Russian military learn to control the battle online

Russian military learn to control the battle online

In the order of the Defence Ministry before the end of 2013 will go first it a system that allows commanders, staffs and units remotely control the battle in real time. On Friday, February 15, the newspaper «Izvestia», citing a source in the Defense Ministry.

For disk imaging companion newspaper first Brigadier complex computer system cost 4.5 billion rubles will go into service training center for professionals ACS (automatic control systems). Centre was launched in November 2012 on the basis of the 1st Brigade of the Western Military Area Management (WEST) in the suburban village Kalininets.

According to a senior representative of the Ministry of Defense, which was quoted, then the new computer systems will go to all 11 branches of the Military Training and Research Center (VUNTS) Land Forces (NE). Cost of the project may be about 10 billion rubles.

Since 2015 computer complexes will be equipped with all-arms brigades NE. «Training Center in Moscow will be the training ground of modern methods of ground combat. After a couple of months, our committee are coming retests customer. I think everything will be fine and ACS will not fail in all weather and temperature conditions, «- told» Izvestia «representative group» Constellation «, it developed the control system.

According to «Izvestia», ACS is a brand new complex of the host computer «Baguette» (Russian production with imported chips), as tablet computers connected together by radio VHF and UHF bands. Placement and movement of troops and equipment shown on the electric map that behold the all attached devices.

Earlier it was reported that the complexes from ASU «Constellations» tested in autumn 2012 on the teaching of «Kavkaz-2012». But the military system remained dissatisfied: ASU could not integrate the subsystem of the Airborne Forces and Air Defense, constantly monitors were failing, operators have to enter the data manually, and the staffs and commanders — to call up on the phone.

Critics of the computer command and control system is also indicated that the Ministry of Defense needs a single control system, designed for various branches of the armed forces and of the armed forces. According to the views of professional self-contained Dmitry Kandaurova, which refers to the newspaper, you need to deploy ACS in combat units, and not training centers.

As candidates for ACS «Constellations», according to «Izvestia» was considered the control system «Zarya-25» developed by the Central Research Institute of Economics and Management Systems. But «Dawn» is at an early stage of readiness and will go on trial only in 2015.

In general, according to a «constellation» in the process of learning «Kavkaz-2012» most of the error was caused by the military, not a computer. The idea of ​​introducing the newest ASU, according to the newspaper, supported curator defense complex Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. In addition, the Russian ASU interested in India.

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