Russian Pacific Fleet now

Russian Pacific Fleet today

Our home, which occupies a huge area in Eurasia, can not but have an impact on politics and the economy of the continent. Although the Russian border washed by 3 oceans, sea power to call it impossible.

Maritime nation can be called a country that has a strong navy and merchant fleets, and is in control of the sea routes.

To restore the effect of in the Pacific region needs to develop Russian Far East, to build new ports to upgrade the existing coastal infrastructure and strengthen fleet.

The strategic importance of the Far East region can not be overemphasized. On its territory there are more than 2 billion people on the coast and numerous islands placed more than 30 countries, which differ in the level of social and economic development. The most influential of them are the U.S., Canada, Japan, China and Australia. Americans, understanding the value of saving in the region of its own exposure, constantly reinforce its presence in the region, support the anger of the military-political blocs of states located in the area.

In the Pacific South American facilities are located strategic focus where probable impact on Fri though what Asia.

The main striking force of Washington in the Far East is the 7th (area of responsibility — Far East, Primorye) and third (area of responsibility — Kamchatka) fleets of the U.S. Navy. Britain, France and Japan also contain the Pacific military groupings with a beautiful modern equipment, including offensive weapons, and general-purpose tool. Constantly improving the base of naval forces, ports and basing points, as their radio navigation software.

In the area of special U.S. strategic interests in the Pacific comes to our homeland and China.

And at this point the United States will make every effort to keep control of the situation in the region, owning large real resources.

At the time Russian Pacific Fleet Russian Union adequately confront the U.S. fleet in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Unfortunately, in the 90 years of the Far East were not given the right attention, which led to the rupture of economic relations with the western region, also violation of the life support remote areas of the country. This is reflected in the assembly and maintenance of military facilities.

Now government plans to strengthen Pacific fleet country. To receive the latest fleet of nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", purchased in France "Mistral", with the North Sea to the Pacific base will be transferred missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov", "Marshal Ustinov". At the moment, cruisers are to be repaired, as a result of which will be upgraded all of their major components.

It is planned that the "Mistral" will be based in Fokino, located at a distance of 130 kilometers from Vladivostok.

While the power of the Russian Pacific Fleet exists only on paper, 22 submarines and 49 ships. In reality most of the surface ships under repair or formally charged. Since 1991, the Navy received no 1st large ship. In combat readiness is less than 20 surface ships.

State of the fleet's ships do not allow military tasks, because they are used as guards for protection against pirates (September raid in the Gulf of Aden anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleev"). At the current time, due to the lack of necessary weapons, Pacific fleet can only be protected waters.

Purchased for fabulous means "Mistral" fail to strengthen the capacity of the Pacific Fleet, as the ships are not set up to protect the borders. Maybe they will become "a horror story" for the Japanese.

Missile cruiser "Varyag", located on the arms, was built in 1989 and is likely to have worn out equipment and components.

Fleet management can not part with yet another obsolete warship — "Admiral Lazarev".

Though what military professionals understand that in order to combat missions at the eastern boundary of the Navy needs new destroyers, submarines.

Of the 22 submarines of the Pacific Fleet 6 are to be repaired.

For example, submarines "Omsk" and "Chelyabinsk" (similar to the submarine "Kursk"), all of which are proudly referred to as "aircraft carrier killer" require not only repair, and modernization in accordance with the current requirements for combat submarines.

Seafarers are looking forward to the new submarine class "Northwind": the crews of submarines for the "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh" is already formed.
The only submarine received not so long ago Pacific fleet of leased fleet to India.

For comparison: the open source known battle part of the 7th Fleet of the U.S. Navy: 440 aircraft (260 of them decked), 71 new ship3 aircraft carriers, 5 cruisers, 30 destroyers, 11 submarines, landing ship, 5 amphibious transports, 15 logistics ships.

In the third part of the fleet of the U.S. Navy in the area of responsibility which comes to the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, including 7 cruisers, two aircraft carriers, 13 destroyers, seven frigates, five nuclear submarines, 12 amphibious ships.

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