Riddle of Angkor — Vata

November 7, 2012 10:25

Scientists have solved one of the mysteries of the legendary Cambodian Angkor Wat. Japanese scientists figured out how it was built huge temples, which are built of large stones.

Riddle of Angkor - Vata

During the construction of Angkor Wat ancient Khmers have managed to use about ten million stone blocks, with the weight of some of them comes to a half tons. Scientists have found a quarry that was used for the extraction of building material, but until then, it was not clear exactly how it brought to the construction site.

According to the Japanese specialist Etsuo Uchida was previously assumed that the stone blocks were delivered to a nearby lake, and from there via transported to Angkor Wat. To test this hypothesis Uchida with a team of other experts have studied the pictures of this area, which were made by the satellite. They have found traces of a large number of ancient canals that lead from quarries right to the temple complex.

Uchida estimated that this road was more than two times shorter than the route through the lake. Also, the scientist said that the construction of Angkor Wat took only a few decades, which is a great achievement for the builders of the time. According to the specialist, his discovery explains how they managed to do it.

The temple complex of Angkor Wat, built in the XII century, Angkor, the capital of the ancient state of Khmer empire that stretched across the South-East Asia. Maximum development of Angkor fell to the reign of King Jayavarman VII, and after his death the empire began to decline. People left Angkor in XV century, and again it was opened only in 1861. At the moment, together with its Angkor temple complex is considered one of the main tourist attractions of modern Cambodia.

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