Russia has hit the 60-degree frosts

In the coming days in Yakutia could get even colder, wrote, "Today."
Forecasters recorded the 60-degree frosts in the north and east of Yakutia in the Far East of Russia.

On the "cold pole" — Oymyakon — the air temperature on Friday reached the mark of 58.6 degrees Celsius. Approximately the same temperature was recorded in the east of the country. Such temperatures below normal 10-12 degrees.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the coming days in Yakutia could get even colder.

Meanwhile, in the European part of Russia are expected snowfall, but the temperature is only 9.4 degrees.

At the weekend, especially in Moscow, warms even more — up to 3 degrees. However, the long-zero temperature will not last. On New Year's weather forecasters promise Russians light frost and a little snow. And the beginning of January will bring with it a new cyclone formed over the Balkan Peninsula. Moscow will again heavy snow, possible storm.

In Ukraine, as reported earlier, on New Year's Hydrometeorological Center predicted slight frost and snow. But mostly the winter will be warm with a sharp short-lived coolings

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