Secrets of the 20th century: Tunguska mystery

December 19, 2011 5:57

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June 30, 1908 in a remote Siberian taiga, near the Tunguska River, a huge explosion rocked, the nature of which is debated to this day. According to some reports, various light phenomena associated with the Tunguska mystery observed were observed at a distance of several thousand miles, and the blast wave reached eight hundred kilometers to the force was like an earthquake.

The most common versions of the nature of this mysterious phenomenon are hypotheses about the unusually large meteorite exploded, release huge amounts of gas, the collision of the planet with a dense cloud of cosmic dust and the crash of a spaceship aliens. The most curious thing: the local shamans many Siberian peoples and a half or two hundred years before the mysterious incident tribesmen announced strict taboo against visiting the area Tunguska mysteriously predicting the coming cataclysm. There, afraid to disobey the shamans, hunters did not go and wander the representatives of the Russian population, those years are very rare in those parts, but the experience was already convinced of the need to listen to the predictions of the witches of taiga.

Probably should talk not only about the mysterious and enigmatic prophecies of shamans, but noted that different sources report different times and explosion — called and the evening and the morning of June 30. However, some scientists tend to explain this discrepancy is simply the difference in time zones. But is it?
Happened in the Tunguska explosion was very powerful for the beginning of the XX century — according to calculations of modern scholars, he is as strong as thousands of atomic bombs dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima in 1945. After a very dense, virtually impassable taiga was burnt in two and a half thousand square kilometers. Background radiation in the area to this day many times the natural, and the trees and insects have some abnormal signs.

But for all the mysterious phenomena most mysterious of these is the complete lack of "material evidence" — fragments of a spaceship or even a meteorite. As on spent using computers calculations and modeling of the long-standing situation in Tunguska region should be up to one hundred thousand tons of all kinds of debris scattered at a distance from the explosion site.

Many seers and soothsayers, psychics and so-called 'contactees' report their information on the mysterious mystery blast in Tunguska June 30, 1908. Ostensibly, this information has been received by them in communication with extraterrestrial intelligence or in contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, far ahead of us in development. For our patrons forum it will be interesting to find out that according to one of the contactees, the explosion in the forest there is nothing like a disaster huge space ship, trying to pierce the time lost in Chronos. He came from the future into the past, and was tragically killed along with all the many crew. According to another theory, "to the ground in 1908, came a huge fiery red ball, is … intelligent being from another galaxy. His world is supposedly inhabited by balls of different colors, have the ability to travel through outer space at high speed, much higher than even the speed of light. For what purpose a reasonable fireball was chosen Earth is unknown, but according to the contactors, colleagues from their galaxy destroyed his special beam. Explosion occurred at about six and a half miles, and the ball broke into many small "balls", which probably still circling in the atmosphere of our planet. Why,. They say, and can not find any wreckage or debris.

In 1996, female contactee from Russia said: the mystery of the Tunguska phenomenon is a spaceship crash, came to Earth from the star system Alpha Centauri. It exploded still in orbit, and the representatives of aliens through the contactor applied to earthlings, begging them to stay away from the crash site. Why? No answer. Contactee named Zelenin even published a book about his "contacts." In his opinion, based on data received from extraterrestrial intelligence and the "whistleblowers" from other, distant stellar worlds to look for clues in the taiga river Chun, where there is a zone of anomalous phenomena. Supposedly this is where you can find some of the dead alien spaceship. However, in the area has not worked any of scientific expeditions, had a goal to find the material particles of the Tunguska phenomenon, although anomalies in the area of the river Chuna repeatedly recorded. This puzzle is a puzzle, too, so stayed.
There were also people who publicly claimed that they personally have a direct bearing on the mystery of the Tunguska meteorite. (So at least it is usually taken to refer a mysterious phenomenon in 1908, has not yet received any plausible explanation.)

In the middle of the XX century American Schumann said that he — an alien from the constellation of Alpha Centauri, and came to Earth crashed in the Siberian taiga spaceship. His performances have gathered crowds and earned him sizable profits, but it soon became clear that Schumann simply outright rogue and was born … in 1912.
There was one person who thought the Frenchman Alain Rocker — at least as he called himself. He said in the middle of the XX century, which is the only survivor of all astronauts who came to Earth exploded on June 30, 1908 interstellar ship. Check approval Rocker was not possible — a sensation died with him. Alan died in Algeria during the terrible religious unrest in 1956, and his body no one investigated. A pity. Rocker mystery remained unsolved.
In 1989, the Western media are literally astounded a Brazilian Zenzyo in whose veins flowed the lion's share of Indian blood, he declared himself an astronaut with the "Tunguska ship." He alleged that the ship arrived with the mythical planet Troak supposedly located in the forty second dimension, and the accident was due to the fact that the Earth is only a transition between the fifth and sixth dimensions. At jump through many dimensions of the ship and killed, exploded over Siberia.

During the catastrophe Zenzyu teleported to South America and only after decades decided to open people. According to him, an alien ship moving in interplanetary space, and can overcome the barriers between the different dimensions thanks to a unique engine, use the principle of special crystal tubes, each of which had at least sixty four corners. Refracting and straightening up in these unique crystals, light waves gave the ship to move with indescribable speed.
However Zenzyu soon disappeared, and to trace its fate was not possible — it is as mysterious as the fate of the Tunguska meteorite.
In Russia, in the last decade of XX century, a Mr Nikolayev said that he is a descendant of one of the pilots' Tunguska ship. " Supposedly his father was an alien first, having no other chance to survive here, married a woman from the tribe of the Evenki. As evidence, "descendant aliens" showed a piece of the aircraft, the analysis of which showed that it is the composition of the aluminum alloy used in the middle of the XX century in the aviation industry.

Despite the seeming ambiguity of a significant number of such statements, many independent Western experts do not tend to think most of them are nonsense or fraud. Referring to the works of the famous K. Tsiolkovsky, who claimed that the forms of extraterrestrial life may be quite diverse and can not approach them with COSNA usual yardsticks we really, considering it only right and possible, experts say: the secrets of "Tunguska astronauts' remain unsolved. For the most part none of them, apart from the noise, was not thoroughly examined and tested, and some even died under mysterious circumstances or mysteriously disappeared. They are dismissed, considered insane, con artists, but … not examined! And now they are almost gone. Or are they, seeing the futility of trying to get attention, just no longer "open" to us? After the duration of extraterrestrial life is unknown …
In any case, the "Tunguska mystery" and the mystery of the "Tunguska astronauts' remains unsolved.

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