Shaggy seducer




"This story was told to me by my friend Lida. Here is her story: "I always sleep on my stomach. One night I was awakened by a strange sensation, as if someone is lying to me. This creature was soft and warm, covered with long silky hair. I was seized by a wild fear, I tried to wriggle out from under him and stand up, but it was crushed with force me to bed, so much so that I could not move. I have not abandoned their attempts to shake off the monster, but no such luck. Finally I was able to pull his hand, started her back and tried to find something. I. .. groped.

From the horror I screamed and almost fainted. It was a huge man's "dignity" and small testes. And then I heard a rough voice, "You like, and you're a fool, screaming. Well, see you. "

And it all disappeared — and the severity of the back, and his voice. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. That night, as more and did not go: all the lights lit, valerian and drank the rest of night spent in the kitchen, huddled in a corner with a large knife in his hand and wincing at every rustle.

The next day I took a week to work at their own expense and went to live with her mother in the village. Anyone about what happened not tell. Indeed, the reaction of friends known in advance: Well, quite an old maid from loneliness becomes crazy, man she needs, and the devils will not see.

I gradually calmed down, even managed to convince myself that it was only a bad dream. She came home, and on the first day before going to bed I mastered fear. I drank a double dose of strong sleeping pills and did not have time to get comfortable in bed, as was sleeping soundly.

I woke up because I was short of breath, I gasped. My head was wrapped in my own nightgown, untangling it, I realized that I was lying on his back (which never was). And at that moment felt something warm and furry touches the feet.

Freed from the shirt, I saw that I have no panties and low rise, covered with a gray fur brilliant creature spreads my legs. I screamed in horror and struck him down, it fell on the floor and said, "Oh, how I love virgins!" Laughed loudly and lost.

Who should I just went: and to psychics, and witches. The whole month asked her friends to spend the night with me and she spent the night with them. But one still had to stay in his apartment alone. On this night it happened. I was terribly scared and incredibly nice — mingled fear and pleasure … In the morning I found myself in a crumpled, something splashed bed. I could not understand what was a dream or reality. Went to the gynecologist: Well, that's it, I'm not a virgin. And the blood on the sheet, then no, not a bit. "


23 Secret Power 2004

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