Security officials call a different number of the arrested terrorists

After the head of the investigation team and the chairman of the KGB of the disclosure attack has reported Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, according to which the number of the arrested terrorists different from previous figures.

Supervises a team of investigators, which is investigating the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede. April 13, speaking to reporters, Andrew Swede said of the two suspects arrested in the attack, who confessed to the crime.

Also in the investigation team consists of the KGB. On Wednesday, met with journalists and the chairman of the KGB Vadim Zaytsev. He told of a man with painful ambition who confessed to the performance of the attack. Together with the man was detained by another person who may be an accomplice, said Vadim Zaitsev.

Later it became known about the statement regarding the disclosure of the terrorist attack of Minister of Internal Affairs Anatoly Kuleshov. Although the formal structure of the police only assisted the investigation, but, according to the Minister Kuleshov, that the police have played a major role in the apprehension of possible perpetrators. Kuleshov on three of them:

"Last night in Minsk by the main department to combat organized crime and special forces" Diamond "were arrested three suspected persons involved in an explosion at the metro station" October. " It should be noted that collected the necessary evidence of their involvement in the crime. I draw your attention to the fact that one of the suspects involved in the explosion July 4, 2008 near the stela "Minsk Hero City", and the bombings in September and October 2005 in Vitebsk. Now comes the collection, analysis and systematyzatsyya evidence linking detainees to these crimes. "

Alexander Lukashenko In his speech before the security forces on April 13 did not name those arrested, but said they were working "who turner who is a mechanic."

Thus, the exact number of detainees is unknown.


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