Russian history as written

The film is about how to write Russian history. Each country has a so-called official history. There is also Russia. The generally accepted version of Russian history began writing in the early XVII century after the accession of the first Romanovs. And in the XVIII century, this work has been put on a scientific basis. Description of the past in Russia were engaged and Russian historians, and foreign. Each of them was his attitude towards Russia and its history. Each gave his assessment of the Russian state and its rulers. Therefore, reading and comparing the works of different authors, you realize that this is not true past of Russia, and a different historical versions. And as a result our knowledge and understanding of Russian history depends on which authors we read. Or rather, what we are forced to read authors from childhood. The film tells about the people who wrote the official version of Russian history, and those who implement it in the consciousness of the Russian people.

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