Scientists will conduct a census of leopards in Primorye in the week

At the end of the week, scientists will assess the number of leopard for the first time since 2007, according to RIA Novosti director of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Yuri Darman on Wednesday.

"Accounting leopard starts the day after tomorrow. Throughout the" Land of Leopard "is now 40-45 individuals. Accounting leopards will be held over three days. During the three days we have to go more than a thousand kilometers of trails and put fresh tracks of leopards and tigers in the tablets. Then this information will be entered into a database, compared to each other, calculated. Such consideration was last held in 2007. Five years have passed, we are holding a new account, "- said Darman.

According to the source, method of estimating the number of leopard already tested: three days about a hundred people from the protection of wildlife, WWF Russia and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences will be routes to 10-15 kilometers each, marking and measuring the tracks of tigers and leopards.

"Be sure to measure the size of the heel and the direction of the track — where it leads. Also collected feces, which are then sent for genetic analysis. Then compared it all the time, distance, size heels. These maps and compared with each other in the end, when all this is applied, it becomes clear that there is, for example, is likely to go the same leopard, and here — different, "- said the expert.

However, the processing of data and their verification through bodies RPN take another month or six weeks. So, know how leopards inhabit now in the Far East, it will be possible only at the end of March — beginning of April, said ecologist.

In early January, scientists have made a preliminary census of leopards at monitoring sites of the National Park "Land of Leopard", which showed that in the National Park are about 50 species. At the same time, the data of this estimate may differ from the actual numbers, the more that this account was held as a "school" for environmentalists from China, who are able to use this experience to estimate the population at home.

So scientists are already planning with Chinese colleagues conduct a census of Amur leopards living on the border with Russia in China. According to a WWF, in 2012 in the area inhabited by various estimates from five to eight rare predators.

National Park "Land of Leopard" was established in Primorye in 2012 to save the Far Eastern leopard and Siberian tiger. It includes a nature reserve "Cedar Pad" and reserve "Leopard", and a total area of 360,000 hectares.

Amur leopard — the most northern subspecies of the leopard. It is different with thick long fur and is one of the most beautiful and rare cats of the world fauna. The Amur leopard is listed in national and international Red Books. The situation with the leopard can be considered catastrophic — in the last 20 years the area of leopard in Russia almost halved, while the number was reduced to ten times and is only about 40-45 individuals. In China, according to recent surveys lives no more than 10 animals in Korea, reliable data on the presence of a leopard not.

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