So was Serdyukov close to retirement?

So was Serdyukov close to retirement?The scandal with the role of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov continues to open a discussion in the media, still in the middle of the common people. Although you can see all the efforts of the Ministry of Defence aimed at, so as not to give publicity accident case. But do not get to pretend as if nothing happened.

Not so long ago in one of the news sources, it was reported that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin proposed Serdyukov to resign. At this point strongly refuted this rumor, despite the fact that no smoke without fire.

Recall that the question about the letter that President Dmitry Medvedev sent a Navy veteran. Complaining behavior Serdyukov which According to military officials revealed last rudeness to the use neprelichnoy vocabulary.

A similar anti-social behavior of a government official — a very severe event, so that it could close his eyes. If the two sides. One — it's people, which claims that his eyes followed the vile behavior of the Secretary of Defense and the other side — it is power, whose members prefer to leave in ignorance and pretend that nothing happened. But not all endowed with capabilities citizens on the side of the minister. According to Major-General Alexei Vladimirov he fully accepts the reality of what happened. When it comes to the army is there quite often takes a situation in which the authorities, being in a difficult position neprelichnuyu uses the vocabulary of those demonstrating the weakness and instability. Unfortunately, army does not possess the highest level of ethics and tact in their own ranks. In addition, an important role is played by a sense of impunity, as the actual blame for the mats is not applicable. Because we talk about the fact that the Russian Federation Defense Minister fired just because of abuse — stupid. Well, should not be so. The neglect of the Minister to his subordinate officers and soldiers have long been much less is no longer a secret, but then again this is not minister culture.

According to the views of the same, Alexei Vladimirov blame for what happened and the officers themselves. Mat — an expression of weakness in the management of a mess, perpetrated by the army. At the current time we talk about ethics professor officers, unfortunately, is not necessary. And this despite the fact that the question is worth more than the exciting ones. High command should think about the creation of bodies that have watched the moral elements of the military in a conversation between themselves. At the moment, the army is not a good selection and the survival of strongest. A force is determined by the degree of rudeness.

Now, as for the very Serdyukov. His dismissal will not yield in this situation, because what happens in the Army investigation undertaken by the Minister of reform. The essence of the reforms, indeed, is aimed at improving the existing situation. This is achieved by simply unacceptable means. But no one, not counting Serdyukov started work before the end not complete.

But if you imagine that Serdyukov's really fired, let's take a look in the coming future. Who will take the post of Minister of Defense? At this point in Minesterstva defense simply does not have those people who will be able to properly take over the reins. The ministry in the service of those who do not know what army. They are well versed in the documents, laws, maybe even in the middle of them, and there is someone who will be as courteous and do not deserve the glory bugger as Serdyukov. But to achieve from that of the minister, that he understood the military service would also be stupid as to press the correct Serdyukov. For the post of defense minister is no actual candidates who knows what military service firsthand. There at the moment, only those that have a corresponding degree and title, but does not have the practice of service in the army.

With all this, we should not forget that Serdyukov not God, he just authorized the President on military matters. Supreme Commander of the country — Dmitry Medvedev and no military reform can not pass without going through the president. Moreover, particularly in Parliament are preparing similar reforms. A minister Defense only does the will of him who over him. All failures simply accuse of 1 person, but you could not Serdyukov personally manage all the negative processes in the army, it has its own team. Even if the next head of the defense department, nothing will change. An old dog new tricks, not to teach. The team will assist the lawlessness of habit, just like removing the burden, as the only "guilty" will be removed.

In the media, disk imaging intensively discusses the discontent in the ranks of the Navy Secretary of Defense. It is rumored to be preparing a rebellion. But rumors are not justified, since the military rebellion against the authority of the country of which they are intended to protect — it's a betrayal. Such does not happen.

Despite the huge number of military departments and faculties, the actual learning the art of war in our country does not exist. What is happening at the moment resembles a comedy delirium. The military accused of incompetence, but for all that there are no conditions of formation of this competence. And education, including the military, does not go to the Office of the Ministry of Defence. So makarom until they are all established political structures, we talk about the transformation of the army early and inappropriate.

At the current time there is a situation that what transformations are necessary army rank and file soldiers understand more than the ministers who sit in Parliament. And this is not unusual, since the stand at the border with a gun does not have the hands of ministers who imagine themselves to not be what actually is it and what it eats. In this case, as it can be understood, where the best set of military and the need to provide them initially. Put a puzzle, it is hard to follow the requirements of those who gives directions to the field, which in fact never touched.

HUNTING wish operational control of the country to listen to the views of those who serve in the inner ranks of the army and in some matters still more competent than the supreme command.

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