Scientists argue over whos smarter — cats and dogs

Many animal lovers believe that cats — cats smarter than dogs. In favor of this view says, for example, is that the dog in the cerebral cortex neurons is half than that of a cat.

The dog may well have a drink from the toilet, she obediently follows his master everywhere, and even to relieve themselves she needs someone who will bring out. Cats are also completely self-sufficient, if they examine all around the regal look like around — their empire. It would seem that all is clear.

However, cats can make the room: recent studies have revealed the hidden genius of dogs. Wall Street Journal quotes a passage from the book "Dog Genius" ("The Genius of Dogs") researchers Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods. Like other animals that understand voice commands (dolphins, parrots, pygmy chimpanzees), dogs may respond to hundreds of commands, which they associate with different objects.

Distinguish dogs from all other animals the way they memorize the words. If you show a small child red and green cubes, and then ask the cube chrome color rather than red, the child is likely to give the green. Child concludes that chromium may mean a shade of green, because you ask cube another color than red.

In 2004, researcher Juliana Kaminski of the University of Portsmouth (UK) conducted a similar experiment with a dog named Rico, who were known names of hundreds of things. Dog show facility it had never before seen, along with seven other things, the name of which she knows. Then the researchers asked the dog to bring the toy, which they called by some unknown word, for example the name of Siegfried.

The dog did not know this word, but soon realized that it was a new toy. The same researchers have experience with other dogs, and found that of all the animals, only dogs possess this ability of humans. Some pet owners believe that the memory of cats better than dogs because cats can, for example, to hold a grudge against the owners and show their displeasure if they did not like something once.

This is not entirely true. Several years ago, researchers from the University of Moncton (Canada) had this experience: in front of the dog and cat treats, they hid in one of four boxes. Cats have about a minute to forget where they saw the food, the dog is remembered even after four minutes. However, in matters relating to memory in relation to the ability to navigate, it's different.

In 2010, researchers from the University of Western Ontario, published the results of the corresponding experiment, in which the dogs had to find food in a maze.

The same experiment was carried out previously in rats, dogs and last exceeded in every way. Even close relatives of dogs, wolves, better than their counterparts to think, how to get food because of the fence. However, Hungarian scientists pointed to an important point: if the dog is seen as a man does so, she grasped everything on the fly, and immediately she coped with a similar problem. That's the secret of genius dog — working with the man.

This skill is demonstrated, for instance, the ability to read the dog's our gestures. Surely each boss helping his dog to find the ball, just pointing out the direction in which he drove off. None of the animals (even our closest relatives — chimpanzees) are no longer able to so accurately interpret our gestures.

Not all these facts that the dog's smarter than cats? In a way, yes — but only if we build all the animals on the scale at the bottom of which is sea sponge, and above — people. However, this is not quite correct, because the different types of living things were created by nature to be the best in all sorts of things.

It is possible that the cat's mind is reflected in the fact that they do not play with people in silly games and give no reason to doubt their intelligence.

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