Snowfall in France de-energized thousands of homes. Video

 March 5 heavy snow in northern France was the cause of road accidents, left without electricity for more than 100,000 homes and led to the closure of the international airport.

Despite the fact that the layer of snow was only five centimeters, enough to cause chaos in the region along the border with Belgium and around the city of Lille in northern France. Huge traffic jams paralyzed the traffic on the highway, which connects Brussels with Paris.

[Gerard Vincent, Manager]:
"Dropped about 4-5 inches of snow in some places and more. Roads congested because trucks in areas where roads are slope. "

Daily newspaper Le Parisien on its website published information that 120,000 homes in the region were without electricity. It is because of the accident at the power lines. The authorities are doing everything possible to restore the power supply.

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