Sensation! Mercury is found next to a giant alien ship?

December 7, 2011 18:07

Mysterious cylindrical object (circle) was photographed by NASA probe

Mysterious cylindrical object (circle) was photographed by NASA probe

Sun's coronal mass ejection "highlighted" UFO, disguised in the first planet in our system.
Storyboard coronal mass ejection, which occurred on the Sun on December 1 of this year, caused a stir among ufologists. They argue that the release of "highlighted" a giant spaceship, located next to Mercury.

The pictures were taken on board the NASA probe "Stereo", which follows the sun.

Of these successive shots turned peculiar cartoon that shows how to break out of the light plasma covers Mercury. But before you reach the planet, it wraps around a large object. And for a few seconds makes it visible.

Ufologists believe the object — artificial, cylindrical shape. In short, nothing but a disguised alien spacecraft. Disguised — because not previously seen.
"Cartoon" about UFO Near Mercury posted on YouTube one siniXster. During the day it looked more than 100 thousand people. Worried.

Shy calmed Nathan Rich (Nathan Rich) Chief Engineer of the Naval Research Laboratory, USA (United States Naval Research Laboratory). According to him, there are no aliens in our solar system do not. And for their ship … he took ufologists Mercury. Rather his image, in the image left from the last day.

Like, there was a patch. After image processing technique is such that it is necessary to divide the light artificially created by coronal mass ejection from the background. To do this, use the photo taken the day before. And consider the background all the bright objects on it. Then the images were merged. Are possible here are lining — like a bright object, as it manifested itself in a vacuum.

Mercury in the sun - just krohotulya

Mercury in the sun — just krohotulya

UFO scientific explanation, of course, does not satisfy. So it is very tricky. And they still consider bright spot next to Mercury UFO. Or some kind of "death star", which will suit the world doomsday in 2012. Highly sensitive to the Internet enough.

Incidentally, a similar incident occurred two years ago with Jupiter. Transfer images to the same probe, "Stereo", revealed an anomalous behavior of giant planet. It seems that Jupiter flared, as if it burned coronal mass ejection sun. Many horror awaited the appearance of the sky two suns. But there were …

Vladimir Lagowski — 07.12.2011

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