Rubles will be expensive to send

Send Belarusian rubles abroad will cost a third of the amount.

From now on, April 20, the tariff for sending international remittances (postal, electronic), adopted in Belarusian rubles, 35 per cent of the amount transferred. The fee for the shipment of money received in the currency of 8 percent. Fee for service charges Belarusian rubles.

According Belposhta, today Belarus has a partnership agreement for the exchange of money transfers from 22 countries. With ten of them Belposhta customers can exchange electronic transfers (that Armenia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Estonia).

Amount of money order paid in rubles, though for most of the limited 500 euros (Poland, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan), some may be sent to 1000 dollars equivalent (Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Tajikistan). Electronic transfer in Vietnam can pay rubles to the equivalent of 1,000 euros, an electronic transfer in Russian — to the amount of 90,000 Russian rubles in equivalent.

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