Raytheon Company has received from the U.S. Air Force contract for full-scale development of improved control units for HCSM speed anti-radar missiles (PRR) HARM, reports ASDNews September 17.

In the control section added GPS satellite receiver and an improved inertial measurement device for precise targeting, also has onboard digital computer, coupled with the detection and tracking system. «These upgrades will allow the missile to hit targets that are covered by a strong system of anti-radiation protection, many currently used methods will be useless against the RDP,» says director applets HARM company Raytheon Missile Systems Ruza Jack (Jack Roosa).

The company began upgrading existing RDP since the beginning of this year. HCSM first delivery scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2013. To fulfill the contract involved the company Honeywell, Rockwell Collins and others.

PRR HARM created for the destruction or inhibition of early warning radars, artillery and air defense system is armed with eight countries in the world. In warfare have been applied more than 400 missiles. Section targeting allows newcomer rocket hit newly discovered targets, has the function of reducing the effectiveness of enemy countermeasures in totality with a reduced risk of impact on friendly targets and minimizing collateral damage.

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