So called rebels demand from Europe and the United States 3 billion dollars

The so-called "rebels" demand from Europe and the U.S. $ 3 billion

Having failed to achieve success in the war, so called. Libyan opposition appealed to the West with a request for financial assistance. As the Minister of Finance of the "revolutionary" government, Ali Tarhouni, to rescue the country's economy urgently needs $ 3.2 billion. With all of this it should be noted that with the help of Qatar Gaddafi opponents were able to take out of their control, oil terminals on the Mediterranean coast of oil by $ 1 billion. Where did this money, it is not clear: states that "the needs of the revolution", but in reality they are likely to be just stolen.

Representatives of the rebels, writes "Kommersant", say the territories under their control is very much felt a lack of food, medicine and essential goods. In addition, funds are needed in order to avoid the collapse of urban infrastructure in villages Fri occupied by the rebels. And at the same time it would be good to pay mercenaries, otherwise they get bored very quickly pretend fighters for democracy and freedom.

Western countries, such as it may seem weird to the rebels, while not burning desire to shower their special means. No, no one directly, of course, did not deny the opponents of Gaddafi in cash assistance. Only now it will not provide the countries themselves, and some of the agencies they fund. It has to be created within the next few weeks, said French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe in the second meeting of the so-called. Contact Group on Libya, held in Rome on Thursday.

According to the minister, the cash funds for this fund is allocated Qatar and Kuwait, they have donated $ 500 million and $ 180 million respectively. As reported by the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram", first fund will funds and loans from the international community. Then the address in the fund will target extra money, that is, from the U.S., which will allocate € 20 billions, reports Interfax. According to Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, European countries have already collected? 170 million, which will be listed in fund.

Europeans believe that their contribution to the victory of democracy in Libya is already great. Namely, the French defense minister Gerard Longuet said that the military operation in Libya, Paris has already cost $ 50 million in England also said it will not allocate additional funds from the state budget. "We believe that significant money already allocated for the provision of humanitarian assistance," — said British Prime Minister David Cameron. The rich Arab Gulf monarchies themselves in need of funds in order to appease disgruntled own. At this rate, we note your opposition to $ 3 billion would pluck a very long time.

Since equity Europeans obviously wish they decided to dispose of strangers: it seemed reasonable to take the money and put things in opposition to the frozen accounts of Muammar Gaddafi and his inner circle, the total cost of which is estimated somewhere in the $ 60 billion. The case, in general, for small — to make this, in fact, thieves shares at least some semblance of legality. For this case come from the United States. "I am pleased to say that the administration of President Barack Obama, in collaboration with the Congress decided to pass a law that will allow us to use some of the assets belonging to Gaddafi and the Libyan government in the United States, so we were able to assist the Libyan people," — said at yesterday's meeting in Rome, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The reaction was followed by the Libyan authorities immediately. They declared that they consider illegal probable verbovanie funds from frozen Gaddafi assets in the fund assistance to the rebels, Reuters reports citing deputy minister of foreign affairs of Libya, Khaled Kaim. "Any introduction of frozen assets — it's like piracy on the high seas … Country not broken down according to the UN resolution or referendum. This is illegal, "- said Kaim at a press conference.

In addition to this "pirate" tricks, so called. Contact Group on Libya on his own yesterday's meeting was in favor of strengthening the political, military and economic pressure on the favorite Muammar Gaddafi. "Gaddafi's regime is more to international isolation. Political sanctions include an embargo on weapons, as the blocking of satellite television broadcasting. In military terms, all operations will be continued under the auspices of NATO, certain resolutions of 1970 and 1973 the United Nations to protect civilians. Financial blockade means preventing oil production and exports the Gaddafi regime, the creation of a temporary monetary mechanism to provide international monetary support to the rebels in Benghazi, "- said in the text of the resolution adopted by the meeting.

In addition to the ritual speeches about the approaching end Gaddafi, it should be noted the statement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alain Juppe that the need to expand the list of countries that are members of an international group of so-called. nations — the "Friends of Libya", made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to the views Juppe, in this "club" and to enter our home. So Makar, of course, that the West was not satisfied with the fact that Moscow has authorized it almost bandit attack on Libya by abstaining in the vote on the UN Security Council resolution number 1973 leaves no attempts to involve Russia more deeply into their adventure. Can the management of our country today resist this pressure — this is what is now the main issue.

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