Space Odyssey XXI century

Episode 1: "Nine minutes to Space"
The viewer gets the opportunity, together with the astronauts live the last hours before the start of the spacecraft, to feel what's going on with the crew at all stages of the launch spacecraft into orbit and to understand what the astronauts feel at the very beginning of the trip in the near-Earth space. To space it really is just a 9-minute flight. And these are the moments that change your life …

Episode 2: "Room with a view of the stars"
ISS — the largest extraterrestrial superconstructor that builds all of humanity. Internal length of the station is nearly one hundred meters. The viewer sees the move as the astronauts on the ISS, will understand that weightlessness is not only a friend but also a formidable opponent, the audience will hear how breathes station, see how sleeping in weightlessness and find out why a man in space on the heels begin to grow hair, but on the the outer part of the foot are formed calluses …

Episode 3: «Homo futurus»
ISS — a huge research institute, working at a distance of 400 kilometers from the Earth. Together with the astronauts on a mission, the viewer will make a scientific discovery, overturning of the nature of the plasma, together with the astronauts will suit, with which you can pick up on a person's legs, had no hope of recovery, stop the war and will alert the fire that threatens to destroy one of the the most valuable nature reserves in the world.

Episode 4: "Hello, Earthlings!"
Space travel is coming to an end … It's time to go back to Earth. How to prepare for the return journey? Why it is necessary to "sit on the track?" What is going through a man returning from the weightlessness in gravity? Where can be the crew broke into a ballistic descent? How to survive in a vehicle heating to a temperature of solar paneling — 6000 degrees? Why, after returning to Earth can not move? Everything that happens to a person after undocking from the space shuttle space station before the landing, telling the movie characters.

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