Sergei Malaletkin ends hunger strike

Since April 1, 49-year-old resident of Orsha starved to protest the sentences participants Minsk December 19 events.

April 15 at 20:00 Sergei Malaletkin out of hunger involves: first is to apply juice and gradually move to eating habits.

His hunger strike was held under the motto "15 days of hunger — instead of 15 days in jail," as Mr. Malaletkin sure that 15 days in prison — the maximum penalty that could have been sentenced for "unauthorized action", as it is qualified in administrative law. Therefore, punishment for the years of imprisonment, which received opposition activists, he believes that it is unfair.

Sergei Malaletkin said that the hunger strike was given to him hard. He had stop taking drugs that consumed daily due to chronic diseases, and has lost a few pounds. But it sure did the right thing: "I have a clear conscience because I did not stay away from political events and protested against injustice as he could. Besides, I prayed a lot. This was a special prayer — believing I understand that there is a difference in prayer on a full stomach, and when serving a net post. At certain points was very difficult, but I knew what was going on. "

Sergei Malaletkin already had the experience of hunger: he once adgaladavav week. 15 days without food in water alone, it lasted first.

"It gave me the moral right to appeal to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev sent a letter, which was written:" With a heavy heart I ask you to make a worthy man's act and stop being blind to the fact, Now that going on in Belarus. "But the answer is no," — said Sergey Malaletkin.



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