Russia has offered to South Korea PAK FA fighter

The company «Rosoboronexport» South Korea has offered promising fighter T-50 (PAK FA), which may be purchased under the revised tender FX-III for the supply of 60 combat aircraft. As reported by Jane’s, citing a source close to the Korean tender commission, the proposal was made informally. Official information about the Russian proposal has not been confirmed.
According to the source agency «Rosoboronexport» wants to use the opportunity to put South Korea’s new fighter in the light of tightening requirements for combat aircraft without revising bankruptcy budget. Earlier, it became clear that the Air Force command in South Korea tightened the requirements for stealth fighters, which are participating in the tender FX-III. New conditions until the best matches the F-35 Lightning II.
Initially participated in the F-35 fighter, F-15 Silent Eagle and Typhoon. South American fighter F-35 was excluded from the tender due to its highest price and «floating» design deadlines, and the European Typhoon — mismatch to the requirements of invisibility. In the end has the same South American F-15SE, and the military decided to abandon him, citing his poor performance stealth.
Currently, the Korean Ministry of Defense military offer several options for purchasing aircraft. In the first means to buy 60 fighter jets F-35 Lightning direct contract. Second proposal also involves the purchase of a mixed combat aircraft: 40 units of F-35 combat aircraft and 20 F-15SE or Typhoon. It is possible that «Rosoboronexport» expects to sell the T-50 in the second proposed option.
South Korea has announced a tender for the supply of 60 fighters in late 2011. For the purchase of aircraft defense ministry had spent less than planned 8.3 trillion won (7.5 billion dollars). Formal role in the perceived fighter F-35, F-15SE and Typhoon. It was also reported that the application for a role in the filed and «Rosoboronexport», proposing military fighter T-50. Later, Korea announced that Our homeland T-50 took off from competition.
Korea in the summer of 2013 a couple of times extended the tender, since none of the companies could not offer price of aircraft, befitting the requirements of the competition. Despite the fact that the Korean military has not yet led to a selection of the new fighter, the Ministry of Defense of South Korea wants to buy combat aircraft in the shortest time to complete the update utility aircraft fleet.
Procurement under FX applets run for substitution 150 obsolete fighter F-4 Phantom II and F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger II. During the first step, FX-I U.S. had bought 30 F-15K fighter jets and even the same number of aircraft on the second step of the FX-II.

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