So won

… and here comes the pain of war podlechennaya
Only vernal aggravation …
"George Ribbon"

September 17, 1941 in the name of the director and head engineer URALMASHZAVOD government telegram came:
"I ask you to honestly and in time to fill orders for the supply of buildings for the KV Chelyabinsk tractor plant. At this point I ask, and I hope you do duty to his country. After a number of days, if you find yourself violators own debt to the motherland, you'll start to smash as criminals, neglecting the honor and interests of his own country. You can not endure, that our troops were suffering at the front of the shortcomings of tanks, and you're back in the rear of slacking and putter.
J. Stalin. "

So wonDeputy Chairman of the People's Commissars Vyacheslav Malyshev, large forehead man of medium height in napolovinuvoennoy khaki clothes, firmly, thriftily stroll around the office director URALMASHZAVOD. A week back, he was appointed Commissar of the first tank industry. People's Commissariat of subordinated Uralmashplant newcomer.

-I came on behalf of Comrade Stalin. His outlook on affairs in your plant you can imagine, from the telegram. The situation on the front languid. Red Army to retreat. She, like the air tanks are needed. Opponents are more than a couple of times. And you tear delivery schedule hulls and turrets Chelyabinsk plant. — Malyshev paused, looked around the shop chiefs cruel watchful eye: — There are certain suggestions?

-Radial drilling machines are not enough!

-I know. Will! More … Do not have time? Not ready? — He looked at his watch — After two hours and 30 minutes waiting for you to talk business. All are free. Popov, stay.

Misha ELECTRICAL BOX, rose. On the slender face glistened eyes, emphasize the wide semi-circle lethargy.
Malyshev approached.

-I know that you go ahead and get carried away by his example of working. I know that in twelve hours you process housing. This is great! Very fine. But in times of peace, for the last day! Now life dictate other terms. Seven to eight hours! Here are brand new norm, a new job.
"I do not misheard it? — Mike thought about it. — Can this be? After all squeezed out of the machine. "

-I can not promise, Comrade Commissar — after all, he ventured. — But I will try. All the forces are applied.

-It is necessary, Comrade Popov, so your site twice increment release hulls. On another not. Think how to do it. Rest, otospitsya. And at the moment you sing.

As if he did not, but someone else who watched Misha from the side, with coupons, nested in his hand as an assistant director, slowly walked down the stairs to the dining room. Ate without appetite, mechanically. Always standing in the eyes of boring machine, fought relentlessly questions: "Why five? Why specifically at 5:00 Commissar claimed to reduce the processing time? After all, he did not invent them. Here and there, for sure, are already working on such standards? And if there are rules, means and methods is how to meet them. Means something overlooked, nedodumali? '.

Coming out of the plant, Misha was turned to the entrance, but in the factory area braked. Why the hurry? Konyahin Fighters and at home. He's alone. Again all you need obmozgovat to outline something before vorachivatsya the shop. He sat down on a bench near the flower beds.

This has already happened in September — October 1941, when Uralmashplant urgently rebuilt from the personal to the mass creation, production peaceful crushers, excavators, rolling mills — Lock and buildings and towers languid KV tanks. Not enough borers. And Komsomolets Misha Popov with his own crew made heroic labor, and later became the pioneers of the All-Union competition front of the Komsomol youth brigades.

…Born Misha far away from the Urals in the small village of MAKLAKOV Kaluga region, in a large farming family. My father was pulling out of the latter. The same fate awaited and Misha, but the October Revolution broke out. Went to rural junior school. The teacher, meeting his father encouraged to teach son on.

-I do not know how to be. Obuvki that's not there.

But when it came time classes in high school, called the hut offspring.

-Come on, try it — pulled from the shelf burlap, unwrapped it and put it on the floor in front of a pair of new kid smelling of tar boots. — Poveliki slightly. It's nothing for growth are manufactured. Currently puttee navernesh maybe more, and a year at the most will be exactly. This is for you the whole school. Is no longer expected.

In seventh grade, took them, boys and girls on an excursion to the Machine plant. Misha hit the machine shop. Unheard machine just as if the skin with potato chips removed from steel billets, sawed, planed them converted to the details of future steam engines … But Misha finished off the fact that, with one of the machines was a girl who last year graduated seven years. "Wow! .. Means, and he can? "
After the seventh grade enrolled in courses at the factory. Mom grumbled, taking smeared overalls:

Again, carting whole! You are there on the floor vozgaetes bellies, or what? Only laundered — and nakos for you, again gryaznehonka!
Misha is guilty of nothing. He could not admit that purposely collected from the machine oil and rubbed on the overalls. Very much like to take a walk on the real work.

A dream fulfilled. Began quenching thirst. He mastered the handling of all parts, joined the Young Communist League.

At one point, came pas factory machine the way from the UK. His trusted Misha. And he did not disappoint. Rapidly mastered the aggregate, did not depart from changers, trained workers of the seventh rank. Even uncle shook his hand and said, "Hello, Michael Fedorovich," than a very confused guy.
On the fourth year of work involved in the development of a massive, 500-horsepower locomobile. He and his companions charged cylinder bore — the responsibility of the machine. Previously carried out the task, and with good quality. Misha presented the award-wool suit.

At the same time together with his friends, he wrote a letter asking to bring to the Urals, had no answer for a long time … But here was invited to the regional committee, presented the vouchers "Commissariat" in Sverdlovsk, the recognizable across the country Uralmashplant.
All turned war.

…Mike got up from the bench, he went to the shop. Something he had invented. You can reduce the installation and fixing hulls on the machine. However, it must again obmozgovat and estimate on the spot, to see how others are doing. Is haunted by flying caliper, which trimmed the outer flanges. The heavy, two hundred kilograms, it has twice as much to install and remove. One and a half to two hours each time waiting for a crane. Well, she pruning takes four hours. Long since this support is haunted. Even in a dream dreams: getting in the way, like a bull, and — in any. Slowly chews and spits chips, chews and spits …

Need pokumekat and over incisors. Increase speed cutting … This seems to be the main direction. Why refused to conventional scoring cutters? Ask to have technologists.

So the time has passed almost overnight. Then watched the filming site and ready to put on the machine new, then went to the corner shop, where there was an old and had just arrived undersized machines …

And in
the morning, first shift, said assistant:
-Guys, yesterday's Commissar Malyshev gave us the combat mission: to treat the body in seven hours. Consider that we are at the front. The time we have — two-day or three. Something I made up. Let's go to the machine.

So foreman spotted time beginning of the experiment. Along the lumen, warning bells began to doze moving multi-ton bridge crane with a load pas ropes. Here's armored body hovered over the machine. Between operations was not the smallest hitches. Mikhail Popov, Nikolai Konyahin, Misha Fighters as if joined with the machine running, sensitively catch any change in the electric motors. Tension was growing by the hour. In the end cutters made a last turn. Misha turned off the machine.

-Six hours and 30 minutes — said the foreman. — Congratulations! Well done!
-It's still early. The success could be accidental. It seems to be not compromised.
-To carry succeeding?
Of course! There is a ready?
Last-seams impose.

So wonThe whole shop was working on the experience and worked once last legs. Misha knew it.
One day he was walking through the shop and all of a sudden as if knocked shock: on the floor, next to the working machine is a child. He ran. Pale face, his eyes closed. Clung to his chest heart is beating a bit audible. Lifted the lung, virtually weightless body, head helplessly sat, visible slim slim neck. Cotton swab moistened with ammonia, long kid rubbed whiskey were taken to the nose. In the end, eyelids slowly parted. It turned out, hungry faint. During the week he was not even the crumbs of bread in your mouth. His bread cards sold first month on the market bought sweets. I had eaten part here, and the rest pulled out of cabinets.

Misha said about what happened at the meeting of the Komsomol bureau. It turned out that the other kids are doing the same thing. I had almost lead them by the hand for lunch. Priuchivali for independent living.

Golodovali and adults. Rations of bread and watery soup was not enough to bring back the spent force.

Uralmashevtsev in the midst of more or less tolerable situation were those who had a personal home with gardens. And such as Michael, who lived in the industrial flats, take a potato in the market for three rubles for a bucket or bartered it for the remaining items.

Misha beheld how many ladies in the dining room only ate soup and second stacked in a container and carried home, and children.

In the spring, taught by bitter experience, will uralmashevtsy general horticulture, will create a team of hunters and fishermen, invent and gather plants for the manufacture of vitamin yeast will begin to cook pine drink. But all that will come later …

And while there was a longish hungry winter 40 of the first year.

So winning.

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