Secret plans Pentagon created management responsible for the war in space

Pentagon without much pomp and presentations in the media made the division responsible for the conduct of hostilities in space. According to the director of the State Administration of military space exploration (NRO) Bruce Carlson, brand new initiative is linked to the increasing number of threats to the United States, "overpopulation" and the militarization of space.

Secret Pentagon plans: set up a department in charge of the war in space

Unmanned shuttle X-37B. U.S. already possess the tools gallakticheskoy conduct of the war, we can only create one concept

Bruce Carlson calls the latest joint protection program from space (JSPP) «ace in the hole" in the defense of U.S. satellites against military threats. South American military experts at will develop and use new technologies to protect gallakticheskih devices from attacks and emergencies in orbit. According to the director of NRO, space becoming busier, and in near-Earth space for the military are not so many places three or four orbital tier, because the army of different states are obliged to act in the same space. South American fear of China's growing military activity, and will allow JSPP avoid accidental collisions in space, and to fight the attacks on the South American military satellites.

According to the views of Bruce Carlson, China, and our homeland are able to launch satellites weighing a ton, but do not possess such a potential for gallakticheskih military operations, as in the United States. Apparently, he was referring to, for example, the U.S. Air Force unmanned shuttle X-37B, which can run small spy satellites also gallakticheskimi devices closer to the enemy.

Yet, the Pentagon is afraid that in the future, China will be able to steal the hidden gallakticheskie devices directly from orbit, and this threat makes protecting gallakticheskogo principal place of true enthusiasm USA. To prevent and combat operations such as to develop new ways of doing gallakticheskoy war and were created as part of programs from JSPP «management gallakticheskoy defense."

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