Severe frosts are the Urals and Siberia

Siberia next week will be under the influence of the Arctic anticyclone. Pressing hard frost is expected. With calm weather and cloudless night air will vyholazhivatsya to -40 … -45 °, and the daily temperature exceeds -30 … -35 °. Sometimes possible freezing fog. At the culmination of the cold weather, which will be in the middle of the week, the average temperature will be at 13-18 ° below normal. Over the weekend, the Arctic anticyclone begins to move from the Kara Sea to the south-east. His first meet of the Urals region. In the northern districts, he "razomnetsya" 40-degree cold. In the south of the district sharply colder at 12-15 °. In extreme cold ETP noting only in Komi and Perm.

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