Rescued from disease Yan and Yin

Yin and yang — the concept of ancient Chinese philosophical school of Taoism, and the principle of the dual distribution of power between the active or masculine, and passive or feminine

Back in the I century BC Chinese sages knew that having good health can only be achieved in the body harmony feminine yin and masculine yang.

The theory of yin and yang really appeared in the middle of I millennium BC At first it was part of the magic of Chinese tribal system, and then later evolved into a complex and profound religious and mystical theory. Yin and Yang — the so called concept of ancient Chinese philosophical school of Taoism, and the principle of the dual distribution of power between the active or masculine (yang) and passive or feminine (yin). It was assumed that nature and man are generated by the Earth and Sky.

At the beginning of Genesis clear air — air, separated from the Void Chaos transforms and generates sky, heavy and muddy air, precipitated to form the Earth. Connection, the clutch of tiny particles of Heaven and Earth by using Yang and Yin, interacting and vzaimopreodolevayuschih each other's strength, and started good and evil, cold and heat, darkness and light. The interaction of yin and yang generate five main elements that can transform into each other: wood, earth, water, fire and metal. Internal organs and their combination (complexes) are divided into Yin and Yang — "subsystems". Yen-bodies are exposed to the states of consciousness and unconscious mental impulses, body health due Yin organs. Fear, anxiety, excitement (and other Yen-effects) can have a destructive effect on the Yin organs.


Five days a week, and even more, we work and play indoors. The street is rare, maybe an hour a day. The temperature in the room where we work, entertain, sleep, the whole year is the same — 20-24 °. We always wear clothes, so the temperature at the surface of the skin does not fall below 23-25 °. Did you have an idea for which the edges, the temperature is normal? It has an average annual temperature. But we and our ancestors were born entirely in other, more cold, harsh lands. And we live in an environment that our bodies are not genetically adapted.

The ancient Chinese, who did not know all this scientific terminology, would say: "All around us too much" warm "yanskoy energy. To keep the balance between yin and yanskoy energies, the body produces excessive amounts of female energy. Such an imbalance forced to anything good does not. Excess internal yin energy causes a whole bunch of diseases: colds, cardiovascular diseases, bleeding, diabetes, diarrhea and constipation, tumors, including malignant.

That health was a strong need to quite dramatically change their lifestyle. In the outside world must prevail cold yin energy. Then, to balance its excess, the body will be forced to produce as much energy yanskoy saturating the human life force. This is the basic rule of Chinese Medicine — the main law of health. And it implies other, more specific recommendations. They, of course, need to modify to adapt to modern urban life, not the life of the ancient Chinese.

Cold air contains more oxygen than a year old, and the person has the feeling that he was drinking a drink vigor

To be healthy, you must follow a few rules.

1. Morning to start to wash only with cold, and even better to take a cool shower. It was cool, not cold, for the yin-yanskaya theory teaches that extremes are harmful because they spent a lot of energy. According to the ancient Chinese, every morning as if we are born again, so we have a lot of youthful energy. Cold water saturate her entire body.

2. In the evening, it is recommended to take a warm bath, as the sunset we "age", and the body must warm up outside yanskoy energy. So consider and act not only Chinese, but also Japanese — one of the most enduring of nations of the world.

3. Houses do not need to wear heavy or warm clothing. Do not worry your feet in warm socks, go barefoot. Start with slippers on his bare feet.

4. Even in cold weather to sleep with an open window or pane without clothes, covered with a thin blanket. No need to overdo it right away, try to find the optimal temperature gradually.

5. In winter, it is not recommended to stay at home in the warmth, you need to walk as much as possible. Cold air contains more oxygen than a year old, and the person has the feeling that he was drinking a drink spirits. Furthermore, inhalation of dry frosty air reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and contributes to a more vigorous combustion in the lungs.

6. Particular attention should be paid to your diet. Foods that we eat, the effect of its energy is also divided into yin (feminine, cold) and yanskie (male, warm). Some of the cool products yin include rye, oats, wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, flounder, carp, lamb, beef, chicken, sour cream, milk, butter, margarine, vegetable oil, melon, oranges, nuts, honey .

Yang food, by contrast, warms the body. However, its excess is also not very useful, because it creates unnecessary tension in the body, causing a quick temper and even aggression. Movement and these statements are fast, feverish. Yen-products: rice, buckwheat, onions, carrots, radishes, garlic, parsley, herring, sardines, eggs, eggs, duck, turkey, goat's milk, apples, strawberries, cherries.

We must bear in mind that the use of animal food, that is the yin-products causing shortness of breath. And between him and mental activities are closely interrelated. The more frequent and shallow breathing, the more people worried, irritable, his deteriorating memory and ability to concentrate. Therefore, with significant mental stress the body needs less food yin than physical.
Meat protein is transferred to the person on the status of animal prior to slaughter (such negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, fear, hopelessness and despair), and it clogs our body, making it unstable to viral penetration. Eat sprouted grains, fruits, vegetables, preferably raw, drink juices and often relax.

7. Last rule: less drastic changes nothing happens. This applies to both the public and our body. Do not force the transition from the old ways to the new. Get used to everything gradually, while the yin and yang give you good health and long.

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