanity and argue with her? then likened himself to those who, according to the Bible and other sacred writings, "was thrown to the ground Hosts of Light." However, the appearance of people indigo — is the first step toward a "radiant humanity."
In favor of this fact, for example, shows a different reaction the ordinary man and a man of indigo to events in their lives. The common man is irritated and accuses the world of stupidity, for what he is resisting his plans and does not know what he is going across the current fate. The result — he gets a counter-productive. Man indigo can manage event-flow of his life, as understand the laws of reality, and is able to see and feel her tips. They have completely different values of life and at the same time endowed from birth by many psychic: "It's like magic? special magic of Indigo. The potential of this generation are endless. They can literally work miracles: to collect and disperse the clouds, to communicate with animals and plants, and much more … "(Yu.Zemun).
But the gift quickly evident when indigo in groups, which they call a planetary network of light consciousness. And this network is able to pull the consciousness of most people from the captivity of mirages and illusions imposed on mankind in ancient times, the forces of darkness and destruction. Indigo children are the hope of all progressive mankind, because they can stop the needless suffering on the planet and lost no time to give a state of harmony with the universe and its Creator.
People indigo completely swept away from the path of human evolution all the forces that oppose it actively. And time is it? is not far off.
They create the necessary foundation for the future of humanity's transition to the energy level of existence in a phase of "radiant humanity", which is mentioned in his brilliant insights great Russian scientist — Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
Egregore — energetic essence, feeding on secretions mental groups of people, but at the same time and protect these groups.

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