Shadow over Japan

The Ministry of Defence of the Land of the Rising Sun reports: the morning of the eighth February nearby Japanese air space were seen Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS bombers, accompanied by fighter aircraft and the distant radar (AWACS) A-50. The alarm was raised by Japanese fighters F-15 and F-4 "Phantom", who spent training intercept Russian aircraft. According to the official Tokyo, violation of the air space runs out. Yet, the Japanese military in some concerns about the emergence of Russian aircraft in the region, and even more AWACS aircraft, which for the first time so close to the small distance to the island nation.

Shadow over Japan

Official Russian Air Force spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik confirmed the flight around the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu. He also admitted that the Russian aircraft did not enter the air space Land of the Rising Sun, and made their own flight only over neutral waters. In a statement, the press service of the Air Force stated and clear the group of Russian Air Force aircraft that participated in the flights. It's been two strategic bombers Tu-95MS aircraft coming from an air base in the Far East Ukrainian woman, two reconnaissance aircraft Su-24 and plane A-50 AWACS. Also on certain portions of the flight was accompanied by a group of Su-27 fighters. 16-hour patrol the waters managed to hold thanks to the in-flight refueling: fuel participants departure provided plane-refueling tanker Il-78. According to Drik, the main purpose of the mission was to develop the interaction of different classes of aircraft, and training actions on bezorientirnoy terrain, which is for sea and ocean waters.

This is all the official words and statements. As it turns out, they are far not the most exciting things connected with the flight of Russian aircraft. Separately, it should be said about the reaction of some Japanese people and organizations. The fact that on 7 February in the Land of the Rising Sun celebrated the so-called Day of the northern territories (as in the Land of the Rising Sun is called the South Kuril Islands). Usually this prazdnichek activated by different organizations of right-wing, very often allowing to discover, at least, scandalous antics. So, for example, last year, these characters had the nerve to picket near the Russian Embassy in Tokyo, which was desecrated flag of. In response to official protest Japan refused to investigate and take appropriate action. Certainly, not having recovered from the patriotic fervor of the 7th, the same far-right actors eighth and ninth were very painful to respond to the teachings of Russian Air Force. Several demonstrations took place under the motto was a shameless character. Official Tokyo behave more decently, but still asks Russia to continue not to commit similar flybys of the Japanese archipelago. But due to the nature of international law waiver of such exercises is the only law of our Air Force: airy place until the Land of the Rising Sun is not violated in the neutral waters can fly as you want and as much as necessary.

In the words official Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, Our homeland at the end of January warned Japan about the flight of Russia's strategic bombers in the Far East, said, "Interfax". "We have uttered about it directly and frankly to our Japanese staff during talks in Tokyo," — he said.

Perhaps, the basic premise of the Japanese concern is the fact that at least some of the waypoints Tu-95MS at the theoretical level could produce missile launch. In this case, the zone acts would get past all of the Japanese islands. Of course, our home for now or in the future to make war with Japan is not going to, but the fact of potentially unsafe flight missile in the zone where you can make shooting rockets did not direct fire, in itself for itself is a stark signal to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces . It must be admitted, the Japanese pilots fit to react to the appearance of submarines: the alarm was raised by about 10 fighters (in some sources referred to the figure of 13 and even 15 boards). With all of this track during the interception is not something out of the ordinary. Such acts are the de facto standard for the Air Force around the world — both its own air space near arise strangers planes in the air rise up their fighters. On this occasion there is even joke, "against the background of the Tu-95 photographed all the post-war fighters of NATO." In this joke, as they say, only the fraction of jokes.

Only thing necessary training to intercept only partially, because it contributes to the maintenance of the main forms of labor personnel responsible for protecting air borders. But in practice, missile carriers Tu-95MS the vulnerability necessarily even closer to the air of the enemy: range missile launch X-55 different versions exceeds two and a half thousand kilometers. With such speed and range of a missile over 900 Km / h you to intercept a missile can only be run on the turn. And it requires constant patrolling insecure areas.

No matter how many aircraft did not take part in training flights, no matter how many fighters took off to intercept and do not seem to react to the actions by each other, the eighth day of flying at some point, will be forgotten. Together with them will be forgotten rallies, scandals and other problems. But the acts of our pilots, which can be interpreted as an allusion to the return of in the region, can trigger certain actions on the part of the Land of the Rising Sun. There are reports that by the spring of Tokyo, and Washington, DC, in the end, the conditions concerning the fate of U.S. base on the peninsula of Okinawa. The official reason the Japanese demands to transfer the air base is its location: it is situated in the center of Ginowan. According to the local residents and officials, it is a danger to the safety of local residents. At times, there are various nasty incidents during which houses standing in the alignment of the runway are "under attack". In October, at some time ceased flying F-15 fighter: from the 1st of them when flying over residential buildings fell an additional fuel tank. No one was hurt, but the flights of this type were resumed only after three weeks already on the newest program that allows its costs tanks machines. On the days of one of the roads in Kanagawa Prefecture became "bombarded" with aircraft EA-6B Prowler. During the flight, he began to break away from the big parts: the largest one found is sized 120×180 cm Fortunately, now there were no casualties or damage. Perhaps to move the air base off Okinawa in the Land of the Rising Sun has a more severe founding political nature, but as the official versions as before is a danger to local residents. In turn, the United States does not want to leave the region. In addition, Washington called the North Pacific Ocean as a Zone of their own interests. Perhaps Americans will go to almost everything, but would not lose such a comfortable and useful basis.

Among other, the application of the acceleration of negotiations may be a consequence of flights Russian air group. But it is true, can only say the U.S. decision-makers and land of the rising sun. On the other hand, check out this version is "empirically" — new flights in the Japanese archipelago. Let us lay in the near future such exercises take place again. And not only in the Far East, and in
the usual patrol areas distant aviation: the north Atlantic, the Pacific Ocean, etc.

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