Russia’s proposals on Internet Governance stopped

Russia's proposals on Internet Governance stopped 
3 December 20012, the conference started in Dubai of the International Telecommunication Union ITU (International Telecommunication Union), in which almost 200 representatives are participating States for revising the Agreement on the regulation of international communications, which has not been updated since the beginning of the web.

Suggests that our homeland will announce at the conference its proposal to amend regulation of the Web. Essence of the Russian initiative — to transfer the management of the Network of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to the ITU, with the result that the governments themselves would receive the right to distribute, assign and withdraw IPs and domain names, to regulate access to the web-sites and determine their membership .

But on disk imaging «Gazety.Ru» Russian proposals will carry the most common character, because due to the leakage of information from the highest echelons of Russian power in some «major Internet company.»

«The members of the delegation, namely representatives of the Ministry of Communications is likely to offer to take basic treaties that regulate the territorial affiliation websites, general legal issues. But almost certain proposals will be made public: it is clear that the reaction will be negative, because the United States has opposed «- told» «a source close to the management of the Ministry.

Release Gazety.Ru reason configuration position that Russian initiative shortly before the conference became public and caused a scandal. Reservations published in November rationale of the proposals that support our homeland, China, Tajikistan, Nigeria, Syria and other countries that want to offer and discuss at a conference in Dubai.
Interlocutor «Gazety.Ru» said the leak disk imaging essence Russian proposals came from the highest echelons of Russian power in the «major Internet company», which included their own lobbying capacity for preventive measures. The company itself is not the source of the name, but in the public space of the most angry adversary acts regulating the Web Google. The web site was announced Google collecting signatures for the free web. «Some governments are willing to censor and control of the global network — said on the website of Google. — Such decisions may be taken at a closed international meeting in December this year. The future of the web is dependent on us. «
In addition, the U.S. State Department issued a statement that in the regulation of the global network they are in favor of preserving the existing order of things, and on November 22 the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the Russian amendments.

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