Solve the mystery of the giant eye

Not so long ago we wrote about the amazing discovery Gino Kovači Florida — making the usual jog on the beach, he found incredible size eyes. Eyeball the size of a soccer ball was passed to scientists for examination today, October 15, published its results.

Official representatives of research groups on marine life said that, in their opinion, a giant eye belonged swordfish, and was cut and discarded catch her fisherman. As reported by Joan Herrera of Florida Institute Commission for the Conservation of wild species and a variety of specialists directly and remotely studied eye, based on its size, color, structure and presence around the bone, with great confidence we can assume that it belonged to the swordfish.

By cuts on the eye can be assumed that it was removed fisherman. Fish of this species in the Atlantic Ocean weigh 500 pounds, and at that time, they often come across fishermen off the southern coast of Florida. To confirm this hypothesis, the scientists also conducted genetic research. Photos eyes aroused great interest and discussion on the Internet.

Many assumed that the body belongs to the great sea squid. However, biologists believe he is right. "People are not often seen floating in the sea of the animals' eyes, and do not realize that a large part of the eye is inside the head," — he says. Thus, the size of the eye of deep squid can reach the size of a basketball is likely to better look out for their enemies, such as sperm whales.

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