Safari on Gaddafi over. Whos next?

Folds over Europe, as, indeed, the whole West, pulled on an African safari to Gaddafi. Scary monster caught and destroyed! Trophies than ever before. More abruptly than the previous — by Saddam Iraqi oil, a huge area, and it all under control.

Greek cancerous tumor that grew in the newly formed glabalizatsionnom climate on the traditional European market capitalism would be the inevitable appearance of metastases in other EU countries. No one is immune. The whole system is modified, so apart. Recent attempts to slow down the process — the seizure of foreign energy under any pretexts, or death.

Savage lawlessness of western civilization will steadily increase. Effete and corrupt the comfort of a multi-year, the West simply can not "tighten belts" and would rather rob a neighbor. Slaves of mammon categorically unable to take the thought of reducing their standard of living. Especially in the world "as much evil, which must be corrected." And Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt — this is not the neighbors, it is almost an absolute evil, specific enemies that threaten the entire "civilized world", a stronghold which they are.

Therefore, like 1000 years ago, hiding under the banner of the Cross, they carried out a banal robbery East, plundering especially their "brothers in Christ" Byzantium, and now, all of the zombie "absolute value of Western democracy", the protection of human rights and freedoms, modern mamononostsy have no choice but to plunder weaker. However, soon they will be replaced by the banners of fig leaves, and then completely disappear as unnecessary in the next global colonialism.

Open in a paroxysm of waiting for the next meal, opening Mammon, is looking forward to his slaves mamononostsev another sacrifice.

Vasily Ustinov

Rock ballad "Fight, Muammar, to the very end …" Max Levine


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