Slavic pantheon of gods and runes

Slavic pantheon of gods and runes

I am often asked to read. By working with the runes, we communicate directly with the gods? The answer is no. There are certain spells for the treatment of a mediator between the predictor and deities. If you do not know the spells, and work with the names of the elements. You should always express their personal will and declare this before divination. This is a simple well-known rules.

Velez second in importance after Perun, the god of wisdom, master, owning cattle.
Triglav Earth Goddess. Three of her head mean that the world consists of three principles: earth, water, air.

Veles / Volos / CATTLE Slavic god. Second in importance to Perun. Impersonation master of wisdom. Patron of hunting prey. God of Wealth.
Silnobog God of power in all its manifestations. Silnobog patronized strong muscles, a well-aimed blows, agility, fist-fighting, military merrymaking.
Yawn goddess of animals and hunting.

Lada Goddess of beauty, love and marriages. But since love is a cause of grief, Lada personified and unrequited love. She held the hand of a winged child, his son and the young god of love Lola.

Makos Goddess, their influence on people is almost equal to Perun. Goddess of fertility, harmony, honoring ancestors.
Rod first Slavic god, the creator, "parent" of the universe, of all things visible and invisible. This is the "father and mother" of all the gods, an enduring Slavic tribe. When a person is born, his future destiny is written in the book that Rod and destined, it will be.
Rodomysl God of wisdom and eloquence, the protector of the laws, giver of good advice.

Svyatovit Slavs revered oracle, a prophet. Fertility god, lord of heaven thunders, seated on a white horse.

Lel kindles the flame of love, god of passion.
Svarog supreme ruler of the universe, the father of the gods. Creator of the heavenly fire.
Kupala is referred to the nobles, to the gods. Perun and the third after the second after Vélez, a cheerful beautiful god. God of summer fruits, and field of summer flowers.
See Svyatovit rune ride.

Dazhbog son of Svarog, the god of the sun and its personification. Favors unions, closes winter and summer unlocks.
Lad God of reconciliation, harmony, friendship and sincerity. (Shaking hands)

Podaga Deity favorable weather.
God delights all sorts of fun and happiness, feasts, festivals and pleasures. Faithful companion of the Lada, the goddess of love.
See Kupalo rune Kano

Pozvizd / whistle, whirlwind / savage god of storms and bad weather. He is not only the patron of storms, but also all kinds of air change.
Stribog Lord, the supreme king of the winds. God, destroying all sorts of crimes, destroying evil intent.

Semargl / Simargl / earthly embodiment of fire. Patron sacrificing fire. Intermediary between the immortal gods and ordinary people.

Niyan / Nij / one of the most ruthless and hard-hearted Slavic gods. The ruler of hell, judge of the dead, lord of pain.
Morena / Mara, Marin / goddess barren, painful senility, aging life.

Showa Goddess garden fruits, patroness of good mild weather, fertile soil. Goddess of the end of the summer and early fall.
Chislobog patron passage of time. Lord of the secrets of the ancient science accounts of days, months, years.

Horse Divine light, akin Dazhbog. Lord of white light, opposed to chaos, darkness, nothingness. God of the solar disk.
Yarovit warlike god, patron of spring storms, clouds and eddies.

Lad See rune Gebo
Yarylo Charming Slavic god. God is love, and at the same time God fun. Beautiful god of passion.
See Kupalo rune Wunjo
Beats One of the most ancient and secret of the Slavic deities. Patron affair, adultery.

See Yarylo rune Perth
Ruyev stern god imminent military victory, merciless to enemies.

Slavic god Perun terribleness. His hand ran the thunder and lightning.

See Yarylo rune Perth
See Ruyev Algis rune

Avatar alive fertile forces of youth, beauty, spring. Dominates alive when nature is gaining growth when people get to know the charm of love and tenderness.
Bereginya Great goddess, gave birth to all things.
Didiliya female goddess of fertility. Goddess of successful delivery.

See Yarovit rune Eyvas
Prock God business people, happy, adventurous. Intelligent, crafty crafty god. He protects seafarers and traders, hunters and zamlepashtsam, blacksmiths and bakers.

See Rhode rune Anzus
Provo / Prony ancient god of justice.

Diva Great Mother, the goddess of water, rivers and streams.
Kors patron eating and drinking, God feasts. Kors great lover of beer and honey.

Makos See rune Anzus
God Dogoda quiet pleasant wind and clear weather.
Didiliya See Rune Berkana

See Perun rune Soul
See Horse rune Eyvas
Dede son of the goddess Lada, god of conjugal love.

See Dazhbog rune Gebo
Belbogs incarnation of light, god of good luck and happiness. Giver of wealth and fertility.

Clean fleece
(Rune of Odin) Chernobog terrible god of ancient Slavs. Personification of all trials and troubles. God uncontrollable, unpredictable force. Awe-inspiring.

In the end I want to remind you that the runes — is divine signs. Use with caution. Can not be taught to guess. This can only be learned.

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