Slavic calendar for May

Slavic calendar for May

Slavic calendar for the month of May.

May— Not just once a month this year, and one of the most crucial. This is a month of growing financial capacity, material goods.

Also, this month is directly related to a love affair, and magic, and the connection you put on 1 January, its programming year. Now recall or update your records, you've spent the day, are correlated to the current month and the current situation. Need to plan a month so that the wealthy have become wealthier hours days and trouble — out of hours turned into minutes.

In general, it is strongly recommended to keep a diary in which you record the events that happen to you in the program, prophetic, magical days, in the days of MARY or rare days of the Magi, the more that these days in May will be in abundance. You will be easier to make your own map and see the fate of recurrence of events, to catch the signs that are sent to the higher.

We draw the attention of those who really want to improve their lot:

Share of voice this year, more than one and a half months, so everyone has the opportunity to prepare for the October decision benevolent goddess Makos, then to fall under the influence of the Tsarevna, not to not last.

April 18, when the share of the Goddess became manageress, the morning was sunny, clear, and in the afternoon the weather began to deteriorate, blew a hurricane. Such is the nature of the stakes in this year.

At the beginning of his reign, the share of "white and fluffy", kind and affectionate, she encourages everyone to the right initiatives. SHARE actually show our flaws, show where wrong so we can fix them.

Remember that the gods always illuminate our way, but to go this way to us. Unfortunately, some do not even see that illuminate the road or "waiting for those who are lucky."

Furthermore, the arrival of Makos, in September, the share will be very strong, even ruthless, and at the Makos and his sister will not last arrange someone rough, but someone did, and hurricane-force test that lessons will evaluate your "performance" in life.

The main feature of May this year, (the Slavs year on year is not necessary), is the fact thatthe beginning (1, 2, 3) in Maysame as the last, most important days of Aprilnine-Slavic week: SHARE, MARA and the Magi. At the end of the month, from May 25, there will be the third in a row nine-Slavic week.

May 8at dawnSHARE meets his brother Yarylo and until May 17, the energy of the goddess SHARE enhanced energy god Yarily.

With the advent of Yarily takes effect and the Code, and we need to adjust our lives to reflect this Code. What do we require from all the gods Yarylo pet?
— pin;
— financial success;
— expansion of its business;
— agility, speed;
— lack of conflict, personal charm;
— ability to wrap possible "war" emotional or business nature to their advantage to stay at the maximum positive results;
— voluptuous, sensual, intimate love;
— wives become desirable to their husbands, so that they love and want only them.

"CHARM appropriate actions." Take this motto for service.
Again, the opportunity to get out of the swamp, which Yarylo its heat will dry, if you deserve it, correctly observing its Code.

May 8, like all the Presentation,magic prophetic fateful day

Become a prophet of their own lives, analyzing developments in the period from April 4 to May 7.
Because May 8 just shows the quality of your shares: you have time to do, but is something else you need to work, and show priorities that you will have to decide in the reign Yarily.

Candlemas share and Yarylo occurs daily Makos, and the share is also the ruler of the month, so their crucial influence on this day is significantly enhanced.Living this day, so to secure their wishes on the line of their own destiny. And remember, be fixed as the good and the bad.

We can say that on May 8 — the day of luck, prosperity, success, attraction, charm, great for weddings, but if a man and a woman will be introduced on this day, it is likely that their relationship will lead to family ties …

In any case, those who want to start a family, partnership, exit out of your cozy nest to get enough of this blessed energy — and the world will reveal to you their beauty and the opportunities that will be hard to miss.

Married couples need to make sure to spend the day together in harmony and love, to bring something new into your relationship — then magical about this day a long time stuck in the family, and no one will be able to charm your partner stronger than you.

Merchants, businessmen and all who desire to increase their capital, this is your day. Think carefully about it. Where can you invest? What do to increase profits, to improve their well-being? Who did you make the connection, you sign the contract?

May 17— The day of the full moon, which means that one of the important prophetic magic magical days of the month.
At noon that day, SHARE passes baton Yarily board and saying goodbye to us until next year.

Yarylo becomes a sovereign ruler of space. It is very important to the prophecy Yarylo comes at noon, and then he will be this year fierce, energetic. On the one hand it is good because there will be enough material wealth and physical pleasure, and health. Everywhere is on time. But at the same time, remember that Yarylo — contact God, and he shall come "bludiloy." And you should consider keeping their family, their relationships, and to monitor the strength of their social, career position, the safety of business contacts, material goods.


Until May 8, completes his work with the organs and systems of the kingdom of bronze, but since the dawn of May 8 will open the gates of pewter. Read on to its characteristics, to effectively spend time influence tin kingdom, enriching and saturating your body with the necessary elements for life.

This chakra (energy center) of sexual energy. It is located on two or three fingers above the pubis. This kingdom is going to the energy associated with the life and function of this chakra is the extraction of energy from food and from sexual contact, because it is the center of sexual energy and offspring, fertility and prosperity.

This chakra is very much dependent on the lunar fluctuations, because the vibration energy of the moon makes this chakra mobile and changeable in its manifestations. Accumulation of correct energy in this chakra gives liberation from selfishness, jealousy, envy.

A person who can control his sexual power becomes quiet contemplative and gently disperses around peaceful, calm and good-natured energy. However, he remains a very sensual in the intimate sphere.

This chakra gives a dive into the inner world, the world of emotions, feelings and fantasies. Also, through this center we perceive other people's emotions and consume their sexual energy.
This chakra is directly connected with the etheric body, which is an exact replica of the physical.

The etheric body of man is called the guardian angel of the physical body. Through it communicates with a thinner material world. It is rooted in the subtle body various negative entities such damage, curses and so on. In order to prevent this from happening, the etheric body must be complete, which means that the energy chakras will be full.

Some systems provide the vital energy of this chakra. This excretory system (removal of waste products from the body metabolism): kidneys, ureters, bladder, skin, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, lungs. The excretory system works for the internal environment of the body.

Also in this chakra is the reproductive system of the body, the function of reproduction rights, of conception, the sex glands, testes and ovaries, potency, uterine tone, actually reproductive organs and hormones, lumbosacral nerve connections and adrenal glands.

Herbal Recipe for tin KINGDOM:

Strawberry leaves — 3 teaspoons;
Bearberry and Chamomile — 2 teaspoons;
Oregano and thyme — 1 tsp.
All herbs mix, grind until smooth, pour 1 liter. boiling water and drink during the put of time to be specified in the following schedule. In addition to this fee will be acquired very good collection of "water of life. DESTINY laundered. "

Fees should take 2 times a day in intervals 9:40-11:40 and 15:00-17:00. This is the most favorable in the days of tin kingdom.
You should also thoroughly prepare foreclipse, heldJune 2, the last day of the nine-Slavic week. Practice to be held in the day, is given in the appendix.

MAY 1 — May 8
This week is typical active feminine energy, and very intense, because the week starts very strong magical day: May 1 — the day SHARE, May 2 — the day Mary. It will also affect the accumulated fatigue, which also will increase at the beginning of the week.

2 May Day Goddess MARY, witch-goddess, who knows all, sees all and knows all. On this day, you can collapse the accumulated load of karmic debt problems and save some remaining unresolved, the promises made in a hurry.

Any one of us can put before the karmic lesson, forcing decide anything meaningful. You can also interfere with the "injustice" — this man seems to be when there is any unpleasant situation. But do not blame someone, thus only worsening their fate.

Resent useless to wasting a lot of effort and time to lament. Instead, think carefully and understand what and why you are experiencing this divine lessons. And the strength and energy to spend on filling gaps and delivery of the next examination is positive: the lessons learned from life, in any case, you need to learn.

Even more extreme isMay 3 — the day of the ancient god of Iago, God causes. For this day is characterized by activation of the primary ancient powerful forces.
This day will show the karmic nature of man.

Those who sought to creativity and accomplishment of his life, he will bring the creative energy. In those who splashed black emotions, even more will be activated is this force. This day is considered the ancient Magi. And it is not for nothing that the energy of this day appear so.

First, it kudesnichesky, miraculous day. So be careful to what you say in a hurry: all can be executed, because the space and has heard all the miraculous volhvovskoy energy.

Second, since Iago — God causes all the reasons that are hidden by you or someone can clear up.Be careful and observant today secrets come out, some people and events will show his true colors.

Can not be a situation for a long time and carefully planned, and only because prevented some secret reason. Days like this are rare, the most critical of the year. Do not leave home without charms. Use any arsenal of amps that protect methods. Remember that the game these days the sun multiplies their magic, volhvovskuyu energy.

2, 3, 4 Maywe can program and strengthen its new destiny, which we started to do more April 4. Those who have not yet started, join us. It is better to do it now, because we are given to help the energy space.

6, May 7— Days of practice gravity, magnetism, charm. Remember what you were taught grandmother.

Time of practice:

May 6 0:02 — 5:37 and 21:17 — 0:53 (May 7);
May 7 8:03 — 21:18.
Keep in mind that the impact of the practice it is better to start after the first specified time.
There was a very good time to repair and optimize your energy privorotnye
In the bath, use fern wool, the best of fresh fern, it is now possible to dial in the forest.

May 8— A particularly strong day for love magic.
2, 3, 6, 8 Maysun plays, so these days the most favorable for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires.

1 May — emerald kingdom;
2, 3, 4 (am) May — the realm of diamond;
4 (in the afternoon), 5, 6 May — emerald kingdom;
7, 8, 9 May — the kingdom of gold.

May 9 — May 15
Week of different character, mostly male energy. Law Week two brothers — Veles and Perun.
The mythology of our forefathers said that they regularly argued, faced each other. And you do not let the struggles affect on many issues, especially financial.

Veles cunning and PERUN in any case does not allow this. Gold Room, gold veins opens Veles, making us keenly to see and use them wisely. PERUN requires love honor and decency, is trying to attract people to the family ties. Here akuyu Diverse energy you have to try to balance.

Be careful and take care of their money carefully, turn your wisdom to keep and maintain your existing Gold Room. And do not forget the importance of love in their lives.Always remember that the power of love and the power of money are interrelated.

BeginningMay 9 for 9 daysvery important sexual relationship, a love energy, conceiving children, baths at improving human reproductive organs.Use Love Potion boiled herbal aphrodisiac

For example:
Lubka orchid;
mint blue;
1/4 tsp: Needle juniper;
Elecampane root;
2 tablespoons: berries of mountain ash,
4 tablespoons of honey,
300 g: water.

Everything is mixed, brought to a boil over low heat, cooked without a lid for 20 minutes as a slow fire. Potion stir with a wooden spoon to the left, nagovarivayaconspiracy:
Union of love svyazavy
The love of Veda vdostole
Pull tightly-tightly dovetailed
She also gave to you in connection
I make the commandments of the gods in adultery
Long live in happiness
Each other, with each other in love,
Bring happiness to earth
For Gods prophetic
For sweets everyday
That children and got into zhilosya
Taco is and surrender to love
And taking you to love.

This conspiracy to utter aloud 20 minutes while preparing the potion. Then cooled raw, filtered and given to the haggard wife. Moreover, it is desirable that both partners take the potion together, if not in pure form, adding to drinks.

WARNING! If you are with your partner or your partner is not yavlyaetest spouses use this tool should not be.

9, 13, 14 Maythe most auspicious days for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires.

May 9 — the realm of gold;
10, May 11 — kingdom silver;
12 May 13 — bronze kingdom;
14, 15, 16 (am) May — the realm of tin.

MAY 16 — MAY 22
This week, the goddess Makos will check how you learned the "lessons" that teach you share. And will take into account and implement the Code Yarily.

May 17 — the second full moon after the spring equinox daysand at noon, it's time man rule Yarylo — God sensual, intimate love, all kinds of partnerships and business relationships, God cohesive forces.
Yarylo so charming, lightweight nature and eloquent, that all the other gods had it not even get angry, to say nothing of confrontation and war, it is able to appease even the most irascible.

Therefore, the rule can be used to Yarily reconciliation, forgiveness, and relationship-building. And, of course, to create a prosperous new contacts. Remember also that Yarylo not like those who are clumsy, who goes on and does not want anything to change and change itself, does not aspire to the new. Review all areas of his life for making beneficial changes and development.

Other names Yarily: Yartur, Yarovid, Yarhmel — gay and dissolute God of passion and daring, the personification of the awakening of the mighty forces of the heroic daring, fun and Molodetsky ardent passion of love, the ancient Slavic god of fertility, "Yari". Its symbol was a brilliant gold shield. If you want to fill your home aura Yarilin passionate love energy, the voskurivayte hops, hops obnosya steaming all the space of the apartment with slander:
Yarylo dragging around the world
Yes you come syudoy
Field corn vzrozhdaya
People friendly fertilization
Fertilization and my home uterine
And where do you priidesche there vzyaritsya,
Revive, flare,
Yes poglyanemsya, yes to love,
And the bloom spike
And get back in the ears
For zhnivnom.

Conspiracy to be said as long as you do not fumigate the apartment on the perimeter, from the front door. Therefore the number of hops needed to calculate, based on the area of premises, and all the while voskurivaetsya hop aloud slander conspiracy.

May 19 and 20— Reinforced space Yarilskie days, and the most powerful of these, 20 May from 9:40 to 11:40 and from 15:00 to 17:00.
Living this period as would have lived it myself Yarylo — that is, let you have his character, his conduct, look at life as though his eyes, especially intensively observe its Code.

16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 Maythe most auspicious days forLazareva magic, with which you can speed up the execution of their desires.

16 (am) May — kingdom tin;
16 (afternoon), 17, May 18 — the kingdom of brass;
19 May 20 — kingdom tin;
21, 22, 23 (am) May — bronze kingdom.

MAY 23 MAY -31 
May 25 will start third in this year's nine-Slavic week. Therefore, judicious use of it will bring even more, compared to the previous week, the positive results, but not all, but only those who are puzzled and fascinated for real, and those who take the time to the fact that sows Yarylo.

Days of the week are distributed as follows:
25, 26, May 27 — begining of something;
28, 29, May 30 — bells;
1, 2, 3 May-entrenched. Program the desired job.
27, May 28, the most auspicious days for Lazareva magic by which you speed up execution of their desires.

23 (am) May — bronze kingdom;
23 (afternoon), 24, May 25 — the realm of silver;
26, 27, May 28 — the realm of gold;
29, 30, 31 (am) May — emerald kingdom;
31 (afternoon) May — kingdom diamond.


Practice of a solar eclipse.

During a solar eclipse in our nerve cells are hard radiation, they suffer and capture the information that is at the moment will come.

To cells remain supple and free of any negative memory can hold a very good physiological practices to help you reduce the impact of the hard radiation.

First of all, remember that any solar eclipse affects us in a month. And often the solar eclipse is a lunar eclipse. And we're in this period as a shelling.

A week before the eclipse should begin striped shower: alternate slightly warm and cool water for at least an hour every day. So you yourself natreniruete elasticity of nerve cells, and the ability of cells released from the burden of the information.

IMPORTANT: striped shower — this is not a douche. In contrast shower is an alternation of hot water, which warms the body is very powerful, and then cold ice water. In a striped shower alternating hot and cold water. Listen to your body: how it will be better. When is it better to do — in the morning or evening? Maybe in the morning and evening?

Must spend energy cleaning herbal candles or fire, or water, charged idols.


1. H a d o n, p and q have a Birman and a t i.
If you are using water, just wash your hands up to the elbows.
If using a candle, herb, and it is much more efficient, you is warming his hands from fingertips to elbow (on the inside of the arm).

2. N o d and e of about to Lang, in a l w h and I'm about to l e n.
Charged water washes the feet are not above the knee.
Or herbal candle warms the whole foot, then the back of the leg to the popliteal basin.

3. A and n o.
If water, simply wash and rinse the ears, nose, mouth rinses, eye promargivaete.
If herbal candles, it warms the whole bulge: the corners of the forehead, the corners of the eyebrows, the nose (brow), the tip of the nose, cheekbones, jaw angle, chin and ears.

4. G r a d b.
When the washing of the charged water — washed by the chest with the mammary glands both men and women.
When the washing of fire warms the necklace. Breast neither men nor women warm.

5. H and M n and d t o d e l r e l a.
If you spend a charged water bath, be sure to sea: gland (below the navel lunoobraznoe body fat), the very navel, sacred bodies.

If herbal candle, be sure to warm up around the navel, truncated cone down, the hip joint.
This procedure is recommended to start a week before the eclipse and continue for weeks after the solar eclipse. Do not be lazy, and your body will thank you vigor and health, good humor and zest for life. A SUMMER AHEAD!

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