Review (lots of movies) Watch online

Review (lots of movies) Watch online
Weekly programm "Review" will tell about all the events that take place in the ranks of the valiant Russian army. At each transfer will highlight the teachings, which carried out by our military and you can watch their progress, peacekeeping missions assigned to the military, tasks in the aftermath of natural disasters, counterterrorism operations carried out by our fighters.

You will learn how the preparation of military staff in each of the divisions of troops. What new facilities are in service of our army. You will have full life cycle development various types of weapons and defense. Will be affected the most pressing and topical issues: financing the army, providing employees and their families apartments.

The heroes of this transfer are widespread: from the ordinary rank and file soldier to generals and veterans events in hot spots. The program is hosted Sergei Kuznetsov, which not by hearsay know about participation in military maneuvers in the campaigns on warships, because he has a lot of experience at the service of the frontier.

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