Secret preparations for disasters

The project «CNL-000/1"

Online Since November 2005 turned heated discussion on the project «CNL-000/1" Department of analysis and strategic decisions, located at the address: 101000, Moscow, Lubyanka, p / 220 Tel. (495) 220-50-14 (495) 220-50-14

According to the project in Russia, there are only three places with the necessary security status of the rapidly growing global restructuring destructive elements Planets and Solar System. In these three areas are under construction secret camps highest security "for the continuation of life on Earth." "Objects are designed for creative, successful and purposeful middle ground gene pool of humanity, whose families can provide the preconditions for the revival and maintenance of various technologies and processes of civilization, as well as protect it from attacks by other organisms."
First of all, the right to have a survival fund FPSM members, each of whom has the right to bring the two people, and all (wife, lover, children, etc.).
Other people (non FPSM) may submit for consideration of the application and will be subject to the procedure of comprehensive checks on the suitability of the gene pool.
If you have any prerequisites to top disaster (disaster) is timely notification of selected individuals and their delivery to the site of the new maximum safe residence.

For comments, we turned to the head of the Department of terrorism psy FAP — professional scientific and practical organization of professional information technology (PNPOSIT) organization that brings together almost all the scientists of the country — a world-class authority in areas primarily related to the survival of mankind on the planet, Academician Nikolai Orlov.

The three modes
Comfortable living at a secret facility depends on investment

According to our information FPSM members — is the "elite" of the country, the most honored (based on available capital and loyalty to the policies) people in Russia, and that's not all. The main objective of the Fund "is to maintain the well-being and safety of human gene pool." The rest (and that the vast majority of Russia's population) is clearly not taken into account. This, probably, explains the most unpopular government decisions, striking blindness, deafness and ignorance of events, based on which, the main task for today is to be survival of mankind as the population in general, and Russia (in the region) in particular.
Construction of the facility «CNL-000/1" takes place at the modern village with all amenities, with the most advanced universal passive and active protection.
Depending on your ability to live the capital invested in the facility CNL-000 carried out in several modes:
1. Standard mode — accommodation at the prestigious villa communities. Area of the village is open to external influences. There are the only limitation of the village from various weather conditions (heavy rain, hurricane). The sun and air to freely act on the settlement and nature.
2. Extreme mode — accommodation claim 1. However, the area of the village is protected from any air and land disasters of natural origin (earthquakes, heavy rain, hurricane, tornado). The sun heats the town freely. The air is sucked out of the atmosphere and force circulates through the village and nature, imitating the characteristic components for air flow.
3. Sverhekstremalny mode — accommodation, p.2. The village and the surrounding nature is completely isolated from any intrusion from the outside. The air is produced and circulated in a closed loop. If manmade radioactivity, water level or activity of the sun allow, the villagers live "like as in a familiar environment for the people."
However, if one of the conditions is violated, it creates a completely artificial sister "planet" whose livelihoods autonomous.

Among the losses do not appear
Fund members after careful selection falls into staff and may receive permission to procreate.
The project analyzes the scientific certainty about the increasing global perestroika processes on Earth and in the solar system with the conclusion that in the near future, there will be a global natural disaster. Said cataclysm provoke many technological disasters chemical and nuclear nature. In this connection, will scale, the power gain of the natural component of this disaster, in several ways:
1. Earthquakes around the world on six points, depending on the foundations of the earth platforms and the proximity of mountain areas;
2. Tsunami on all the continents with the height of water from 310 to 645 meters;
3. On all continents will magmatic faults, some of which cross the central metropolitan areas;
4. In dozens of times will increase the activity of active volcanoes awaken dormant and will have a lot of new, different places;
5. Accidents at chemical and nuclear plants will result in the release into the atmosphere, as well as in earth resources (water, land), a large number of toxic and radioactive substances;
6. Almost everywhere will be extremely strong rainfall of 4 to 15 days, depending on the location. Would result from 1 to 5 annual rainfall.
Russia remains the only state to weather the global catastrophe with a minimum of material, technical and human losses.
These casualties, obviously, does not include the "elite" of our society, which will be (and many already are) members of the Fund. Someone after careful selection falls into staff and may receive permission to procreation.
I will not list which (according to the project «CNL-000/1" and other authoritative sources) state will disappear completely, but "from Russia will be completely washed out of St. — Petersburg, Moscow collapses, will be completely destroyed several towns of the Urals and other regions. Most of the East European and West Siberian plains covered with a 5 — 27 days, the water element with simultaneous series of earthquakes up to 7-10 points.

Central and Eastern Siberia destroyed, mostly by earthquakes, which will be particularly strong near the mountain. In addition to earthquakes, these areas greatly affected by the water element (HPP). "

For selected earthlings
One-third of the U.S. budget laid on the development of Mars, where they find a more promising environment for living

The territory of Russia in all modern and esoteric projections, despite considerable damage and casualties will be the safest and most promising for further living area on the planet.
I talked about the elements of growing global restructuring and possible measures to reduce the consequences of some representatives of the World Government. I have made it clear that any action to save the population, cultural and material values will not be accepted. Too much and urgently needs to be changed, calmer will pretend that nothing is happening and send all available forces and means to save only "worthy".
"The elements will occur with increasing power, the most powerful adjustment will last about 10 days. On the seventh day there shall be a peak of activity, which will last 1-3 days. Subsequent conditions virtually eliminates the usual life activity on the surface of the Earth. "
In addition to objects «CNL-000/1" can add extra preparation for construction of accommodation facilities increased safety on the moon, and the fact that the U.S. has a third of the budget laid on the development of Mars, where, as we know, are more promising environment for living selected from the Earth. As you know, Mars is growing evidence that there may have been live, and live our brothers in mind.
Current and upcoming events in the near future radical restructuring of the planet are described in some detail obsheizvestnyh esoteric and Gnostic sources of global significance. You can ignore them, refer to the "pseudo-science", but to date almost mega_shok.gif-90% of the described events in these sources have confirmed.
Two ways to save
The rich need to do a radical revaluation of values, the poor — to overcome all the growing indifference to their fate

A month ago, took place in Brussels conference on the environment in which they discussed the coming impacts of climate change on Earth. Representatives of more than one hundred countries in the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agreed 21-page report on global warming, prepared by a group of international experts.
In previous reports, called the peak time adjustment within 100 years or more, then, given the speed of developing processes, many experts committee has reduced the period to 2020, which closer to the dates specified in the Mayan calendar, Rasputin and other Gnostics world significance.
According to Western media, in Brussels was delayed publication of the last report. It is because of the differences between scientists and diplomats who wanted to soften the conclusions of the report of experts …
Projected humanity today there are two ways:
1. Almost complete destruction of the world's population
The authors of the various projects of the elite Rescue clearly not carefully read forecasts and recommended activities, but at the same time, note that the "Follow-setting virtually eliminates the usual life activity on the surface of the Earth."
Closure rate of poles is growing rapidly and with their annihilation of a sharp increase in the radiation of 200-300 or more times (AN Dmitriev, etc.).
Chernobyl disaster, and others with nuclear energy have shown that the possibility of human survival are practically unlimited. But under certain conditions. These conditions do not require a financial cost, only administrative, but these conditions are not acceptable to the global elite of our government, management regions. Realistic assessment of events. Pay at least part of what stole the general safety objectives, including their own, a radical reappraisal of values — this can not every authority — and kapitalloimuschy.
But the worst, and it is described in all the esoteric and Gnostic sources — is fueled by the media and the management policy of the population to the growing indifference to their fate, a life one day, progressing primitivisation its existence, with the crash of the spiritual and psycho-physical degradation.
2. We are aware of the mission, its actual present and future, visible and invisible features, then, that we are not alone in the world — we can help, and with a minimum of physical and material losses go along with the planet, the solar system to a new stage of evolution. Russia and its people in this very important task given a special mission — to be the first.
Risk Factors
The growing discontent of the population provokes and intensifies the destructive nature of the elements

While we are confident going on the first way — the first self-destruct and destroy everything that can be used to save us (nature, spirituality, Catholic, and so forth). In parallel, we sell all the most necessary for our survival (territory, resources, specialists, etc.) to those who will pay more, not thinking about the fact that we are limiting ourselves to a possible survival and increasingly growing discontent of the population is a powerful and provocative significantly strengthens factor of devastating natural disasters.
Let me remind you that the results of numerous studies scholars difference between positive (protective, stabilizing natural elements) and negative (destructive, destabilizing) emotions only one person in the areas of increasing geomagnetic activity surpasses already over 1000 nT.
We have already informed the reader that there are a number of international programs for the destruction of the indigenous population of Russia, capturing the most appropriate for the enrichment and future survival of the country. And more and more senior officials of the Russian government and the regional leaders, law enforcement agencies almost openly contribute to the implementation of this program.
The material "Man on trial," published in the newspaper № 34 "Top Secret Version Krasnoyarsk" of 16.10.2006, written by the results of the autumn test reputable scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the state of emergency power plant from the responsible officials of the regional administration and the Legislative Assembly was no reaction.
Apparently, all the more obvious scenario of destruction of the indigenous population of the region, followed by the water element of the rich population of the region the "most worthy" has already been approved, or unbridled lust for power, money and luxury does not allow a realistic assessment of future ominous events. Judging by the rapidly growing on the bank of the Yenisei (oatmeal, etc.) multi-story palaces, edge guide and other elites to invest in the safety of the region's population, or, at least, does not imply their palaces.
My speech in the Legislative Assembly of the Region with the support of our organization's legal team at the preparatory measures in the light of growing global restructuring of the elements and the growing lawlessness in the city and Satanists region, their backing of officials of the health department of the region, some officials of the Interior Ministry, the court was completely ignored. Destruction Act now chairman of the Bioethics edge RANS, Professor AN Orlov after smashing transfer Satanists at TC "Afontovo" systematic attacks on the office of the organization and staff, threats to employees TC "Afontovo" regular threats, blackmail perceived as taken for granted. "Do not meddle in other people's business!"
The prosecutor's office to finalize the edge of what Satanists come into the office to investigators and by threatening them with punishment different, force close the cases against them in our data. Some employees of the Prosecutor's Office and the Interior Ministry are themselves members of destructive cults, using and spreading the word of their leaders.
After my meeting with General Alexander Gorov (I hope it's a coincidence) MVD operatives who investigate crimes by Satanists given us the materials were almost openly to boycott the investigation, in parallel forcing the victims to give up their witness testimony. During my lectures in the Department Territory police revealed that more than half of those present at the lecture police officers periodically or regularly visit Satanists on various issues, having no idea about their mental induction (infection), programming, distant and immediate impact, and so I read lectures and classes spend in law enforcement in many regions, but such ignorance, criminal indifference to the public with a parallel racketeering Satanists still never met.
Modern methods of genocide, slavery and intimidation, drawing from his past leadership of law enforcement, administration of the province and the city is not only ignored, but there is a clear lack of desire to learn in this very necessary for all of the rise in the province related crime psi technologies. But we in the investigation of crimes of Satanists were discovered crime in this area by some scholars and officials of public higher education institutions and scientific edge that publish satanic literature accompanying the device of destructive sects mental (zombie) exposure of the population to handle during the free lecture , therapeutic sessions, speeches, etc., write laudatory false expert advice to members of sects, again for the mass deception of the population. Satanists of our land with such encomiums lzhezaklyucheniyami public universities and research institutes, for their reward then his services to the genocide of the population in Moscow region and even abroad.
Not surprisingly, such a famous swindler and a Satanist as G. Grabovoy already a known destructive illegality of his activities, mass public outrage country, devastating many television and articles in the media, has been greeted with such fanfare in our city. Two "Jesus Christ" at one time and in the same region — a measure!
Second known speculator, occupies a very dangerous illegal activities — "giving sight to the blind," but in fact covered the entire country of their points by cracking the "third eye" for 30-50 thousand, mainly in children, time for advertising on television and in the hall Law University. The serious consequences of the ongoing activities of the sect in the region already have and will be much more severe in the short term.
Extraordinary efforts only the fifth arrival we were able to stop the multi-million dollar extortion Krasnoyarsk with the use of modern technologies has psi liability (but in a different region!) Known crook — Satanist Rushel Blavo (actually Haimov Rushel Efraimovich).
Hundreds of victims known swindler E. Bagirov contacted us after his "connection — initiation defrauded to the Cosmos" in Krasnoyarsk. The paradox, showing genuine concern leadership edge and deputies of the health and safety of the population of the region, among the victims of many doctors, have family members of law enforcement agencies. Artificial barriers to train doctors, teachers and students of the medical academy gives its black results. Multi-million dollar damage from the activities of the sect Krasnoyarsk Bagirov thousands of times smaller than the effects of psycho-physical and spiritual degradation of the victims, which are fully manifest themselves in several years.
The leaders of many sects in the region — the highest level professionals with extensive training in the famous
foreign centers PSI Technologies (Texas Center parapsychological research, the Cambridge Center U.S. Department of Defense, Intelection Corpration MO, Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco, California Livermore Lab, etc.).
Several times we sent our staff as newcomers to the free charitable "activities" of such sects. Usually "events" are held in the cultural centers of the city (!) — Cinema halls, houses of culture, etc. The doors to the room are closed at this time, "Everyone in, no one out," and on another batch of victims falls all modern methods of psychic enslavement (zombies, etc.): 25 frames superimposed recording, "the syndrome of the crowd" or collective impact, low-frequency generators, NLP suggestive technology obkurivanie drugs, drinks, wafers, food-drug, etc.
After 1-2 of these "events" new victim sverhposlushym actually becomes a slave to the first team of its new 'guru' ready to go to any crime, regardless of their own lives. Kill his own mother, wife, children, anyone, to blow up anything, and with joy and without hesitation, sacrificing himself — an image of a typical sectarian certain sects in our region.
Representatives of the police department twice edges have downloaded the database on such sects with a promise to take action, but the situation has become, as can be seen from the events, even worse.
The fact that children in Krasnoyarsk threatening regularly at the same time (the time of sacrifice!) Stolen and are followed by the destruction of bigotry by members of satanic sects, we have no doubt. This is supported by the facts of aggression with the use of specific technologies against psi
Novosibirsk's lawyer, has taken the investigation into the deaths of five boys burned.
Exemplary use of two thousand policemen for stupid treading in basements, apartments and vacant lots in bloom encourages Satanism in the province, the refusal of cooperation with scientists and the use of modern technology means a lot.
Deal with the growing lawlessness in Satanism, and, most importantly, with the growing threat of the elements and the complete destruction can only together, using the modern scientific technology, which is visible by someone the team in their unwillingness to recognize and promote the city and region, almost all responsible officials and structures.

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