Several thousands of people cut off from the world in the Altai Mountains because of snowstorms

Several thousand people in one area of Altai were cut off on Monday from the world due to the closure of the local highway due to storms, the report said GTSMCHS the region.

On Monday morning, heavy snow fell on the Altai Mountains. Ice storm and blizzard led to that ability to make some areas visibility on the road is limited to 0-20 meters. In turn, the Ministry of Interior on the site of the region noted that the lack of a bypass closed more than 100 kilometers of trails in the area Choyskiy districts (from 12 to 114-km). This route of local importance, but in the wrong direction is home to several thousand people. In this part of the road is no detours.

"… Due to the adverse weather conditions on Monday February 11 a restriction of movement on the track Gorno-Altaisk — Turochak the settlement Karasuk Maiminsky district to the village of Upper Biysk Turochaksky area for all modes of transport," — said the rescuers, with reference to the traffic police department Ministry of Interior in the region.

This part of the road, said the Ministry of Interior, is closed to vehicular traffic until the end of activities to clear the roadway and processing of sand and salt mixture. Movement promise to open during the day.

Also, because of the storm on Monday was postponed the first flight from Tomsk to Gorno-Altaisk 14-seat Cessna Grand Caravan Sun 208 B. With the improved weather flight on Tuesday, said the agency airport spokesman "Gorno-Altaisk."

According to the MOE, the weather in the region also remains high risk of avalanches.

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