So they were there or not? 40 years since the last mission to the moon

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

— We did not fly to the moon — whispered in fear of Buzz Aldrin

— How do you know? — Armstrong calmly asked, barely audible humming to himself under his breath, "Earth in a window." He was the commander and the commander's supposed to calm him in the annotations included with the rank, insignia and wages to 30,054 bucks a year (including tax).

— Doubt I have is — Aldrin suspiciously turned around and closed his hand microphone. Then he leaned over to his ear Armstrong. — I always knew it. This is not the moon. Fake. We think we're going, but in actual fact — does not fly. We stand for yourself somewhere in the desert, instead of windows — TV screens. At the moment, we demonstrate a movie about space, and then we bang.

— Here you give! Do you still say that you know who killed Kennedy — Armstrong sarcastically looked at Buzz, and began once again check the line of movement of the flight.

— I know — sighed resignedly second pilot — Aliens. Their komplot with the Communists and the Illuminati.

— Aldrin, admit it, you again used the drugs from the on-board first aid kit? — Asked the commander of the "Eagle", strictly looking at the slave.

— Well, I'm a little bit — Baz turned purple. He picked up a marker and to the astonished eyes of the commander began to draw on the wall of the vessel hippos and a rainbow …

The reason for the appeal to the subject of missions to the moon was the subsequent event: exactly 40 years ago, December 11, 1972, Stars and Stripes last leg touching the surface of the moon. 40 years have passed … an entire era, and that the same? Instead of lunar bases and industrial development of the natural satellite of the Earth, we have only a book «We Never Went To The Moon» (We have never traveled to the Moon), written by South American writer Boris Kayzingom in 1976. In fact, specifically now and began one of the main intrigue of the twentieth century.

For four decades, the spices in the field of astronautics, astronomy, physics, radio engineering, biomedicine, directing, graphics, photos, photoshop, try to justify or not the Americans flew to the moon. Every day or grow the number of arguments and evidence: direct and indirect, and not very sound, voidable, or vice versa. Frankly, none have been found 1st convincing for 100% fact of falsification of the American Lunar applets. At the same time, there are some slippery questions that proponents of NASA can not give a clear answer.

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Such things as "waving the flag in a vacuum" or "no stars in the photos," of course, are designed for simpletons and no secret within themselves do not contain: flag suspended from a D-shaped flagpole, and the stars are not visible because of the low exposure in the criteria brightly lit moon.

Still sounds more respectable swing: the level of technological development of astronautics in the 60-ies are not allowed to perform a similar expedition. Here we focus only on circumstantial evidence:

— First aid, which reached the surface of the moon, was launched in 1959 (Russian station "Luna-2");
— In 1966 Russian station "Luna-9" and South American "Surveyor 1" and "Surveyor-2" did Myagenko landing on the lunar surface. Prior to running man on the moon, NASA conducted a further 5 successful landings within applets "Surveyor" + three expeditions to explore the Moon by programmke "Ranger" and 5 programmke "Lunar Orbiter";
— in 1967 took place the first launch rocket "Saturn 5" could lead the near-Earth orbit a payload of 140 tons. 6 million parts. Starting weight of 3,000 tons. The height of the rocket with a 40-story skyscraper. Falsify the fact of the start of "Saturn 5" (the main element of the Lunar applets) could not even qualitative sorcerer David Copperfield — for starts with our eyes watched 10's of thousands of people who came to Cape Canaveral from around the world.

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

The level of technology here, on the contrary, it sounds more as an argument followers NASA. Indeed, if in 1959 the Earth's population has managed to launch unmanned probe to the moon, then what prevented after 10 years there to send a probe with a man on board? And this, given the enormous effort and cost, aimed at the lunar program from!

Second argument — deadly radiation! Often sounds the view that during the flight to the Moon, for human security requires 10-20-100 cm lead bio protection. In another deadly gallakticheskie rays destroy all life on board. The astronauts would inevitably have died on the Moon in its own thin rubber suits.

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

As for the suits, they were, of course, not rubber. Lunar suit consisted of 25 layers: nylon, coolant hoses, insulation, glass fiber, mylar, and finally, the outer layers of protection Teflon coated fiberglass. Weight suit in terrestrial criteria — 80 pounds.

South American spices were aware of the threat of Earth's radiation belts, so the line of flight movements "Apollo" with the intersection zones planned in such a Makarov that the land at this point has been turned to the ship or its N South Pole, where the magnetic field and the radiation level is less than an order of magnitude. Despite the apparent complexity of a similar line of motion, mechanics special on gallakticheskoy just shrug their shoulders — for them to hold such payment of only ordinary task.

South American astrologers, together with their Russian staff were attentive observation of solar flares: in case of danger increased solar activity, start-up must be canceled and rescheduled for another date. Fortunately for astronauts, it did not happen.

We have a completely definite ideas about the radiation fluxes gallakticheskogo acquired with a 10-s of different scientific satellites, including those from the surface of the moon. There is no "super-radiance" is not there, which obviously does not exclude a certain threat to human health (the astronauts really got a decent dose of radiation). As for the low-Earth orbit, the Russian astronaut Valery Pol
yakov spent aboard the station "Mir" 438 days (a world record!) And returned safely to Earth. So everything about radiation safety in near space, special vibration does not cause.

Separately hunt to mention the fact that all the planned landing in places that just came out of the earth's shadow, and the soil in this place has not had a very overheat. In the unlikely event that the astronauts would have had to jump as on hot coals. Knowing the precise date of the expeditions, all of this just to be verified by free astronomy programs, for example, Stellarium.

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Besides gallakticheskih technology and radiation, I would like to point out a few important points, because of which the proponents of the theory break a lance "lunar conspiracy." Find optical flaws in the photo in the era of "Photoshop" — obviously nepriznatelnoe occupation. You can finish a paint or anything. Frankly, the official NASA photo, I never saw anything suspicious. Several apparently incriminating photos with 3 or even 4-astronauts on the moon were fakes section of the website NASA / fun art. Eminent photo with a clear symbol of the "C" on the case got in the stone (spetsy explain disadvantage in film development, got a hair), it looks very suspicious, but still less impressive than the start of a rocket "Saturn 5". Although, of course, weird lack leads to some reflections …

The charges in the absence to "moon" photo image of the Earth (and where the land is, on the contrary, weird way lost all the elements of the lunar landscape) may explain the choice of places for planting "Apollo" — Earth, by completely certain reasons, at this time was very high above the lunar horizon (check at least some free astronomy applets).

Stronger worried by the fact that the Americans have managed to lose the unique film lunar mission "Apollo 11." All the other five missions available, and these were gone. NASA greedily justified by referring to the everyday human stupidity and carelessness — in the archives of millions of films, which is pushed, either generally erased and used over again. "It's clear that the unique recording of" The Beatles "maid threw out the case. So, now, and "Beatles" is not it? "- Ironically South American astronauts.

There is still a fun fact: the videos in which the Yankees dissect the moon on electric vehicles clearly hear the sound of the motor running! Just like in "Star Wars"! Experts at NASA just shrug their shoulders: "Do you think we skipped school physics lessons? This is really an engine sound, "rover", but it does not come through a vacuum, but through the vibration of the ground. " Do you want to — believe also, want — no. By the way, directed by George Lucas on Press conference on the release of the next series of "Star Wars", began his speech by saying: "I know that the sound of a vacuum does not apply. Now ask your questions. "

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Often you can hear the sound the charge relating to the absence of the seat "Lunar Module" some traces of the crater and the general impact of the jet. But the engine is running 15-ton "Eagle" (though its weight on the moon is 6 times less) was due, in theory, sweep all the dust and pebbles on lot 10 of meters around!

NASA's response refer to the countless photos of aircraft with vertical takeoff "Harrier." Where the in-year and landing operations are conducted in the field criteria, "Harrier" very dusty, but as a shame it did not sound, no crater beneath it does not appear. It should be noted that the engine lander "Eagle" was half as strong as the massive engine "Harrier" with a thrust of 10 tons.

According to NASA, astronauts installed on the Moon laser reflectors. Specifically, these reflectors (and another on the Russian "Lunokhod") hitherto used spices all over the world for the precise measurement of the distance to the Moon. The fact that the Moon's surface reflectors fitted oscillation does not appear different, could the Americans install them automatically, as the "Lunokhod"?

"Apollo" was taken from the Moon 382 kg of soil, of them about 40 kg was given to research organizations around the world. Some samples were in our Institute. Vernadsky. After a comprehensive study of the "American soil", Russian researchers have opinion, it is really alien standards on properties like the lunar soil brought back to Earth Russian automatic station "Luna-16", "Luna-20" and "Luna-24".

Lunar soil is very different from terrestrial rocks their chemical composition, the complete absence of traces of the effects of water and, most importantly — radiological age: regolith formed 3.7 — 4.0 billion years ago, and most of the minerals found a little old in the world — 2.6 billion

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Over the last few years from a collection of weird way NASA lost about 20 kg of lunar soil — in the words of the Yankees, "moonstones" is often taken for various scientific research organization, with all this, scientists have been slow to recover it, shamelessly rastaskivaya on home collections.

In the end, the most ferocious history associated with elimination of "undesirable" persons, refused to take part in an excellent rigging. Indeed, in the period 1966-1967,., Weird way eight people were killed, one way or another related to flying in space. This is no ordinary tale of the "yellow press", all the dead are known by name:

Air Force Maj. Robert Lawrence December 8, 1967 crash-landing on the aircraft F-104. You may ask, what does Lawrence had to space and the moon? Shortly before his death he took part in the program on the development of the space station. Of course, something about vyznat "Moonlight program", for which he was eliminated.

Russell Rogers died on September 13, 1967 — his fighter F-105 exploded in the air. Shortly before his death, he worked at NASA.
All the other victims were astronauts NASA, although none of them, not counting Grissom and White did not have time to visit space.
Elliot C and Charles Bassett were prime candidates for a flight to "Gemini-9", crashed 28 February 1966 on the approach to the training aircraft T-38.

January 27, 1967 there was an accident, killing Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee crew of "Apollo 1". All three of them were burned alive in an oxygen atmosphere at training in the cockpit gallakticheskogo ship.
How annoying would it sounds, the spices in the field of astronautics do not find anything suspicious in the catastrophic death of the crew of "Apollo 1", for example, March 23, 1961, with qui
te similar criteria, in an altitude chamber test fired Russian Valentin Bondarenko. The tragic accident.

Surprisingly, all but nine Air Force pilots selected to fly on the Russian "Buran" (the kinsman "Space Shuttle"), also died in weird circumstances in the late 80s. What is this? Government komplot? Neuzh then the "Buran" never existed in reality?

From my point of view, all of the above cases only confirm the highest risk and the risk occupations pilots and astronauts. By the way, of the 12 astronauts walked on the moon to the true time of four died, and they all lived to a ripe old age (mean, they were over 70). Some of them after the "Lunar Program" is again involved in gallakticheskih flights, for example, John Young was twice commander of "Space Shuttle".

As for the representation of Russian astronauts and those who perceived a specific role in the "Space Race 60", their world view sounds very prosaic: the Americans were on the moon. According to Alexei Leonov, he personally was in a distant site gallakticheskoy connection and watched the broadcasts from the moon. Sensitive radio telescope in the Crimea could zapelengovat source of radio signals up to 1.5 arc minutes — no hesitation, the signal came from the surface of the moon. In the unlikely event that the exposure of American scam would render the big political dividends Russian Union.

In 2009, the landing sites "Apollo" and "Lunokhod" photographed Japanese probe "Kaguya" and South American «Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter» (LRO). Obviously, shooting from lunar orbit is so small parts of the relief are not the highest quality. Experts at NASA indicate little discernible spots and shadows, explaining their origin traces of the earth people ..

In general, the situation looks, followed by: the supporters of "lunar conspiracy" finding new suspicions that NASA supporters can more or less successfully refuted. Up to now, did not match any of the 1st obvious fact of falsification, at the same time did not present any of the 1st 100% reliable evidence of time American astronauts on the moon's surface (for example, photos of landing sites in the highest resolution).
The direct question: "Why have finished fly to the moon?", The Yankees have a typical response: until the desired load of 1% of the initial mass of the rocket is a wonderful result of any industrial space exploration is not out of the question.

Small photos:

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

The seat "Apollo 11", are visible traces left "on the dusty tracks of distant planets." LRO photo made in 2012

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

"Lunokhod-2" and his track, photo made LRO

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Flag of the Soviet Union, the last on board the "Apollo 11" and the capsule with the lunar soil, exposure, ENEA, 1971

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Interior lander "Eagle"

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Rover number 1. Tc last 3 lunar missions

So they were there or not?  40 years since the last mission to the moon

Apollo 12 "prilunilsya" 360 meters from the automatic station "Surveyor 3", which arrived on the moon for 2 years earlier. Astronauts partly disassembled probe and brought back his camera (exhibited at the State Aerospace Museum)

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