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NGOs massively apply for a government funding

Text:Russia Today

Among those who stand to gain the presidential grant were "Levada Center," Center "Memorial", the movement "For Human Rights" Human Rights Watch "Agora", the Moscow Helsinki Group, Permian Center "The Edge" and the movement of "The Voice."


On the eve of finished accepting applications for the presidential grants from non-profit organizations. The newspaper "Kommersant" found that among the many applicants who are subject to inspections in connection with the adoption of the law on foreign agents. It turns out that NGOs having foreign funding are willing to cooperate with the authorities. And some hope that in this way will reduce the pressure on organizations with foreign funding.

Thus, the organization"For Human Rights"asked for funds to continue the project"Citizens 'Ombudsman', who had twice received funding from the state. By the way, that this organization a few weeks ago, was evicted from the Moscow office due to an expired lease.

The Foundation "The Voice" asked for a sum of 14 million rubles for "increasing confidence in the institution of elections." But in Moscow Helsinki group did not specify for what programs need funding, but stressed that the government grants received repeatedly.

However, according to "Kommersant", several organizations are not simply refused to comment on the information, but even asked "not to focus on that fact."

Between NGOs this year will distribute 2.32 billion rubles, another 630 million from the regional budgets get socially oriented organizations.

It will be recalled that earlier Vladimir Putin ordered to allocate additional funds to finance human rights organizations, and oversee the issue has appointed the former head of the Human Rights Council Ella Pamfilova. The administration of President explained that the special rules for the allocation of grants to foreign agents do not.

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