Siberian tiger was trapped in China

Siberian TigerMOSCOW, November 3 — RIA Novosti. Siberian male tiger died in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, suffocated in poaching wire loop, said on Thursday the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, with reference to Chinese colleagues.

"The discovery of a dead tiger, unfortunately, did not a surprise to us, the death of the animal was predictable. Working a year ago in the neighboring province (Jilin), on each route, we found a number of loops that hoofed animals that live there, there was no chance of survival … landed in the trap adult male may well have come from the territory of Russia. It is worth noting that at this point has not been established in China needed a security system that would effectively fought with mass production of animals barbaric methods such as the use of loops and poisons, "- says the coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch biodiversity Sergei Aramilev.

At the conclusion of the Chinese zoologists, male tiger 5-6 years was caught in the loop, but severing the wire, unable to escape from a prolonged loop. Slipknot did not give him the opportunity to hunt, and that was the cause of death.

According to research conducted by WWF China in winter 2010-2011, for every ten kilometers 609 kilometers long route, which passed through nine forest areas, was found on 1.6 loops. These studies are strong evidence Steel scale poaching threat to tiger body parts used in traditional Chinese medicine.

"To restore the tiger population in China is necessary to radically change the situation, to restore the number of hoofed animals, after which the tigers from the Russian territory themselves begin to populate forests of China" — note the WWF Russia.

To date, convenient places to go to just two: this reserve "Leopard" and the planned reserve "Sredneussuriysky." Unfortunately, the materials to create Sredneussuriyskogo sanctuary for over a year are being coordinated in the Primorsky Territory Administration, noted in the environmental organization.

Siberian tiger — one of the world's rare predators, is listed in the Red Book. According to the last census, in early 2010, in Russia, Amur tigers living in the Primorye and Khabarovsk, about 450 individuals. International organizations are making efforts to prevent population decline.

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