Save the children of the Earth




Among experts there is a UFO hypothesis that the main purpose of aliens has long been watching us, is the creation of a new human race.

The aliens manipulated our genes, trying to bring a new breed of earthlings, spiritually and intellectually superior to the existing ones, the researchers said.

People who are abducted by aliens, talk about the experiments that are performed on them: taking blood, tissue samples and semen measured physiological parameters of the body. As a result of such experiences, serious ufologists believe, even now there are many children with a modified genetics. They are called "indigo children" when viewed at a certain angle with a certain light, you can see a bluish tint of their skin.

Famous American UFO researcher Craig Lang, for many years engaged in this issue, noted an interesting fact: the kidnapped people are born unusually gifted children, the ratio of mental faculties which reaches the level of genius. Their intellectual development is so fast that they often affect adults profound philosophical observations, not peculiar to their age.

For many years, researchers have wondered why the aliens abduct people and then put them on the experiments as if they were trying to change something in their nature? Leading experts in the field Craig Lang, Roger Leir, Sean Kestil agree that militancy concerned earthlings, aliens are trying to gradually change our genes and turn the inhabitants of the earth in a more intelligent, spiritual and loving creatures. This, they decided the only way to save the world from imminent nuclear disaster and ultimately protect our galaxy. More smart kids — the last hope of the planet Earth.

21 Secret Power 2004

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