Secret knowledge of Udmurt

Secret knowledge of UdmurtReligion preached by Udmurtians syzveka — idolatry. And even at the moment about 20% of the Udmurt (the main village) — Gentiles, about the same number of Orthodox, others dualism.

Udmurtskie pagans worshiped the god of good INMAR and its antipode, the king of all evil spirits Ludu. Lud — it's not a demon in the Christian consciousness of it — just the lord of evil, the failure to send to people for their misdeeds. Inmar and Lud — not enemies — they are a mirror image of the one force that balances the case in the Udmurt world. Heaven and Hell does not exist, and the soul and the body are inseparable. Dying man goes "live" in the kingdom of the dead. Alive they do not worship or pray, but only cajole their sacrifices, that is not "dragged" into its own afterlife. The dead are worshiped the same gods that are alive, a subsistence economy, getting married.
Intermediaries if so to speak, between the people and the gods, the living and the dead were tuno — shamans, prophets, doctors. They — the living embodiment of the natural elements and the supreme truth. Tuno not good and not evil, he just knows and sees. You can not become tuno, they need to be born.

But there were other owners of those hidden knowledge. Some of them — healers, they can cure, remove the spell. Them, and at this point in Udmurtia many hitherto newborns are to start talking to Grandma hernia, "bristle". Others — are sorcerers, media magiichernoy dark magic. Practitioner of black magic can induce damage, enchant, to bring a man to death. Warlocks do not appear, and especially learning. Can only teach an old sorcerers, sentient swift destruction. They can not die until you give someone their "art." However, the receiver can not be anyone practitioner of black magic he chooses such a person. If student failed at the end of a reason to learn sorcery, he goes Tipo brain (because Udmurtians occasionally associated with poor attempts insanity learning sorcery.)

Warlock can find out with the help of simple actions connected, according to popular notions, with the other world (the reverse side, left side, back side, west), or objects that can protect (knife, salt, bread).Man warlock if he does not eat the bread, mixed into the sun, or a piece of bread will turn it back to the party if he can not enter into the house, when the tip of a knife turned away from the door or above the door jamb will stick a knife or needle.

Bewitch a man, according to legends, could through scraps, scraps of hair, saliva, part of some clothes and blood. Because there were numerous taboos: Do not leave half-eaten pieces of food, not to scatter fallen or cut hair, nails, do not leave any traces of blood. On the grave of a warlock has always created a hole (as determined by the burial practitioner of black magic). And so that he could conjure, and after the death, the grave sprinkled with poppy seeds or hammered into her wooden stake.

Secret knowledge of Udmurt

In Udmurtia, and at the moment they believe in warlocks. It is estimated that each village has its own Udmurt practitioner of black magic or even one. Interestingly, in the multinational Udmurtia every nation considers the most powerful warlocks representatives of other civilizations. Because Russia's turn to the Udmurt wizards and sorcerers, Udmurt to the Tatars or the Mari and vice versa.

We can believe or not to believe in black magic and magicians, but we can not accept that this is part of the history of mankind, a part of the religion that accompanied the man in many centuries and continues to live not only far away from civilization, and have fully civilized peoples.

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