Runes and Drop Cap — total. Obrazar

Runes — Secret images, provided a wealth of information of ancient knowledge. This is the key to the deep essence of the phenomenon. Runes and represent letters and numbers, objects and even effects (common or very important). Runes record under a common feature, which is called heaven.

Letter — More than a simple form of writing, but also draws on a system of figurative perception. In the initial letter is not the grammar, it does not teach the phonetic (sound) reading of letters and words, and the understanding of the true, original meaning of words, their way. Letter teaches creative thinking.


Obrazar — this is no ordinary book, although its name sounds like a primer. Obrazar teaches not sound reading of letters and words, and learn to understand images. Education — is obrazotvorenie (image).

"ABC", "dictionary" — comes from the letter of the word. Apb — in ancient means — protection, guard, guardian, custodian, repository. ObrazAr

1. You no one is going to teach. Teach yourself (to learn) you should himself.

2. You know everything from his birth, you only need to remember.

3. All Knowledge (Wisdom) are hidden in your ancestral memory. This wisdom has the experience and skill of your ancestors, embodied in you. To remember — Take heed to the meaning of written, try to see beyond the outer writing are the words, his way. This skill is the "key" to your ancestral memory.

4. Opening the Memory, you comprehend the ancient wisdom of those who came before you — your relatives, your ancestors.

Soul descendants Births Aces multidimensional and encompasses all Tvarenie. We do not need egregors and meditation — carry-on knowledge. It's not ours. When the Soul "sleeping" under the influence of external factors (many zombie programs), it is necessary to return to Reveal the legacy that our ancestors have left us and the gods. Tales of the commandments, hymns, rituals, gods and ancestors services, etc. And it does not take a mechanistic, a studied, as well as to the heart and soul moved. Then the soul wakes up, restoring creative thinking and attitude. Everything is in our blood, Koya is the carrier of memory. Changing initials.

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