Russia: the wind slows down the rotation of the Earth




Between the rotation of the Earth and atmospheric processes there is a relationship. It was possible to establish and describe quantitatively the employee of the Russian Hydrometeorological Nicholas Siderenkova.

The scientist drew attention to seasonal changes in the length of Earth's day. That fact that the Earth in January and February rotates more slowly due to the work of the Russian researcher intensive transport of air masses in the northern hemisphere, from west to east, doubling the angular momentum of the atmosphere. At the same time — because of the conservation of the total angular momentum — the planet's rotation is slowing down.

In their studies, Nikolai Sidorenko notes and more "subtle" effects associated with the transfer of momentum of the atmosphere at the Earth "friction" of wind on the surface and the pressure of air masses of the mountain ranges.

On the uneven rotation of the Earth knew already in the 19th century, although the first assumption was made even by Immanuel Kant in 1755.

His conjecture — the influence of the tides on the rate of rotation — has been confirmed by studies of modern geophysics. Radio telescopes can capture "the fluctuations of day" in the range from micro-to milliseconds.

Since 1972, a special committee monitors the changes in the duration of the day. As they accumulate, the Commission indicates to change the clock on the "extra" seconds.

Battery News, 28.02.2005 11:07
Source: Lenta.Ru

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