Reserve to keep deer can appear in Krasnoyarsk

Reserve "Jura" may appear in Balakhta Krasnoyarsk region in order to preserve rare and endangered species of animals and plants in 2013, according to the materials of the regional government.

The territory is a unique complex of forest-steppe, where the migration path Uzhur-Chulym-Novoselovsk subpopulation of Siberian roe deer.

"The need to protect deer migration routes justified territory decisive role not only in maintaining the resource potential Uzhur-Chulym-Novoselovsk groups, but also to conserve deer in general," — said in a statement.

A draft resolution on the establishment of the reserve, "Jura" will be considered in December at a meeting of the regional government.

Reserve to be established in the central part of Balakhta area south of the Jura, the area of 27.5 hectares.

In the reserve live 14 species and six plant species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, nine animals in need of special attention to their status in the Krasnoyarsk region, 17 species of relict and endemic plant species (buzulnik dove, Oxytropis campanulate, valerian east of the Yenisei, Veronica Krylova mnogostebelny peas, etc.).

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