Russia: scientists intend to penetrate the secrets of the Antarctic Lake Vostok




Russian scientists believe are going to penetrate the secrets of the Antarctic Lake Vostok, and find in it the oldest forms of life on earth. This was explained by the geographer and glaciologist, Academician Vladimir Kotlyakov. East Lake is 4 km beneath the ice, with an area of 14,000 km2, and the depth — 800 m lake was discovered in 1996 by Russian and British explorers. Fresh lake water, but the oxygen content in it is about 50 times higher than usual fresh water. It is possible that Lake Vostok may be similar to the under-ice ponds on Jupiter's moon Europa.

Penetrate into the lake which is in complete isolation from the outside world by a thick layer of ice, is planned by the new unique equipment. It was developed by the St. Petersburg Mountain Academy for this purpose and does not harm the environment.

Lake Vostok is located beneath the ice during the 500-1000 million years, and it has all the factors necessary for life. According to the academician kotlyakova, a few years ago, the Russian geographical group drilled a well in the Lake District. "It was the first chink in the world, covering almost the entire thickness of the ice sheet, it reached a depth of 3623 meters", — said the scientist. In this experiment, also attended by experts from the United States and France.

At a depth of 3623 m scientists had to stop drilling because of the roof to the bottom of the glacier was only 120 meters away and there is a danger contaminate the lake.

Battery News, 21.02.2005 13:08

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