Saudi Arabia Get RADARS «Longbow» for its «Apache»

Saudi Arabia Get RADARS
A joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman Corporation received a contract price of 90.6 million U.S. dollars to supply radar gun control Longbow FSR (Fire Control Radar) for attack helicopters AH-64 Apache Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia, reports ASDNews June 13.
Contract contains a radar, parts and logistical support helicopters of this type Air Command ground forces and the State Guard of Saudi Arabia, also equipment for assembly mast radar for the U.S. Army.
«Saudi Arabia has become one of the biggest foreign buyers of systems Longbow. New radar designed for AN-64E provides the highest efficiency while reducing weight and maintenance costs, «says president and director applets Longbow missile compartment and fire control systems of Lockheed Martin, Mike Taylor (Mike Taylor).
«Team Longbow FSR value our ability to provide the Saudi» Apaches «equipment, which will help to increase security in the region,» said director of tactical detectors Northrop Grumman’s Mike Galetti (Mike Galletti).
The radar system Longbow FSR 1998 installed on helicopters «Apache», providing all-weather use of these combat vehicles.

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