Space. Mysterious quasars and pulsars

Today, touch upon the topic of the mysterious cosmos and its amazing facilities, which are called: quasars and pulsars.
Quasars — The most distant of the space objects that can be observed from Earth. Because of the incredible luminosity, they can be observed at a distance of 10 billion years. The most amazing feature of these objects is that they are small in size, but emit a truly monstrous energy in all regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, especially in the infrared region.

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The word quasar is formed from words QUAsi stellAR — psevdozvezdny. Looking through the telescope at these points of light, you can take them for a star. But the stars they are not. This is — a luminous radio source in its purest form.

In its properties, these psevdozvezdnye radio sources like active galactic nuclei. Many astrophysicists believe that the luminosity of these objects is not supported by fusion. The energy of quasars — is the gravitational energy released by the catastrophic contraction that occurs in the nucleus of the galaxy.

However, hypotheses and assumptions about the nature of these objects, there are many.

The most popular by far enjoys the hypothesis that the quasar is a huge black hole that draws in the surrounding area. As we approach the black hole, the particles are accelerated, collide with each other — and this leads to a powerful radio emission. If there is a black hole and the magnetic field, it also collects particles in the beams — the so-called jets — which fly away from the poles. In other words, the glow that astronomers have observed — that is all that remains of the galaxy, lost in a black hole.

According to other versions, quasars — are young galaxies, the process of the birth of which we observe.

Some scholars suggest that, yes, a quasar — a young galaxy, but which devours a black hole.

Whatever it was, astrophysicists are very closely linked the existence of quasars and the fate of the galaxy.

Consequently, a meeting with the quasar does not portend anything good, so we can only be glad that the nearest of them, ES 273, is located at a distance of two billion light years.

Quasars, as already mentioned, the most distant of the observed objects. And, accordingly, the most ancient. Thanks to the quasars, we can see the universe the way it was between 2 and 10 billion years ago. The discovery of quasars in 1963 had a significant impact on cosmology in the development of theories about the origin of the universe.

Quasars — one of the great mysteries that nature has set before man. And if the solution to this puzzle is found — perhaps a man knows, moreover, new ways of transformation of matter and energy production.


Pulsar — a small rotating star. On the surface of the star is a site that radiates into space narrowly focused beam of radio waves. Our radio telescopes take it light when the power is turned towards the Earth. Star rotates, and the flux is stopped. Next turnover stars — and we again take its flux (very similar to the rotating beacon). We perceive the pulsar radiation is pulsed at a specific frequency source of radio frequency radiation.

Pulsars are a family of neutron stars.

All the stars, like the planets revolve around its axis. As we know from physics, with a decrease in the size of the rotating body, it begins to rotate faster. Pulsar size of Los Angeles rotates at one revolution per second. Other pulsars can spin faster.

This rotation is the reason for the pulsating light. Pulsars are surrounded by a strong magnetic field. Along the lines of force field move protons and electrons. It is known that the magnetic field strength is increased in the north and south magnetic poles. At these points, the speed of movement of protons and electrons becomes very large. Such dispersing particles emit energy quanta in a range from x-rays to radio waves. As the pulsar rotates, and the radiation source rotates with it, then we perceive the pulsar radiation only at the moment when the power is turned towards the Earth.

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